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 Post subject: Sarutobi Clan [WIP]
PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2019 2:59 am 
Iwa Genin
Iwa Genin
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猿飛一族, Sarutobi Ichizoku


Bloodline Ability: Protect the King
Clan Name: Sarutobi
Leader: NPC
Village: Konohagakure

Clan Description: Once one of the most influential clans of Konohagakure, the Sarutobi family has fallen onto hard times, as most Konoha clans have. With the war ended and the Hidden Leaf partitioned, members of the Sarutobi Clan can be found across the great nations, though the clan's leadership migrated to the Land of Grass at the conclusion of the war.

Clan Characteristics: Do clan members have a special insignia? Dress? Culture?

Clan Personality: Any common personality traits found in the clan?

Bloodline Description: Here is both the flavor and mechanics aspect of the Bloodline. Explain what it is and how it works and how it translates to the game.

Bloodline Limits: Explains some disadvantages this clan gives you or counters that inhibit this clan.

Clan Traits:
[Sarutobi Fire Release]
Type: Chakra Trait - D
Prerequisites: Sarutobi Clan
The Professor was known for his skill with all five chakra natures, and yet this was his - and the clan's - favorite.
You gain Katon and can train techniques and create customs with this element. This Trait does not count towards the number of elements that you know for purchasing ranks of the [Elemental Affinity] Trait. This Trait also qualifies for any Traits that would use [Elemental Affinity] with Fire Release as a prerequisite.

[Sarutobi Bukijutsu]
Type: Bukijutsu Trait - C
Prerequisites: Sarutobi Clan, Proficient Bukijutsu
Sarutobi clanmembers are noted for their proficiency with a variety of types of bukijutsu.
Choose one category of weapons as you would when training the Bukijutsu Skill. You can use all the techniques of the chosen category at a reduced cost. If their normal cost is 10 or more, reduce their cost by 5. If their normal cost is less than 10, halve their cost and round up.

Type: Will Trait - C
Prerequisites: Sarutobi Clan
Through your struggles and countless sacrifices, the Will of Fire burns bright.
Once per topic, you may resist one Statistic-debuffing effect for its duration. You are immune to that effect for the remainder of the topic.

[Hereditary Contracts]
Type: Kuchiyose Trait - B
Prerequisites: Sarutobi Clan, [Kuchiyose]
The Sarutobi Clan has fostered strong bonds with their summons for generations.
Choose a summon from a contract you know. You can summon the chosen creature at a reduced cost. If their normal cost is 50 or more, reduce their cost by 25. If their normal cost is less than 50, halve their cost and round up.

[The King]
Type: Will Trait - A
Prerequisites: Sarutobi Clan, [Kindle]
"The unborn children... who will lead the next generation."
You gain a second use of the [Kindle] Trait. Additionally, you may invoke any of your Will Traits on one of your allies rather than yourself. Will Traits conferred this way last their usual duration, or until the end of the topic.
Clan Techniques: Below list any special techniques related to your clan/bloodline. You don't have to do these immediately for the clan to be approved.

Number of Members Allowed: How many people can join the clan? Staff will likely set this number for you
Initial Members: Any initial members?

Strength: Average
Constitution: Average (25 Durability)
Stamina: Proficient (100 SP)
Reflex: Average
Awareness: Average
Combat Skill: Proficient Bojutsu, Average Taijutsu
Ranged Skill: Average Ninjutsu
Finesse Skill: Average Hand Seals
TCG Skill: Heroic Chaos & Carnage™

Proficiency Bonus is +3
D-rank Traits:
  • [Elemental Affinity]
C-rank Traits:

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