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 Post subject: General Site Rules
PostPosted: Fri Oct 11, 2019 9:27 pm 
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General Rules

Registration Rules
  • To roleplay on this site, a player must have an approved character;
  • To register a character, visit our Character Applications forum and post there a completed Character Application;
  • Characters are not allowed to start as missing-nin or unaffiliated with a village, and should a player wish to have their character become a missing-nin they must first have them start as part of a village, leaving in-character;
  • We do not (usually, special cases do occur) allow people to register as Kage;
  • There is a limit on how many ANBU, jōnin, and chūnin may be registered in a village and once this cap is reached, players wishing to join the village must start as genin and work their way up;
  • Once a character is approved by a member of Staff, a player is free to roleplay as they see fit, so long as they are pursuant to the rules.

Common Rules
  • Descriptions of death, gore, and blood as well as descriptions of sexual content are allowed on this forum;
  • If a player is going to be absent for a period of time longer than seventy-two (72) hours, they ought to inform the rest of the forum via a thread on the Absence Board and remember to exit any topics their character(s) are currently in;
  • Members who hold important positions (i.e. Kage, management of Plot NPCs, etc.) and who take extended leaves of absence without prior warning us may have their positions revoked and unique abilities transferred to another player;
  • Players who wish to have an alternative character (or "alt") must obtain permission from one of the members of the Board of Directors (or "BoD");
  • When given an alternative character, a player must control this character from their own account (separate from that of the player's first character);
  • Members of Staff are not allowed to approve or deny registries with which they are personally involved, or from which they stand to either benefit or lose;
  • In the event of a Staff ruling on something that is not explicitly stated in the rules, a post on the forums is required to validate the ruling, and chatbox screenshots, private messages, Skype conversations, etc., are not to be considered valid;
  • As there exists a spirit of the rules, there may be instances wherein a player is acting pursuant to the letter of the rules, but might still infringe upon the instance that the rules were designed to prevent;
  • In the event that a player infringes upon the rules as they were intended, but not necessarily as they were written, a member of Staff has the authority to correct the rules as they are written to include the instance of unintentional infringement.

Roleplaying Rules
  • Characters should be as in-theme as possible, and characters that are too far into parody or caricature may be denied, though some exaggeration may be allowed;
  • Characters should act in the way that their personality was described upon registration (i.e. changes in personality should be properly roleplayed out);
  • Characters cannot kill other characters without some sort of justified reason (though should it be appropriate to your character, that reason might be something that others would see as trivial), though this is pursuant to the Story and War Mode rules (noted in a section below);
  • Players cannot dictate the actions of characters other than their own (this is called, in some instances, "godmodding", "powerplay", or "bunnying");
  • Players may not use information obtained out-of-character (or "OOC") to benefit their characters, and all players should seek to avoid allowing any information or feelings that they have received OOC to influence the decisions or direction of their character(s);
  • Characters cannot perform hundreds of actions in a single post, and posts may vary in length of time (i.e. number of seconds, minutes, hours, etc.) covered, so players be realistic and write according to their situation;
  • No character is allowed to be in multiple locations at the same time, unless they have a technique to do so (such as the Shadow Clone technique);
  • The exception to the above rule is Flashbacks, topics that take place before the non-Flashback topic. They grant Experience at a reduced rate, but you may participate in as many Flashbacks as desired. Flashbacks are prevented by nature from altering the events of ongoing real-time topics;
  • Players are, as a general rule, expected to always respect the timeline of events, as mentioned above. There is no OOC waiting period for traveling between countries; however, one must always make sure their actions are consistent with the flow of time. It takes several days to move between villages; one could not receive a letter in Sunagakure from a friend in Konohagakure, and then travel to Konohagakure and arrive on the same in-character day. While the timeline of events is relatively lax, the abuse or disregarding of the timeline will not be tolerated;
  • Clones of all types are limited to always staying within the Land the original body is located (unless a specific technique allows the clone to act otherwise);
  • If a player makes a post and it is written in such a way that another player has difficulties in properly understanding it, they are allowed to ask that person to clarify the events of their post;
  • If a player asked to clarify a post refuses to do so, the post in question will be voided (i.e. will be made invalid, and treated as if nonexistent);
  • The above two rules are not requirements that posts must be simple or reductive, but rather that scouring a thesaurus for the most obscure terms possible in order to describe something simple (e.g how one character has sliced off the head of another character) will not be tolerated;
  • Players are encouraged that, as a cooperative writing medium, they ought to remember that when one engages in roleplay that the practice is not solely about the enjoyment that they themselves derive from writing, but about the enjoyment that others receive from reading their posts as well;
  • In a non-combat topic (or "social topic", wherein no characters are engaged in either real or mock fighting), characters are still generally expected to keep a posting order (i.e. a prescribed order by which all involved players will make their posts in predefined turns);
  • The above rule is not necessary if all parties involved in the topic agree to not keep a posting order;
  • Players may post out of posting order for the purpose of leaving a non-combat topic;
  • Threads labelled as "private topics" are not provided any sort of protection from outside players involving themselves with your character or the events of the thread;
  • If an uninvited player does choose to post in a topic labelled as a private topic, it is expected that they are able to provide a justification for being present (in-character);
  • If a player is unable to provide an adequate explanation as to the presence of their character with regards to their involvement in a private topic, their entry to the thread may be voided.

Posting Rules
  • Posts made in-character must be at least five (5) sentences long, except when posting an exit;
  • Entering or leaving a Village requires a post in that Village's Gate Topic. Members of that Village may post a simple [Exit] rather than a full post;
  • Players may write from the third or first person points of view, but must not use asterisks or similar methods of describing actions (e.g. *eats an apple* is not acceptable and will be deleted from the thread);
  • Instances where the above is done as satire may be exempt from this rule;
  • All players' posts in-character should contain (in some combination) the actions, thoughts, and speech of their character;
  • Players should separate these using appropriate, intuitive formats (e.g. speech written in bold as well as quoted, actions written roman, and thoughts written in italics);
  • If a character exits a thread, the character's player ought to make certain that action is clearly denoted at the end of their post;
  • Editing an in-character post can only be done before another player makes a post in the same thread, after which point the editing of said post requires the permission of all others in the topic;
  • Once any action has been taken, forty-eight (48) hours must elapse before a player may post and complete the action without intervention or response by other parties;
  • Absences may extend the time interval of the above rule, provided that a member of Staff is alerted to the absence;
  • Posting twice in a row (or "double-posting") is forbidden, unless forty-eight (48) hours have passed since the post and the player posting twice is calling a hit (pursuant to the seventh rule in this section, or "the 48-hour rule").

Combat Rules
  • There are rarely battles without injuries, and rarely may a character dodge attacks indefinitely;
  • Stats govern all aspects of a character's ability to hit, the force of their blows, their speed, capacity for fine maneuvering, and resilience (and as such, govern how well and for how long they can dodge attacks);
  • Having a character automatically hit each of their blows (or "auto-hitting", a form of godmodding/bunnying) is not allowed on this forum;
  • Describing that a character has both attacked and hit their target in the same post is auto-hitting;
  • When in a combat topic, strict posting order must be maintained;
  • Posting order is usually based on the order of entrance into the topic or the order in which the topic's participants began to attack;
  • While in a topic players are allotted a forty-eight (48) hour period in which to post. Once that period as elapsed that player is skipped for that round and may not post during another player's time;
  • All players should ensure that they have paid due attention to the posts of their opponents;
  • If a player is ever confused about a part of a combat post, they ought to ask for clarification;
  • The consequences for failure to ask for proper clarification will not always be rectified by Staff after they have occurred (and the outcomes of such circumstances will only rarely be altered by a ruling from Staff);
  • No techniques may be trained during a fight, other than in a spar, unless the person wishing to train techniques has the consent of all other participants of the topic;
  • At the end of a combat post (and most social ones), all players are expected to list all techniques used or prepared and generally indicate attacks made if they are otherwise unclear.
  • The above rule is absolutely requisite for all combat posts, unless noted otherwise.

Activity Rules
  • Characters for whom their players fail to make any in-character post for more than two (2) weeks are considered inactive;
  • Characters determined to be inactive are not accessible (if there is any confusion as to the extent of what "accessible" means, in this sense, ask a member of the BoD) by any other characters until such time as that character becomes active once more, unless they were involved in a combat topic at their time of inactivity, or in the case that permission is granted by a member of the BoD uninvolved with the situation;
  • A posted absence extends the forty-eight (48) hour limit provided by the 48-hour rule to seventy-two (72) hours in order for other subsequent characters in the posting order to exit the topic (this extension also affects the other time limits contingent upon the 48-hour rule);
  • Characters with a posted absence are thus treated as inactive in that they are not accessible by other characters;
  • Any character that has been determined inactive but has not been killed is permitted to return to activity, so long as the character's village has an open slot for someone of the inactive character's rank;
  • Staff have the discretion to remove any techniques, ranks, or other qualities of a character return from inactivity.

Story and War Mode Rules
  • Story Mode is the default mode that characters exist in;
  • While in Story Mode, a character cannot be killed or maimed;
  • While in Story Mode, a character cannot kill or maim;
  • War Mode is a mode that can be opted into by characters;
  • A player can opt into or out of War Mode inside their village or their village’s quarter of Konohagakure;
  • A player cannot opt out War Mode in a location that is under attack;
  • While in War Mode, a character can be killed and maimed by others in War Mode, with or without player consent;
  • While in War Mode, a character can kill and maim others in War Mode, with or without player consent;
  • While in War Mode, characters gain bonus Experience, as listed in the Experience and Renown rules;
  • Certain plot topics or event topics will automatically turn War Mode on upon entering.
  • The Kage of a village is always in War Mode.

The rules are subject to change as Staff deem fit.

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