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 Post subject: Restricted List
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While there exist many techniques in the Naruto universe that are too powerful to allow free and unrestricted access to, it is important for both fantasy and fun that there exists an avenue to obtain techniques, items, and abilities that would otherwise be too powerful for everyone to simply have. The Restricted List is that avenue. Contained below you will find a list of everything we have deemed too powerful for unfettered access. The good news is, you get one of these things for free, just by virtue of playing the game!

Each player gets to choose one available pick from this list to give to one of their characters. If you were to lose this pick, or that character would die or be retired, you get to pick again and give that pick to another existing character of yours, or create a new character to receive the pick. As a matter of general principle, you cannot pick the same choice twice in a row between characters.

In addition to the free pick that every player receives, each individual character also receives one choice from this list upon reaching 7,500 Total Experience. Each character is also able to learn, steal, or otherwise obtain one final choice from this list entirely in-character, resulting in a maximum total of up to three choices per character.

If you would have something from this list that somehow you lose access to in-character (such as an item being stolen, or a Tailed Beast being removed), you may pick again from this list to replace what was lost. If you would choose a Restricted that is a technique, you do not have to pay its wordcount cost to learn it (or post applying it to yourself if a seal).

Shukaku - CLOSED
The one-tailed bijuu. Owned by Shi Satetsu.

Matatabi - CLOSED
The two-tailed bijuu. Owned by Ahri Uchiha.

Isobu - OPEN
The three-tailed bijuu.

Son Goku - CLOSED
The four-tailed bijuu. Owned by Kaijin Sangre-Inuzuka.

Kokuo - CLOSED
The five-tails bijuu. Owned by Ikari Yami.

Saiken - CLOSED
The six-tails bijuu. Owned by Maia Uzumaki

Chomei - CLOSED
The seven-tails bijuu. Owned by Hiroshi Kesshoukei.

Gyuuki - CLOSED
The eight-tails bijuu. Owned by Mitsuru Kazan.

Kurama - CLOSED
The nine-tails bijuu. Status unknown.

Custom Status - Unlimited - OPEN
This is a Status that flavorfully connects with your character, registered in your Custom Technique Registration! It should closely follow the pattern of another Status in terms of what it does, though it may be missing aspects of that other Status, if only to keep those other Status in demand. For example, you could create an ability that closely mimics the Chakra Mode for Kurama, but you wouldn’t receive all of the perks that a Jinchuuriki does. This, of course, would also come with its own training method that would also have to mimic the original. Note: Certain abilities are unique on the site, such as Rinnegan abilities and the like. If a Custom Status is denied for this reason, don’t be upset! You can certainly still create something powerful. One Custom Status per player is allowed, so choose which character you’d like to use it on wisely! Seven Heavens Breathing and the demon Satori are examples of things you could try and create with this. A Trait will need to be made to represent the effects of your Custom Status.

Earth Grudge Fear - OPEN
When you choose this Restricted, you gain one free starting heart with an basic element of your choice.

Fake Jinchuuriki - (0/9 slots) - OPEN
Similar to Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Has absorbed some of a bijuu's chakra, granting access to an 80 point refreshing chakra pool, v1, and bijuu healing. The v1 stats are those of the bijuu whose chakra was absorbed.

Flying Thunder God - (3/3) - CLOSED
Owned by Bolin Hyuga, Ameya Uchiha, and Miyami Nara.

Fully Invested Cursed Seal - (1/2) - CLOSED
S-Rank Seal that has any associated costs paid for it. You must still purchase the Trait for Stage 2. Owned by Shouri Takahashi.

Hero Water - CLOSED
Five uses. Grants 100 stamina points for the topic where it is used. Also increases the user's Strength and Reflex by a tier, and grants the ability to create 25 Durability chakra shields around the body for 25 Stamina Points (each shield lasts a single post).

Hokage Necklace - CLOSED
Grants the user the [Will of Fire] Trait (if this Trait is already owned, it grants an additional use of this ability each topic). The [Will of Fire] used from the Hokage Necklace cannot be negated by abilities such as [Killing Intent] or [Will of Water]. Alternatively, the user can expend the necklace's [Will of Fire] charge to break one loss-of-control effect, such as a Jinchuuriki rampage, Advent of a World of Trees' sleep inducing pollen, or a genjutsu. Owned by Akihiko Hyuuga.

Implant - Unlimited - OPEN
This gives the user a kekkei genkai implant, any kekkei genkai (doesn't have to be from their village), and techniques of the implanted bloodline cost 25% more chakra. No recovery period is necessary.

Jashinism - (0/3) - OPEN
Jashinistic immortality, in addition to the canon Jashin techniques. A Jashin-follower can still die of starvation.

Kurosawa - CLOSED
The sword of a legendary samurai, its name literally meaning Black Swamp. It is incredibly well balanced. Kenjutsu techniques used with this sword cost 10 SP less, and when drawing this blade the user's Skill is treated as a tier higher. Owned by Ken Hasu.

Kusanagi - CLOSED
Same stats as a katana in the Item System. Can float and fly and return to the user, in addition to extending itself great distances at great speeds. Grants Kusanagi techniques. Owned by Ikari Yami.

Linchpin (1/3) - OPEN
When active, this seal grants a tier to Strength and Reflex. It also grants the user the ability to absorb ninjutsu of B-rank and below, restoring chakra equal to the cost of the technique absorbed. The seal can be active for up to a total of six posts, after which time it must cool-down for the same amount of posts it was open. Owned by Zenkai Hyuga.

Mind's Eye of the Kagura - (2/4) - OPEN
Owned by Yuko Murayama and Tanjiro Nara.

Pure Eye - CLOSED
Allows the user to see chakra, as well as into other dimensions. It grants the wielder Negative Emotion Sensing via sight. Costs a negligible amount of chakra to activate. Owned by Kioko Yamanaka.

Sage Mode (3/5) - OPEN
Grants the user Sage Mode. View the Sage Mode system for specific details. This Sage Mode can be tied to a specific summoning contract, like Naruto, or it can be devoid of a contract entirely, like Hashirama. Owned by Nejireta Suponji, Kumade Inuzuka, and Recette Ranton.

Sage's Tools - OPEN
As in canon. Item abilities are treated as techniques.

Shinigami Mask - OPEN
Grants the wearer the [Killing Intent] Trait, and the user can release any souls trapped by the Reaper Death Seal. Grants Fūinjutsu Traits of your choice while worn, chosen at the time of taking the mask, though you must meet the prerequisites for those Traits.

Strength of a Hundred - CLOSED
Owned by Hana Inuzuka.

Totsuka Blade - OPEN
Piercing an enemy with this blade traps them in a hazy drunken realm for eternity.

Two Kekkei-Genkai/Hiden - Unlimited - OPEN
You may take two kekkei-genkai or hiden in any combination. You must pay any costs associated with them. They must be from the same village, or a clan open to all villages. In addition, both clans must have an open slot. Owned by Nakatomi Harusame.

Yata Mirror - OPEN
Capable of deflecting ninjutsu techniques from all five chakra natures.

Yin Seal - (1/2) - CLOSED
Owned by Momoka Akiyama

Zero Tails - CLOSED
Grants Chakra Access like a regular Tailed Beast, which must be acquired accordingly. Grants V1/V2 jinchuuriki states. The Zero Tail's V1/V2 grant the same stat boosts as Kurama. Grants access to the Zero Tail's techniques. Owned by Nisshoku Uzumaki.

In addition to the Restricted List, there are a few select techniques and abilities that are deemed too powerful, even for this list, or otherwise are interesting enough to be used as plot-based rewards. These things are known as Event-Restricteds. These abilities take up the same slot that a Restricted List choice that you would gain in-character would take up, but they can only be obtained through dangerous events and missions. Be on the lookout for specific plotlines with these powerful rewards!

--Spirit Transformation Technique
--Perfect Susano'o
--Wood Human (and Wood Dragon)
--Gelel Stone
--Konohagakure's Village Exclusives

Aside from the above techniques and village exclusives, you are free to learn any other canon techniques provided that you meet the requirements to do so.

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