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PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:26 pm 
Kumo Chunin
Kumo Chunin
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Slyther's relaxed posture and calm walk showed how focused he was about this spar, he made met a brand new couple of shinobi from his village. Kirin, the busty blade wielder, And Recette, the frail looking new head of the storm clan. With the suggestion of Recette, Team 1 (Kami and Slyther) are going to engage them in a friendly sparing match.

Slyther picks his shoulders up a bit and with a toss throws his bag and coat off, making sure he had enough flexibility in order to dodge and fight, he then began to stretch. His pale skin, almost glowing in the dusky night like.

"Kirin, i'm looking forward to see what your capable of." He directed his attention back to her while stretching.

Strength: Average
Constitution: Masterful (bittersweet success implant -5 durability)
Stamina: Average (50 points)
Reflexes: Proficient
Coordination: Average (Major Advantage Ijutsu for organs, Major advantage for aiming. Proficient for hand seals.)
Wisdom: Average

Fighting styles:
Ninjutsu Expert (non-elementalist) 60 pool
Ijutsu Expert 60 pool
Taijutsu Adept 30 pool
Kuchiyose Expert
FÅ«injutsu Adept

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 11:24 am 
Kumo Genin
Kumo Genin
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The moonlight gave off a certain aura matching that, in appearance, of a muffled flashlight gazing across the land of Kumogakure. The training grounds, a central focal point where the shinobi of the village hidden in the clouds would come to ascertain and hone their wide variety of skills. This night the training grounds looked similar to most, a wide, open field about thirty meters or so in diameter, outlined by trees and rather large boulders as if to confine any major damage that may occur keeping any danger from leaking out into the village of civilians. Kazame was there. The boy sat poached atop a branch of one of those aforementioned trees kneeling, his hands hovering just past his knees. The boy wore his normal attire for strolling through the village as if this was his day off or something, yet he was on a task set out by the Raikage himself to find a certain boy by the name of Kama and that's what he was here for. Kazame read up on the boy's profile and took note of what he looked like and by the intel he gathered from the people in the bazaar of the Earth Construct he interpreted that this would be the place he would go.

A proper ninja indeed, always learning and getting better, I would expect nothing less from a shinobi on the Raikage's radar.

Thoughts swirled in Kazame's mind of how long he should wait for the boy to make his entrance, his eyes scanning the area and his ears perking listening for any indication of a visitor. Alas, there was an entry, first heard by the young man Kazame's hearing picked up a slight stepping of someone not far before the stepping stopped. Kazame saw the boy in the middle of the area as he took off his robe throwing it off to the side. Kazame couldn't notice much due to the only source of light at this moment being the moon but he did, however, see red pants and after throwing off the cloak it would be apparent that the boy didn't wear an undershirt. It would seem he was expecting a fight. It was then that the boy spoke aloud to another, but not Kama, Kazame assumed a girl by the name, Kirin, a beautiful name once describing that of a lightning dragon from long lost times. He waited in his position for his target to enter the scene, not moving and breathing only enough to not be uncomfortable.

Strength: [Proficient]
Constitution: [Average]
Stamina: [Proficient]
Reflexes: [Proficient] [+1 Adv.]
Coordination: [Proficient] [+1 Adv.]
Wisdom: [Proficient]

PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 1:35 pm 
Kumo Chunin
Kumo Chunin

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The cold night's air kissed Kami's cheek as he approached the training grounds. He wanted to grab his fighting equipment before coming to the sparing session. Glancing around the battlegrounds he could only see one figure.Short, pale, red clothes. I guess Sly is the only one here so far. Kami adjusted the Cleaver sword on his back. Strapping it tight against his spine, protecting the majority of his back. Next was his Katana and wakizashi securely tightened to his left hip. He wasn't used to wearing his battle garb while within the Villages walls, and the smell of dried blood was never truly lifted from the beige shirt. The left sleeve still absent from his last run-in with the Ronin Lieutenant. "Are we the only people here? Where's the New Kid?"

  • Strength:Proficient (Minor Advantage: Kenjutsu Major)
  • Constitution:Proficient
  • Stamina:Proficient
  • Reflexes:Proficient w/ Major Advantage (Minor Advantage: Kenjutsu Major)
  • Coordination:Proficient (Major Advantage: Ninjutsu Major. Minor Advantage Kenjutsu )
  • Wisdom:Proficient

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