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PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 5:06 pm 
Kiri Jonin
Kiri Jonin
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“OK Shouko, changing the subject, I see, I see. Keep your secrets then.” Mizui gave her a playful wink after her answer to his question, it was clear this was just a couple of bow nerds geeking out. He returned the friendly hug, glad that the two of them were unharmed and able to hold down what was left of Kemurigakure. Shortly after the warm welcome, Shouko turned her attention to Joobs, which was pretty understandable given his condition last time she saw him.

11 and Kyo maintained their cool and laid back demeanor, letting the kiddos go about their little reunion. It was then that the Mizukage joined the Kiri-nin and gave a quick update as to why she was delayed so severely. It certainly sounded like she had her hands full up until know, Mizui hoped those who detained her were no longer in this world so the negotiations could wrap up smoothly. Figuring that he should give a report on the details he gathered from the pollen he collected Mizui stepped forward and offered a bow before beginning.

“Mizukage-sama. As you no doubt have seen the enemy made use of some tree spawning jutsu, though the physical destruction is only a part of its power. The trees released a pollen that acts as a potent sleeping agent and affected its victims immediately upon contact. I was able to extract a sample from Jūbei and will be performing a proper analysis in Kirigakure once this is all over.”

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:22 pm 
Kiri Jonin
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11 looked around at the exchanges between his comrades. Shouko being very excited to see all her allies again greeted each of them with a hug. 11 stiffened at the exchange, accidentally making it as awkward as possible. He still was not use to body contact with other people. The whole thing felt foreign to him. He stepped back as Mizui, Jubei, and Shouko talked to eachother. He shuffled his way over to Kyo who looked a little out of sorts as well.

"Something troubling you?" 11 would ask quietly to Kyo.

As he waited for a reply Ryoka joined the group greeting each of them with a bow that he returned. She asked about the whole ordeal that Shouko and Mizui informed her on. 11 didn't really have much to add, he was more curious as to what their next move would be.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:27 am 
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As Shouko gave her greetings to her friends and peers, Kyo noticed the other Jounin making his way over, and subtly shifted his own body language to be more welcoming of the quiet conversation. "Troubling..." he mused aloud, considering the question. Was something troubling him? Did he have some reservation, some morose thought about what was going on? Perhaps his slight downshift in mood from the rejection had colored something in the way he had presented himself - or perhaps 11 was simply more observant than the average. He hoped it was the latter, because he'd hate to have displayed such petty emotion to everyone present - especially to Shouko, who had enough to worry about without his shallow feelings. Well, it does sort of hurt, but I guess I'll get over it. Combined with the stress of the situation at hand, however... I couldn't blame someone for asking, he thought to himself, but his half-smile reappeared on his face once the self-reflection was done. "I don't think so," he replied softly, "There is just a lot to think about. We were a little sloppy in this last battle, and while I'm confident in Kirigakure's strength..." the man continued, bringing a hand up to his chin to rub it slightly.

In that moment, however, before he could continue with his thoughts, the Mizukage herself appeared. She had never been one for the formality of kneeling, but he did incline his head in respect, quieting for a moment while he studied her in her battle-ready outfit. Did she already engage with the enemy as well? Just what happened at the Chuunin Exams? he wondered, ready to give his report, but surprisingly the Sumi began instead, gushing over the performance of everyone else present, even causing his heart to jump when she turned to smile at him. He did notice, however, a lack of mention for herself. Self-deprecation, or...? he wondered, and the Lyuun decided that perhaps he'd simply wait to give his own statement until it was asked of him.

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As Kyo finished his reply to the puppeteer, a rumbling clap filled the air of the village-turned-forest, deafening as its echoes rolled through the tangle of trunks and walls. Despite the easily-disorienting roll of the roar across bark and stone, the sound's source was clear.

The blinding blue fissure that opened up before 11, between where he stood with Kyo and the others assembled, shut all sense of darkness out from the world for a split-second before blue-black fumes seemed to fall out of it; like a spout of water, the smoke thrust out before the rift, obscuring both 11 and Kyo from any of the rest of the group. It was for that reason that only 11 and Kyo would be immediately aware of the swirl of a large object, turning end over end as it spat forth towards them, through the smoke. For 11, the projectile was not the only thing to be heralded by the cascading smog.

"For you, child. Keep it safe. They will come for it." The words were quiet, not just in volume but in tone. They spoke of loss, even in their few words. They rang cold, and in her mind alone. "I am sorry," the voice gasped, in dying breath.

Slicing through the veil of the black cloud that preceded it, a slender sword struck clean through the root and rock of the ground before the two, hilt angled towards the puppeteer. Its body was long and so jet-black that neither its edge nor the fuller along either side were distinguishable from the rest of the blade. Its hilt, wrapped in supple white leather, entirely lacked a guard. Most noticeable to either man would be the clear blue stone embedded in the pommel, its light fading even as the blade sunk into the stone.

As quick as it had come, the void sealed shut, leaving nothing of its coming behind but the lone guardless katana.

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