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Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]
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Author:  Uchiha Seto [ Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

Through the travels from the land of fire toward the settled Kemurigakure as night fell onto the area, up ahead the darkness was eternally darker than usual. This mission and it's location was reflective of the hate in Seto's heart he holds for the village of smoke and those who betrayed the Uchiha. The red clay that laid beyond his sandals made little noise. The Uchiha while paying attention to his surroundings, he was having an internal battle with his mind, his heart and the One-Tails Shukaku who lived within his soul. Some would consider the conflicts this Uchiha faces a blessing and a curse. The World Tree can be seen in the distance. Inside the Uchiha's, an internal voice was speaking to him.

You let this Uchiha escape your clan will believe you are weak. Your village will consider you worthless. What are you gonna do weakling? You couldn't stop your clan from leaving Konoha. Your mother and father couldn't. You even couldn't prevent their deaths as they rather battle over a pride of a name.

Since Seto didn't wanna alarm the Genin with speaking out loud, he was able to speak within his mind so the tailed beast could hear him. The mountains ahead gave them cover, as his eyes started to dance from that solid black iris into the red and black power known as the Sharingan. He spoke freely, as he remembered the events he is speaking of vividly.

Shakuku. I'm gonna need you to relax if all possible. I know you pray on the emotions of mine that are weak. But, do understand I respect you and I understand you let hate breed into your heart. And, you are trying to bring the hatred out in me so you can be free. In time I will let you manifest but, not at the expense of my village or fellow comrades.

The thoughts of being within the outskirts of the Village who had a hand in his mother and fathers death while he preferred to defend his village made him question for a long time within himself did he do the right thing? Was he supposed to try to fight the Uchiha or protect the Village? He was placed in a very difficult position that cost him lots of anger and hatred. It also allowed him to awaken this gift he has known as the Sharingan. His mother and fathers bodies were never returned. They just have a name on a plate within the Konohagakure Cemetry which causes Seto to hate the land of smoke even more. While he did have this hate he had to be in control to prevent something bad to happen. But, this rogue Uchiha leaving Konoha is trying to relocate to the Land of Smoke. And, Seto will not let that happen. She would be giving them intel on his village as well as them a weapon: The Mangekyo Sharingan, something he can't allow. He would stop behind a mountain, quietly calling to the other members of his team.

"Guys, let's stop behind this mountain. I have some things I need to say before we proceed."

As Seto bent down placing one knee into the red clay sand, it felt soft so it rained here a couple days ago. His black cloak and black attire allowed him some form of ability to blend in with the darkness that surrounded them. His Sharingan shined bright. As he waited for the others to crowd around him, he spoke in a hushed tone to prevent them from being eavesdropped in on.

"Before we proceed any further. The landscape of darkness makes this harder for us to find our target. But, we can not let her reach the Land of Smoke. She is a major liability. With that being said, Estu. With all due respect when we catch her I want to be the one who destroys the body and the Mangekyo Sharingan if that is okay with you? As for you Daichi and Inahara, I want you to se the rawness of this act and that there will come a time you will have to murder someone. This is the life we live and while I am glad all of you are here. But, she does need to be killed by an Uchiha."

One thing that will probably be noticeable is the shift in the tone of his voice, it is deep and dark. If we had a sensor the dark chakra that is the Jinchuuriki would be expanded and be more expanded than normal. The events of being in the land of a village who had a hand in his mother and fathers death and despite being older it is something that he hasn't be able to fully process and deal with emotionally. The clan is a sticker for hatred so it makes it harder than normal people to grieve. The black hair of his bangs pulled into ponytails sway as he bounced his eyes to look at everyone present. The brown bags of sand positioned on his hip come into view as he is squatted down. His careful demeanor has disappeared and in it's place is a scary weapon that is willing to do the unspeakable. That is something learned over years of events that transpired. He learned from a young age that in the field he has to kill kindness as it can be viewed a weakness. The evil he planned to do to this rogue ninja he didn't wanna expose Daichi or Inahara too, but then he would be a hypocrite in his eyes if he tried to shield them from their reality as shinobi.

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Author:  Skia [ Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

Etsu, in uniform, kneeled down in the huddle Seto formed. She nods at his request, certainly not understanding, but sympathizing. While the thin-lipped blonde comes from a pretty well known bloodline (emphasis on the "pretty"), hers is not one that dances with darkness and pride, rage and love. The Uchiha, especially as they grow older, have a stereotypical tendency to grow into this sort of mold-- one she hopes to dissuade in Kazu and Inahara, if she can. However, even though she can't claim to be in on the whole "Uchiha business is Uchiha business" brouhaha, she can claim to respect it.

As Seto goes through the briefing, the Jounin looks to her student, keeping a keen and caring eye on her reactions to his words, as they seem to ring true. These are the realities of their profession; the often silly, laid-back Uchiha would need to summon some degree of darkness from her lineage to thrive.

She waits for his explanation to be over before making her rounds. Starting with Inahara, she appears to play a little game of Duck, Duck, Goose with the group. "Let me apply this seal to each of you," she instructs, tapping the back of their scalps one by one. "Stick to the plan, and, if you get in trouble, I'll bail you out." That being said, she pauses before finally reaching the other Jounin. These seals were meant for keeping the Genin safe, for the most part. If he gave signs that he refused the seal, she could see why (something something Uchiha pride). Still, it wouldn't hurt to be safe.
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Author:  Daichi [ Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

As the terrain changed and morning turned to night Daichi wondered how he fared for his first journey this far outside the village. He never made it farther than an hour or two from the village, until now. Even though they had stayed moving continuously Daichi found himself in good condition. He had the stamina and speed to keep up with the group at the modest pace they kept, intentionally to keep the team together. Still, he found himself questioning his qualifications to be on the mission. Daichi was pleased to have a distraction as Seto called the squad to group up around him. When he knelt down the Genin found his hands resting on the hilts of his swords. He had noticed that it happened sometimes, especially when he was anxious or excited. He quietly wondered which it was.

Seto began to debrief them on additional mission details. Daichi respectfully didn't interrupt when he mentioned the dark. The boy had planned to mention it would be easier to sneak up on the target as well, though when the Jounin continued it made Daichi very glad he chose not to say anything. The Genin's mouth parted slightly when Seto asked to personally be the one to destroy the body, though he tried to cover his emotions immediately. Although he was initially startled by the request, he reminded himself that this was part of being a shinobi. There was much about the Uchiha that the young boy didn't understand, though his interest in the clan was beginning to evolve. He made sure to make eye contact with Seto as he told them that he wanted them to watch, a silent promise that he wouldn't back down when the time came. He felt the ability to empathize with the man as he spoke the words. Maybe it does have to be an Uchiha. The boy thought.

Moments after the speech Daichi found himself lost in thought, almost in a daydreaming like state. He could see the mission currently happening, though not from his perspective. He could see the group of ninja kneeled along the backside of a mountain, surrounded by red stone and clay. He noticed an extra shinobi, a fifth member of the team kneeled alongside the others. As he grew closer he could see that he was nowhere to be found but his parents had taken his place. He felt bitter at first, resenting the frightened look on their faces. He knew they were not shinobi meant for combat. Was that even a real shinobi? He saw them huddling together, frightened by the prospect of the Sharingan's power. He knew he was better suited to be on the mission than they would have been, he felt it in his core. He watched further to see what they would do, observing an example of what not to do.

Having completely misunderstood his own mind's metaphor, and getting tapped in the back of the head by a Jounin, woke Daichi up from his strange thought induced mini-hallucination. He leaned his head forward and rubbed the spot where the blonde Jounin applied the seal, massaging away the temporary discomfort with his fingers. She offered simple instruction followed by a reassurance that she would bail them out of trouble they may find themselves in. Daichi felt a wave of relief wash over him, though he was unsure what kind of protection the Jounin could offer. He simply put his faith in the Leaf, believing if Etsu had made Jounin then he could trust her with his life. "Thanks Etsu." Daichi said quietly, lowering his hand from the seal on his scalp. A few moments went by before his hand instinctively reach back up to the mark. "This does wear off, right? Eventually?" Daichi asked with a weak laugh, hand still on the back of his head. He really hoped it did. Even as a full fledged shinobi, Daich had no interest in facing his mother if he had to come home with a tattoo.

Author:  [PH]Inahara [ Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

For much of the journey, Inahara was quiet. If anything was needed of her, she would respond or if something had piked her interest, she would speak on it if the subject matter wasn't too serious. She hated being serious all the time, but knew that it was required in their shinobi duties. She knew she couldn't be a burden in this mission or else it would result in their failure and that was a guilt she would never let herself live down. She was a fun loving person, but when it was time for shinobi work, wouldn't hesitate to get the job done. As this being her first serious mission, she couldn't afford to mess this one up. This mission had several aspects that would be affected upon its completion as many different parties were involved. The most notable of which were the Uchiha. The clan had been split into two for whatever reason and a portion of the Uchiha resided in the land that they had been traversing known as Kemurigakue.  The only things that Inahara had known about the situation was that some of them left to go to the other village while the rest stayed in Konohagakure. She knew she should ask about them as it were the clan she belonged to, but there was something she had to prove first.

Inahara had branded herself as an Uchiha for so long, but there were always the constant chatter about her not belonging to the clan. Inahara couldn't count how many times that other kids would say 'You're not even a real Uchiha.' Just playing it back in her head made her angry. There were very few ways for her to prove her heritage and all of them required extensive work. An Uchiha had been running rampant wielding the power of the Mangekiyo Sharingan and they absolutely needed to act as fast as possible. She started to pay extra close attention to Seto as he started to explain more details on the mission. He also asked to be the one who disposed of the body. Since no one contested and she knew for a fact she had no interest in doing it, she would continue to ponder. She was pretty much just playing everything by ear for now and waiting until it was time to act to show her full colors. Being the Uchiha that she was though, she was certain that he was going to destroy the body using some type of Fire Release jutsu. If he didn't whenever the time came, she would honestly be surprised.

Etsu started to place weird seals on each of them and when she had done so to her, she was confused but wouldn't question it. The seals started to intrigue her albeit she couldn't really see what it looked like in full detail. She wondered what it would allow her to do since it somehow would be able to let Etsu bail them out of danger if they needed to be. " Fuinjutsu.....I think I'll make that my next endeavor. Maybe that will help me understand the scroll...." Inahara awaited orders patiently, doing her best to contain her eagerness to get started.

Author:  Uchiha Seto [ Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

"Let me apply this seal to each of you,"

The Sharingan follows Estu's hand as she taps the back of Inahara and Daichi's scalps, the Jonin watches as they are her students, but Uchiha nonetheless. This was Seto's biggest gripe with the Hokage, Lord Kanari. He is very protective of his younger generation of Uchiha. He said nothing but just glares at Estu.

"Stick to the plan, and, if you get in trouble, I'll bail you out."

The two Jonin lock eyes for a moment as a brief silence would ensue as Seto would glance at the other two and then back at Estu, as Seto would smile, before replying, his tone still hushed and quiet.

"You know that jutsu Estu? Well, in that case, I do not need it but, I appreciate the offer. I am curious did you teach it to any of your students?"

With that being said he went silent for a moment, the impending darkness could be a problem so he had to think for a moment. As he brought his right hand up in front of his face he made the half of the tiger seal, his bags on his waist begin to shift as sand through chakra manipulation sand float out his bag and started to form into a big ball of sand to the right of him, three meters by threes meters in size as the design of the three tamoe would be itched into the fabric of the sand as it appears a recreated eye would appear floating beside him. The Uchiha dropped his right hand as the eye floated up above them to the crest of the mountain sitting there. Seto would just begin speaking.

"Instead of us rushing out from behind this mountain, I can use this jutsu to give myself an actual extra eye to see. With that being said, the coast looks clear from here but, that is not good. We have no sight of our target and that is not very good at all. If she reaches the Land Of Smoke, which it would take her days to get there from this distance, we can't afford that as you know. I'm gonna send the eye further on so I would suggest everyone get ready for conflict. The moment I catch sight of her I will try to lock her into a Genjutsu."

The eye begins to travel forward, hovering a meter over top the mountains, stopping at the six-meter mark from the team, just hovering and scanning the area as Seto stood from his kneed position.

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Author:  Skia [ Sat Jan 13, 2018 10:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

The sight of the Sharingan stuns Etsu for a moment-- not in the way that a Sharingan can literally physically stun someone, but she is stunned none the less. She *definitely* wouldn't have gone around and applied a very secretive Fuuinjutsu if she'd noticed Seto had his Sharingan active earlier. Sheesh. After all the lectures she'd given Kazu about keeping it secret, keeping it safe, here she is pulling a stunt like this.

Meaning to respectably decline answering Seto's question, the Jounin hastily prompts "So, what's the plan?" This launches explanation and a sandy eye, to which the squad could only wait upon. The black-clothed blonde nods, jolting to a tree branch and readying a spring forward when the target is spotted.

When Seto responds with more focus on the mission than the jutsu, the blonde takes a large sigh of relief. This would be a lesson to her. Never again could she be this careless with a jutsu of this magnitude. Though, it's doubtful the Uchiha knows exactly what the Okami was applying or how she applied it, but he seems to get the gist; it's a jutsu to protect them, and in that he is correct.

Author:  Daichi [ Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

Upon sight of the large Sharingan eye, Daichi's mind flashed back to his last spar. It was the first and only other time he had seen an active Sharingan, though it was the same as this one in front of him. It was much too large to fit in any head he had ever seen and seemed to be made from sand. He also remembered Seto showing up at the spar later on. While his sensei talked he realized the man had been watching them back then using this very same technique. Then at the Jounin's word Daichi began to prepare himself for conflict. He scratched the back of his head one last time before returning his hands to his swords. He decided to put his faith in Etsu and attempted to forget about the seal altogether. He ran his hands along the fabric of his hilt, the familiar texture calmed his nerves and reminded him of the steely cold of battle. Last time he wielded a sword against a shinobi he almost lost his life. He made sure to feel that, to serve as a reminder that this was life or death.

The Genin took a deep breath in. He noticed that the blonde Jonin made her way to a tree branch, though as he looked around the canyon he didn't see any suitable trees near Etsu. He decided to stay on the ground, each hand on a sword in their sheath. He held them with a reverse grip with his thumbs leading up the back of the handle pointing to the sky. He stayed near Seto and prepared to leave or fight on a moments notice. He felt his up-close fighting style would serve well defending the Jounin if he got attack while using this jutsu. He wanted to stay where he knew he could be useful. Though while he was waiting the young Genin began to doubt himself. He figured he hadn't been a shinobi as long as Inahara, and that she had tons of mission experience. He would occasionally glance toward the more experienced members of the team, attempting to see if there was something more he should be doing.

Author:  [PH]Inahara [ Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

Inahara watched as Seto rejected Etsu's offer and initiated a technique she had never seen done before by another Uchiha. He created an even larger Sharingan using sand. Even though it was made from sand, it appeared to be a fully functional sharingan as he said he would be ready to trap their enemy in a genjutsu if need be. In all honesty, she didn't know much about the secrets of the Sharingan, but this was beyond something she knew it to be capable of. "Eye eye, captain.......Heh, get it....Because....Eyes...." Inahara would giggle to herself, hoping at least her sensei would appreciate the humor. This had to be some other power he possessed. Perhaps he also inherited some other kekkei genkai from his family. She hadn't heard of something like that happening often, but the idea didn't seem too farfetched. The sharingan would continue to be a mystery that she wanted to unravel, but was unsure if she ever would.

Seto had been giving them orders and telling them the plan, so it would seem that he would be the leader of the group. It was just really hard for her to think of her sensei as being her team mate so she was confused on how to feel in general about it. She wouldn't say anything about it out loud because it really wasn't that big of a deal, She was just going to do whatever she was told and make sure this mission was a complete success. Inahara got the gist that they were going to have to kill somebody, but that was the least of her worries. She mainly was worried on not getting killed in the process as if she knew the Uchiha well enough, they were not going to give up easily. She knew that this Uchiha they were hunting would have some of the typical Uchiha traits along with a few extra things, but it was the extra things along with the Mangekiyou Sharingan that she would worry about first. To avoid feeling anxious, she would look over to see how Daichi was taking it all. He seemed to be processing everything the same way she was so she felt a bit less inhibited by her low self-esteem. She knew that they weren't going to take their target head on, but how exactly were they going to approach the situation? She would only know once the time had come for them to act. Until then she would remain quiet and wait.

Author:  Hakari Uchiha [ Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

Silence and darkness. These two elements had aided Hakari so far with her travels. The light of the moon and the sound of the wind guided her towards her final destination. The village hidden in smoke. Travel had been uneventful but rough for the young prodigy. She had to rest, it had become too much. Behind numerous of small boulders, she fell on her knees. Hands grasped into the clay floor as tears washed over it. Tears not from joy but from despair. How could this all happen, why did it happen, it wasn't fair! She had done everything, everything that was asked of her! This was her reward?! H-he...died. Kira was gone. Along with everything she held dear and loved. It was all over now...she had no one left, no one to go back to. No one that was waiting for one that loved her.

Hakari was an extraordinary shinobi, one of the rare few that managed to reach jounin at the mere age of fourteen. A true Uchiha prodigy that had remained loyal to the village hidden in the leaf her entire life...until now. Hakari's parents were never known to her or anyone within the village. Even the Hokage himself had no info about her parents. All that was known of the Uchiha kunoichi was that she was found in front of the gate as a baby. Her crying had reached the ears of many wandering strangers, none, however, took the child in their care. That was until a Konoha shinobi guard took notice of the lively basket. Upon closer inspection, a baby was found within the object. Sad, starving, sick, lonely and attention-seeking. Thus she was taken within the village. The girl grew up without a permanent home nor with memories of her old home. All she remembered was the first name given to her. Hakari. At the age of six, the child had a strange dream...some would classify it as a nightmare more than anything else. One thing became certain to the village though. She was an Uchiha, a true one at that. Ever since that night, her eyes had been affected with the crimson hue of the Sharingan doujutsu.

years passed by, the girl having been assigned to attend the ninja academy ever since her powers had beared fruit. Life was lonely, no orphanage, no foster family, nothing but herself she had.


Head shook violently as the onyx-haired girl snapped back into reality. Hands left an engraved imprint on the clay as she stood back up. The wind blew in her hair, lifting her bangs ever so slightly as a red gaze emanated from behind them. "They're here." Chakra signatures besides her own had entered the fray. Leaf shinobi no doubt. She took a hold of the headband that was worn around her neck as a scarf. A glimpse of it was enough to remind her that it was too late to turn back now. The scratch through the leaf symbol was enough to signify that. They were here to kill her. To take away her eyes. Greed. A trait every village shared with one another and one of the reasons she had left Konoha, but also one of the reasons why Kemuri would take her in and offer her protection in trade of her service. These rival villages would love to steal from one another, that was all Hakari was. An object to be fought for. Nothing more, nothing less. Her will had never been her own, to begin with. The chakra signatures were all rather weak, all but two. One of whom was extraordinarily ominous. The demonic presence of a bijuu. She had felt this presence before...there was no mistaking it. But the chakra..was was dark, almost fear-inducing for any shinobi. Was it already too late? Had the demonic beast already influenced its host enough to cause this much disruption in the chakra system?

The dark chakra began to mold. They were taking actions. She couldn't outrun them forever. Not like this. Scenario's flashed through the back of the child soldier's head. Plans formulated and predictions were made. Search and destroy party. a small object induced with chakra had split off from the dark presence. They were trying to pinpoint her location. Whatever the technique was, she knew of sensory-nin possessing something similar. This wasn't a sensory nin though. She'd otherwise already been found by now. "Four targets. Possibility for more. Non-standard group size." It was true that Konoha would send a team to chase after the teenage girl. Four, however, was an unusual group size. A jounin or higher ranked shinobi with their genin. Possibly two jounin or higher ranked shinobi with a pair of genin. Perhaps a jounin with three chuunin level shinobi. "Objective..." a whisper in the dark, heard by none but the looming crows. "Exterminate." like a well-oiled killing machine, the Uchiha's black tomoes twirled. Iris and lens expanded. Red took over as more pitch black tomoes materialized into existence. The spinning stopped when nine total were formed. The Mangekyo Sharingan.

Bangs floated in harmony with the wind as dirt covered hands moved the hooded top to conceal her child-like face from view. Peach lips and locks of black hair remained in plain view as she turned to face the chakra signatures. Her location remained hidden for now behind the boulders...but for how long. The distance between herself and her chasers was fairly long. The thought of pulling back and running away crossed her mind. But the bloodthirst soon convinced her otherwise.

Mangekyo Sharingan]

[Attributes: To be discovered
+1 tier precog active
+2 tier tracking active]

Author:  Uchiha Seto [ Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

It was then that Seto slowly started to walk out from the behind the canyon, he knew she was close but not sure of how close. The eye had a great view of the canyon bed and beyond, even with the darkness, the eyes lit up the area with his Sharingan active. He saw nobody walking whatsoever, as he stopped from outside the Canyon, his fist clenching shut as the nails of his hands dug into his flesh, cutting the skin slightly as small amounts of blood would trickle down his palms. The bangs of his black hair blew into the wind. The eye would keep floating, as it stopped to the right side of the canyon of where she was hiding, the eye spun to scan the area, but, it couldn't see her location due to the height of the canyon.

Seto stood for a moment as his long black hair kept blowing in the wind, he would yell the coming words out into the canyon bend, which with the closed confides of mountains the words would echo off them and she would surely hear them even over the light wind. He yelled them with a deep boom, his voice always being frightenly deep but even more so as his anger started to rise.


While this was unconvential way to approach this, he was ensuring that she would hear his voice and that she wouldn't be able to hide much longer. Hakari knew who Seto was. Maybe not personally but, she knew of him because of his rank within Konoha and the Uchiha clan within the village. She knew that they would send Uchiha of their own to recover the precious Sharingan and her body. Nothing can go to the enemy and she knew her time was limited on this earth. She made a grave mistake. Not only going rogue, but going rogue to an enemy nation. That rules of treason are not taken lightly within the clan and even moreso the village. He hoped she would listen.

[Sharingan Active]
[Stats: Same]
[Chakra: 94.44% Fixing the correction of the previous jutsu: 5.56%]

Author:  Skia [ Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

[OOC: Oh frick, my bad guys; I didn't notice]

Etsu jumped a little at Seto's sudden sundering shouts. "Is he using a jutsu to hide where his voice is coming from?" the Jounin hopes to herself, curious what else the purpose is for causing such large attention to where they are. She's also not entirely sure how much sand Seto can control without ingraining his chakra with it. Was bringing the canyon down on the rogue Uchiha a bluff? Etsu herself isn't familiar with the inner-workings of Magnet Release. It's just as possible, she supposes, that a ninja with Seto's skill might not be bluffing at all.

A flick of her wrists causes two kunai to appear in Etsu's hands, sliding down from her sleeves without a cut, unlike Seto's catlike nails on his own palm. Had Seto seen something? Is that why he shouted? Is this some sort of signal?
Getting restless in anticipation, the blonde Jounin takes it upon herself to jolt in the direction she saw the sand eye headed. If her guess is correct and Seto feels he's closing in on the target, her skill-set makes her ideal for the initial encounter.
Flaw Activated:
It’s quiet… too quiet….:
With a strong distaste for the quiet and dull, Etsu loses a tier of Wisdom while there is little to no noise or action going on (stealth-based attacks or other quiet scenarios)

Author:  Daichi [ Thu Jan 25, 2018 10:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

Daichi waited through eerie silence next to the older Uchiha. He held his blades firmly in each hand and just as he felt he was beginning to get his nerves under control, Seto began loudly calling out to the enemy. His voice boomed and echoed off of the rock formations around them, Daichi nearly jumped out of his skin. His mind was racing once again, though this time it was different. He felt much more justified in his fear now. Hakari had to be close, if Seto was calling out to her then he must have caught some sort of a trail. Daichi clenched his right hand on it's sword and threw the left one into the air right in front of him. The sword would flip 360 degrees in front of him, while it was on its arc he used his left hand to form a one-handed seal. A shadow clone would appear directly beside Daichi, with both swords drawn as well. He then would catch the sword he threw before it could get too far from him. He gave his clone a quick elbow to his arm and a nod towards the sensei, then he dashed backward putting some space between himself and the group. He stayed within 10 meters of his clone and Seto, hiding in some of the thick shrubberies in the canyon. The Genin hoped his clone would give him some longevity in this mission, at best saving his life before Etsu would have to, and at worst a slight waste of chakra.

Relevant Stats:
Stamina: Proficient +2

Jutsu Used:
Shadow Clone B-rank (C-rank cost) 5%

Chakra Remaining: 95%

Author:  [PH]Inahara [ Tue Jan 30, 2018 7:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

Inahara shuttered at the sudden shout of Seto. It caused her senses to immediately spike to her utmost best capabilities. There was no way that their target didn't hear him and they were most likely going to do one of two things. If they were content on getting away, they would flee from the opposite direction. If they were strong, they would do as Seto suggested and come to them, but that wasn't all that they were tempted to do. It didn't matter what method their target went with, their mission had to be completed.

Inahara was unsure of what her next action should be. She tried to formulate an idea, but bringing a thought to her head was so hard to do when she had to include three other people in any calculation she made. Right now she found it best to go along with any plan that he had made. Either way, with whatever option their target went with, Inahara would be able to make them aware of it. Her hand would form a single Tiger hand seal and she activated a technique that would allow her to sense any chakra signals around her. Right now she was able to sense Daichi and his clone, Etsu, and Seto, but the moment that another chakra signature came into play, she would pick up onto it if it reached her range. "Daichi. You and I should stay close." Inahara spoke under her breath. "If we get too separated, it'll make it easier for her to pick us off one by one. The Mangekiyou Sharingan should not be underestimated. " Inahara would take out a single kunai from her holster attached to her leg and prepare herself for whatever came forward. Whatever chose to come her way, she would be on the ready for.
Flaw Activated:
Get Out Of My way!: When fighting with another person, Inahara must add another person onto all of her calculations, giving her a Major Disadvantage in Wisdom when fighting as a team with someone else.

Technique Used:
Chakra Sensing Technique - D Rank

Chakra Remaining:

Author:  Hakari Uchiha [ Fri Feb 02, 2018 3:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

With the roarings of one of her kin, she very much knew hiding would no longer be an option. Whereas silence and darkness were her forté, this particular Uchiha seemed to thrive on moving the stillness and fetching what hoped to be forgotten. No. It was a naive thought: to think that Konoha would forgive her in her grief and let her path be free. Evil. Shameless. Cruel. All of the things The Leaf were to her, she would be to her pursuers then.

One of the Jounin approached the sand eye, which was already closer to her than she would have liked. She would have liked it to be back in Konoha, where walls can still make you feel safe if you were ignorant enough to believe in safety anymore. Perhaps it was a lesson fate tasked her with teaching this lot.

The unique seal for the Shadow Clone jutsu was formed unseen, but its use would surely be realized before too long. Two images of Hakari blurt out from behind her cover, one moving in on Etsu, the other to the direction of the eye's spawn.

Etsu met the image of Hakari's Sharingan. Should she dare to look upon them, a nearby tree would spawn branches and spring at her as if the jutsu of the Senju. Moving almost instantly upon her, they'd encompass her body and forfeit her ability to move. Hakari would, in all likelyhood, follow up with a swift stab to her throat.

While the other Hakari took a few moments longer to close in on the other group, she did find two very dispatchable targets: children, two of them, sticking close by-- as if the value of zero could be multiplied. Her clone landed hidden out of the line of sight of the rest as she approached. She only revealed herself a second after forming a few necessary handsigns, peaking her head above the hill that overlooks them for the purpose of blowing a large fireball at them, hoping to catch them off-guard from above. Her hands readied a follow-up jutsu, however, to ensure that her opener did not go wasted.

Author:  Uchiha Seto [ Mon Feb 05, 2018 9:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

Seto listened to the sound of nothing after his outburst to get his kin's attention to no avail. The sand created Sharingan floated near the base of the mountain scanning the distance to nothing moving as of yet. He couldn't believe this Uchiha would be so foolish as to escape Konohagakure by going rogue and trying to find solace in a village that is clearly the enemy of Konoha. As well as knowing the bad blood between both sects of the Uchiha. This is what could rile up the darkness breeding within Seto, the Jinchūriki feeds on the darkness that certain emotions could awake. The thought of his mother and father being taken from him as a teenager caused him to be the way he was with his kin, his fellow shinobi, and everything. He wanted to preserve life as much as he could. But, the darkness that surrounds light tries to kill that brightness that Seto wants to fight to keep.

It would mean that sometimes you have to hide away that part of you and if push comes to shove. You have to be cold and calculated in the world. But, what Hakari Uchiha is doing is going against everything Seto stands for. He feels Hakari is disrespecting the clan, her village and deciding the enemy is the perfect fit for her ideals. And, that bothered Seto to no end. His blood was boiling with contempt for her actions. The inside of Seto's subconscious and body would be a vast landscape filled with bright brown sand in all directions for as far as the eye can see. In the middle of that landscape of brown sand sat the tanuki was known as Shakuku sitting down with an impatient demeanor despite knowing he won't be free anytime soon. The darkness surrounding him as the only thing that can be seen is the golden cross and four dots within his irises as he growls loudly within the cage, the sound echoing as he pulls out to see a singular white tag on the doors to the cage with the kanji inscribed in vertical fashion of

The growl could be heard within Seto's eardrums but, no one else could hear the tailed beast words and insults and attempts at trying to convince the Uchiha to allow Shakuku to become free and ravage the lands as he often boasted about during the fight to contain him and prevent him from causing havoc on the Land of Fire. Even though Shakuku sees it as a means to control him. It may have been to use it as a weapon with history but, the times are different now. Seto would ignore the loud growl of annoyance from the tailed beast within him. Seto's eyes focused on the landscape as he glanced back at the two Genin who was behind him. The actions happened quickly. Two clones of Hakari came from behind the cover, as the Sharingan Jiton eye caught sight of her which would mean Seto could see her too. The Jiton eye traveled upward out of the range of Hakari as Seto begin to use the sand from beneath his feet, as the eye had spun during its movement to catch sight of the hiding Hakari, which gave the real Seto time to allow the sand to form a huge shield to cover over top Daichi and Inahara with enough size to protect them from the area of the fireball blast, the Jiton eye come closer to watch the Hakari on the hill and keep her within Seto's sights.

Seto had sent chakra to his feet and was scaling the other side of the wall to confront Hakari at the top of the mountain she peeked from, as the sand he used to protect the two Genin and himself from the fireball. Seto begins to allow small strands of sand from the protective seal that has been fused with his chakra to break up the sand, as he cocked his fist back and sent a punch into the hill that Hakari peeked over with a boulder crushing punch that put a crack into the hill and the tremor would shake the hill causing more sand to drop into the chakra infused sand he was gathering. The look on Seto's face was stoned and devoid of emotion and he seemed intensely focused.

[Sharingan Active]
Strength: Masterful W/minor advantage for ces
Constitution: Proficient
Stamina: Proficient
Dexterity: Masterful
Agility: Masterful [Track to Legendary Agility with Sharingan Active]
Wisdom: Epic]
Jutsu used:
Shield Of Sand: A-Rank
Chakra Enhanced Strength: B-Rank

[Chakra: 64.44

[Forgot to include the correct chakra usage and jutsu used]

Author:  Skia [ Tue Feb 06, 2018 1:18 pm ]
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Just before becoming entangled in illusionary tree branches that somehow seem pretty freaking real-- and freakily so-- Uchiha + Senju? Scary!-- Etsu manages to toss one of her kunai at the Hakari that has set her focus on her. The enclosing branches suffocate but do not inhibit the formation of a handseal: snake! For, in the draft of its quick projection, attached to this kunai weightlessly fluttered an explosive tag ready for detonation. At the speed and length of its travel (fast and short, respectively), an large, fiery dome of force would be a difficult thing to dodge.

Whether this hit and removed the threat or merely delayed it, the kunoichi plans to make use of this time. The jutsu being used is not foreign to her, as any Jounin would have a general survey of the standard suite of shinobi styles. An inhale halts her chakra network, and an exhale pulses is back into action. As if this pulse of energy Almight Pushes the branches off of her, Etsu frees herself of the illusion, looking to where she might be most useful next. "Inahara.... stay safe until I can check on you again!"

Author:  Daichi [ Wed Feb 07, 2018 10:30 am ]
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Daichi's clone moved closer to Inahara as she advised. He remembered teachings at the academy on the importance of teamwork. With swords in hand, he moved toward the Uchiha girl. The Uchiha girl who wasn't the enemy. He stood with his back toward her and quietly surveyed the nearby area in search of any hostile presence. The canyons were eerily quiet after Seto's taunt until the roaring of flames pierced the veil of silence. He could see the bright light of Katon over his shoulder and pivoted his weight to one side and then the other, allowing each leg to slide across the grass into a position facing the threat. By the time he was facing the fireball the eldest of the present Uchiha had raised a wall of sand to defend them all. It was massive, spanning enough ground to defend them all and sturdy enough to save them from the flames. A bead of sweat rolled down Daichi's face as he watched the spectacle from his nearby place of hiding. He had wanted to taste real combat for so long and now that it lay right before him, he had no idea what to do. He felt a dangerous mix of emotions but choked them back as he watched and waited for his moment.

Seto had more in mind than just defense Daichi thought as the Jonin vaulted onto the wall and began racing toward the top. He moved as fast as Daichi had ever seen anyone run and made it to the top faster than the boy's clone could begin to assist. Daichi broke formation with Inahara and ran to the side of the sand shield, peeking out from behind it to get a better view of the enemy. He would see the Jonin deliver a crushing punch which would send cracks throughout the hillside that Hakari had launched the impressive display of ninjutsu from.

Author:  [PH]Inahara [ Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:30 am ]
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Scanning the area in order to notice if the enemy was nearby, Inahara immediately darted her head once towards an unfamiliar chakra signature that was heading towards them. “ Over there! Prepare yourself, she’s fast approaching.” Just as she spotted her, the enemy released a fireball straight towards them from above. Inahara broke apart fro Daichi’s clone and took a large leap to the right. She would have gone further but a sudden wall of sand had appeared, halting the progress of the fireball. Her sensory technique was able to spot Seto taking on the girl head on. “This guy’s pretty nifty when he’s not bashing on genin.” Inahara started to traverse half way up the hill when a sudden tremor caught her attention.

Her senses remained heightened as she waited to see the outcome of Seto’s attack. Within all of the madness of the sand that was being created, Inahara prepared for at any opportunity she could. She would still grip onto one of her Kunai as she mainly focused on Hakari. In the moments that the ground shook, a ominous sound of a crows call could be heard. The aforementioned creature would make its appearance along with a flock right above the hill. Even more would suddenly flock the arrow as they started to hover above Seto and Hakari. The sudden haze of crows started to circle around Hakari like vulchers around the corpse of an animal. The blackened birds would quickly draw Hakari’s attention upon realization of the swarm that surrounded her.

Inahara on the other hand took notes of all the nearby chakra signatures. There was Hakari, Seto, Daichi who were nearby and barely in the grips of her technique were Etsu and another chakra signature. The other chakra signature threw her off, but as she started to look more into it, she started to realize the similarities between that chakra sign and the one that was right in front of them. This could only mean thing. One of them was the clone. “Don’t exhaust too much chakra. Either this one or the one that Etsu's fighting is a clone.” Inahara advised to Daichi. Her focus was directly onto Hikari in order to keep up with any detail that would give her an edge. She knew not to pay too much attention to the girl as she was an Uchiha after all. Inahara’s eyes never stopped focusing on the girls body but that was all they focused on.

Chakra Percentage:

Chakra Sensing Still Activated

Author:  Hakari Uchiha [ Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

The clone that had managed to engage with Etsu got countered by a powerful explosive tag. Her visual prowess foreseeing the intention of the fellow jounin whilst identifying the threat's strength level. Jounins were only few in numbers. Chosen because they were exceptionally strong and loyal to the village. Hakari was only one of these... SHe'd show her, them, the village. What she could do. She'd end this swiftly even with just a mere clone. Black tomoes twirled into a circular fashion as the very fabric of space and time were bend to her will. As the explosion engulfed the small area they were in, seemingly blinding both participants from each other's view whilst giving off the impression that Hakari's clone, indeed got hit.

In reality, it was not. Behind Etsu, she appeared. Wind infused kunai in hand that had taken the shape of a katana would thrust right into her back and through her stomach only for the bloodied wind blade's tip to appear on the other side. A wound, severe enough to kill someone if left unattended. Crimson demonic eyes twirled once more after her initial ambush, phasing right through the enemy jounin before a swift turn around with a reversed gripped kunai aimed to slit the throat.

Meanwhile the other clone had been left unattended after its initial assault. The betrayer's mind calculated the ongoing situation. Such a huge defense for a mere fireball. Overestimated, she was. They were scared. Interaction with enemy shinobi were B-ranked or more. Something genin should not participate in. Inahara, she knew well from genin documents. A self-proclaimed Uchiha, Inahara she did care about. Similar to herself, she too was left in front of the gates as a baby, left to figure herself out in this cruel world. Left to forge her own path, unguided. Oh, how she would have wished to have met Inahara in better circumstances and take her with her. Alas. Life wasn't fair, she'd end her suffering. The boy in question, the real one that kept himself in a hiding place wasn't as safe as he thought he was. His chakra signature had been smelled out quite early on. She knew where he was and would deal with him too. Handseals had been primed for awhile now, it was time to unleash her jutsu. Mouth opened far wide as a barrage of fifteen fireballs were shot into the air to bombard the general area, focused mainly on Daichi's and Inahara's position but few large fireballs made their way towards Hakari's and Seto's position as well as Etsu's and the other clone's position. None would be left to spare. After the technique had been enacted, the clone dispersed - relaying the final info to the original Hakari.

A simple nod to herself the original did whilst Seto caused minor harm to no one other than himself causing his hand to bleed whilst nearly dislocating his wrist - all he accomplished was slow himself down. Flocks of crows appeared above the defecting kunoichi, she paid them no attention, instead focusing her crimson gaze down upon the genin she was about to assault. She sensed a technique being activated from the little girl below. "..." A massive inferno fireball headed Hakari's way, allowing herself to get hit by either the fireball or whatever her adversary would throw at her. Only charred remains would be left behind. Wherever Inahara was, behind her and her allies was where she would appear. "Summoning jutsu." she muttered in her own breath as hands slammed against the surface, a massive cloud of smoke covering nearly the entire battlefield would envelop most participants, rendering their vision null as a claw reached out of hiding, grasping for Inahara with a slash of its mighty long claws. Death itself would follow. From the smoke and ashes from the ablaze area, a mighty being would transcend. The wyvern of death, the harbinger of true fear. Destroy anyone and anything that challenged its power its personality fitted the task as did its form. A Wyvern that was simply gigantic, the biggest and oldest of its kind, rivaling yin/yang combined Kurama in size. His wing-span equal to 1200 foot in length, his mouth lined with rows upon rows of massive, razor-sharp teeth. His blackened red form is layered with a multitude of spikes, each with a pointed sharpness nearing that of his hundreds of elongated teeth. His body burst with muscles all the way down to his feet, which wield claws whose size was only dwarfed by the horns mounted atop his great head. Tipping his massive and muscular tail was a sphere of incredibly strong spikes used as a club for terrible impalement, a secondary weapon to the almighty breath of despair.


A roar made sure its presence was known. Fear A terrifying roar of Alduin followed by a massive Fuuton which in turn ignited into a giant massive wall of inferno. Traveling outwards in all directions with the beast being in the center.

Death A heated aura enveloped over the battlefield, reducing the cost of all Fire techniques by one tier, increasing the cost of all Suiton techniques by one, and igniting any Fuuton techniques.

On top of its mighty form with devilish eyes, Hakari stood. Her body remained idle as she shouted words as if they were commands. Instructions given to her opponents. "Taste despair!" it echoed as the dragon faced the general direction of both genin. Wherever they may be at that point. Despair A Fire breath with a mass greater than an S-Ranked technique fired upon their poor souls, setting anything and everyone ablaze in the area.

The place was a burning hell at this point and the beast was the reason for it. Claws dug deep into weakened terrain, causing a burst of small flames to erupt from the earth itself around its surroundings.

[Technique(s) used:
Vacuum Sword
Substitution Technique
Despair (Alduin)
Death (Alduin)
Hatred: Scales are as strong as Shouton or Kaguya bones. (Alduin)
Fear (Alduin)
Chakra sensing active
Fire Release: Great Flame Flower
Summoning: open the spoiler
So doing a small edit with Alduin, I added an ability so he could switch between human and wyvern form at his own (scroll down to find it) - also added a drawback regarding this ability AND added stats in human form.

Summon name: Alduin - The Destroyer, Aspect of Death, The Worldbreaker, The Black Scourge

Image Image Image

Rank: S (Boss)

Summon Description: The wyvern of death, harbinger of true fear. As the leader of the wyverns, his duties are quite simple. Destroy anyone and anything what challenges his power His personality fits this task as does his form. He cares little for non-wyverns and doesn't simply follow orders from humans. He's an old, bitter mean wyvern and would light up a forest out of sheer boredom. He is the king of the wyverns, and is the most powerful wyvern in all of existence, and this belief is not entirely isolated to his mind only, for this Wyvern is simply gigantic the biggest and oldest of its kind, rivaling yin/yang combined Kurama in size. His wings span is 1200 foot in length, his mouth is lined with rows upon rows of massive, razor sharp teeth. His blackened red form is layered with a multitude of spikes, each with a pointed sharpness nearing that of his hundreds of elongated teeth. His body is bursting with muscles all the way down to his feet, which wield claws whose size is only dwarfed by the horns mounted atop his great head. Tipping his massive and muscular tail is a sphere of incredibly strong spikes used as club for terrible impalement, a secondary weapon to the almighty breath of despair. Alduin can speak the human tongue flawlessly and woudn't hesitate to do so. Due to Alduin's massive size its summoner can easily be carried on its back and be transported to different villages, although this sounds like a badass idea, it truly isn't a good idea to do so. By signing the Wyvern contract and using the Amulet of Eden to summon this almighty king, the summoner becomes immune to its flames and negative effects.

Summoning Process: The user places both hands and amulet upon the ground pouring chakra into both the amulet and the ground. This stained energy will form into five rings with draconian text, each inscribing a synonym for the words "Darkness, Despair, Hatred, Fear and Dead" into the ground. When complete, these rings glow bright purple and the ground shakes. Alduin will emerge in his dragon form from the center of these circles with an mighty roar and a burst of burning red flames.

  • Alduin can only switch between human and wyvern form once per three posts.
  • This wyvern's presence might endanger allies and should be kept for absolute emergencies, could potentially set allies ablaze by lifting off. (See darkness of wyvern ability)
  • Suiton techniques count as one tier higher against Alduin.
  • When struck by A-rank or higher Suiton techniques (after rounding up) Alduin's techniques cost increase by two tiers and decrease in power and size by one tier. If Alduin remains untouched by Suiton techniques for one turn these negative effects are dismissed.
  • Despair: Fire breath with mass greater than an S-Ranked technique. But has a heat density similar to A-rank techniques.
  • Death: Releases a heated aura over the battlefield, reducing the cost of all Fire techniques by one tier, increasing the cost of all Suiton techniques by one, and igniting any Fuuton techniques.
  • Hatred: Scales are as strong as Shouton or Kaguya bones.
  • Fear: A terrifying roar of Alduin followed by a massive Fuuton wave wich in turn would ignite into a giant wall of inferno. This technique is S-ranked for chakra purposes but originally should be an A-rank.
  • Dead sentence of the wyvern: Alduin spits out several (7) minor fire balls A-rank in power and size. Upon impact fire elementals emerge, these elementals proceed to attack everything and anyone in their path, leaving nothing but death and despair in their wake. These fire elementals are weak and can easily be killed by Suiton techniques of C-rank and higher. They grow in size and power whenever struck by Fuuton techniques, amplifying their katon techniques by one tier. Their main attacks are fire balls (C-rank in power and size)
  • Hatred of the wyvern: Alduin compresses a large amount of chakra built up inside his large body and changes it into a dragon head-shaped fireball before spewing it out. He then skilfully manipulates that great fire, and attacks his opponent. Even outside of the attack range, its power and reliability are stressed. The flames have an extremely high temperature, as they can create an upward movement of air currents. This ability can create thunderclouds and change the weather considerably. (S-rank in size, A rank in cost, power and density)
  • Darkness of the wyvern: All C-rank and lower Suiton techniques evaporate within a 20 meter radius small ponds evaporate as well, additionally anything within a 20 meter radius and flammable catches fire. This effect ONLY occurs when Alduin is FLYING.
  • Cataclysm: Destroy everything and everyone, including oneself.
  • Humanoid-Form/Wyvern-Form: As a Wyvern aspect Alduin can freely transform into a humanoid form, standing at roughly 7 feet, 10 inches and donning an armor made out of the same material as his scales he wields a large lethal mace. Upon doing so he can only cast 'Dead sentence of the wyvern' but also remains the ability to sprout wings and fly. He can always transform back into wyvern-form at will. Additionally the mace is infused with powerful fire chakra causing B rank fire damage on impact.
Strength: Legendary
Constitution: Legendary
Stamina: Legendary
Agility: Proficient (+1 tier advantage when flying)
Dexterity: Proficient
Wisdom: Masterful

Strength: Masterful
Constitution: Masterful
Stamina: Legendary
Agility: Average (+1 tier advantage when flying)
Dexterity: Masterful
Wisdom: Masterful
[Total Chakra Remaining:

Mangekyo Sharingan]

[Stats: Revealed to all participants
Strength: Average (aver minor w/kunai)
Constitution: Average
Stamina: Masterful Minor (Legendary w/ ninjutsu)
Agility: Masterful Minor (Godlike tracking)
Dexterity: Proficient Major (masterful w/kunai) (Masterful with ninjutsu)
Wisdom: Masterful (Epic precog)]

masterful str. doesn't put a crack in a boulder nor causes a minor tremor, as a result nothing happened to the boulder

Author:  Uchiha Seto [ Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

Seto noticed what was going on, as he could see everything, the sand he allowed to drop was key. He noticed a fireball coming to his area, as he hopped off the mountain, directing his chakra to under his feet giving him a platform to stand on, big enough for him to squat and he allowed the sand protecting the two genins to shift from overtop them and placed them on a big pile of sand and with amazing speed lift them into the sky twenty meters into the sky and fifteen meters to south of the location of the exploding fireballs coming to their location, he finished the protection of the three of them but raising the sand above them all creating a dome to cover them completely. He glanced at the body of Hakari via his third eye Jiton floating eye noticing that she was no longer on the mountain spot she was originally at. He glanced down and noticed the appearing Hakari.

Seto would shift his own sand suspension to take him up as high as the same distance as the other guys from the area as he noticed Hakari slammed her hands onto the mountain, the massive smoke covering the area let Seto know with his wisdom what was happening. Summoning Jutsu! He had raised them all out of the area of danger and he did wonder how Estu was doing. The Sand eye still floated above the group of them watching the fight claw that came out of hiding would swipe at air as he moved the Genin out of danger. What emerged shocked even Seto but they were out of the range of the shout of the neasy, as the Sand user Seto used his sand he had dispatched earlier raising it out of the ground into the sky above him as the summoning focused on the two genin, it would blast a breath of fire toward the two genin who was upon the sand suspension, and with his expert control of the sand and the distance they were away from the beast, he easily raised the sand upwards to move them out of the flames direct shot four meters to the north further up into the sky.

Seto would now make his move, during that distraction, the sand he had begun collecting starting with his own sand, and mixing with the sand he had collected raised the sand he had collected above him, he made a massive large spear with steel like tenancies it's shape being made into a triangular shape with a pointed spear out of sand, it's size of the triangle shape reaching twenty meters by twenty meters and the length of the spear in sand spanning fifteen meters. He would launch the spear into the right wing piercing it and the left wing into a canyon wall, as the spear impaled it's self into the wall cracking the canyon open as it stuck it's point into the canyon, preventing the flight of the summoning.

Strength: Proficient
Constitution: Proficient
Stamina: Proficient w/ minor advantage
Dexterity: Masterful w/ minor advantage
Agility: Masterful [Track to Legendary Agility with Sharingan Active]
Wisdom: Epic]
[Jutsu Used:
Desert Suspension: C-Rank
Iron Sand Gathering Assault: B-Rank]
Shield of Sand
[Sharingan: Active]
[Chakra Remaining: 42.55]

Author:  Skia [ Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

Strikingly simple actions prove Etsu worthy of her newly appointed Jounin position. The idea of a technique that can just *not be hurt* by explosions is certainly cause for a reasonable level of intimidation, but so exists the power of the Uchiha. Seto has taught her by example to respect the seemingly infinite might of the Sharingan, and she would surely not fail to do so.

Easily tracking, predicting, and exceeding the movements of the clone, who whooshes to a position behind Etsu, a quick jolt of her body to the side with a slight crouch for good measure is followed up by a superior stab to the clone's forearm. Hakari committing to her stab attempt necessitates her residing in the realm of reality in addition to lunging forward. The clone's lower wrist being penetrated relinquishes its ability to exist, a light puff of smoke signaling its adieu. One Hakari left.

A fireball coming her way alerts her to the multiple fireballs going multiples of ways. "Inahara!" While confident that the Genin, especially as an Uchiha, can deal with Fire techniques, Etsu feels maternally protective of her student after witnessing something that would only later be explained to her as Kamui. There's something about their opponent that, akin to Etsu herself, goes above the call of a typical Jounin. Things to appear later would deem this correct.

Because of this elevated concern, Etsu uses what she instructed Kazu to be an emergency-only precaution. The bright, blonde image that currently occupied no one's attention would occupy nowhere's existence. While unintentional, Inahara and Daichi if still nearby might be given-- rather, forcefully handed-- a fright. Etsu just sort of exists behind them, now, which is quite a thing. "You two okay?" comes her voice unexpectedly close to their scalps, Inahara's specifically. This question seems unnecessary, however, as Seto did quite a job of shielding and lifting them off and away. Ahh. That's why Etsu's moving while standing still: Desert Suspension. Probably one of the more awkward grounds she's teleported to.

"Inahara: where?" Etsu prompts. Whether her pupil identifies Hakari's location with her sensing or if Etsu notices her movement (herself unfooled by the Substitution she wasn't around to be fooled by), target located. Six kunai are retrieved in between each of her fingers preceded by proper signage. Each of them are branded with two unique things upon contact with her hands: her special seal and her potent chakra. Kinetic energy sparks from the knives, Etsu's striking orange chakra visible around them. The Jounin flies high into the air for an angle, spinning as she lets loose two of the kunai straight for Hakari, one following the other, right before Seto's dome closes in.

It is then that the giant puff of smoke signals something summoned, yet Etsu commits to her attack. One kunai passes the new fiery mass and heads straight for Hakari, while the other one is headed off by the new appearance and coincidentally contacts the summon as soon as it spawns. The kinetic energy gathered in the projectile's travel mean to provide a harsh collision with the dragon's upper chest, the immense power of Etsu's Momentum Style crashing upon it as its body caves into itself. For as powerful as its out shell is, one would not likely destroy it by an opposing force. It is then favorable that Etsu's jutsu does not mean to attack its near-impenetrable scales, but to guide force them into the dragon's own body with enough potential to cause fatal injury. I don't know what the medical term for your chest caving in on you is, or if there is one, but that's what happens. These kunai land before the three scary dragonic terms state their existence, metaphorical or otherwise. At the very least, it would recoil its claw attempt at the young girl. At the arguably likely most, it would sustain injury unbefitting of remaining in battle.

If the dragon manages to sound off its attack regardless of taking such a debilitating betrayal of its own make, Etsu will be there to step in front of Inahara to slash away the multiple waves of heat and fire, matching or reflecting the inferno's assault with her own defense. Whether or not this is needed, the Genin would have a chance to follow up and secure one or both of their opponent's demise.
- Momentum Blade
Attack on clone considered auto-hit. Attack on dragon considered unlikely to be avoided unless it reacts instantly to being spawned with a kunai in it. Attack on Hakari probably easily dodgeable however.
Someone not dodging appropriately or defending adequately will influence Etsu's reactions.

Author:  Daichi [ Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:32 am ]
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"So there's more than one of her..?" Daichi said quietly as a torrent of fireballs blazed through the sky with the intent to fall on Daichi. He noticed this as he peered his head around the wall in an attempt to locate Hakari. He sheathed a single sword and planned to begin forming hand seals. The Genin was interrupted when the ground underneath him began to give way to sand from underneath, lifting him high into the air with relative quickness. He felt his organ shift downwards in his torso similar to how they shift upwards as a shinobi falls a far distance. Daichi crouched against the sand cloud he now floated on, one hand dug into the sand while one hand firmly gripped his sword as if it were a lifeline. It appeared Inahara had been lifted by the sand as well. The Jonin was controlling the clouds moved the two near enough to each other that he could shield them together. Daichi looked over to the Uchiha girl's cloud growing ever closer. He tried once again to gauge her reaction to the situation, though, with Seto-Sensei's excellent defense Daichi was beginning to settle into the battle. Little did he know, that feeling was going to disappear. Quickly.

Luckily the Genin had been bracing for impact from the fireball because the violent movement of their sand dome would have thrown the boy to the ground otherwise. Seto, like a desert puppet master, expertly controlled the location of their sand fortress to dodge and evade the flames from each fire jutsu that the gigantic summon used. He was thrown slightly anyway, crouching and planting a hand for stability. Just as he began to lift himself back to an upright position Etsu made her appearance. Daichi's head was moving backward until he heard the unexpected noise of a third voice inside the dome. How had someone ended up behind him? His whole body froze, his hand clutch his sword as he tried to get his body to move. Much too late if it had been a combat situation, Daichi whirls around with his arm coiled to thrust until he seen who the mysterious voice was. Somehow Etsu had appeared out of thin air, inside a closed space, without making any noise. Daichi's body relaxed when he saw that it was a friendly entity and not another one of Hakari's clones. "We're okay. Physically at least." Etsu then inquired about the enemy's location and then leaped high into the air with kunai in each hand. Seto went to work from outside, creating large spears that would be used to pierce and hold the enemy as well.

Once they were close enough to each other, sand began to pour from both platforms and form a protective shield around the two of them. Daichi glanced at Inahara before taking steps to the edge of the platform, scouting for any signs of danger as the walls began to form. "I had no idea these guys were so strong." Daichi would say to his teammate. Attempting to watch the Jonin go to work outside the dome Seto had created. He stood now with his hand on the sand wall, attempting to push it downwards to see for as long as he could. When the wall was up to his chest Daichi witnessed something he almost wished he hadn't. Unnatural amounts of smoke billowed from where they originally stood, covering a vast amount of the canyon and obstructing the boy's vision. Out of the smoke, he thought he could see...wings? They flapped a time or two in what seemed to be this beast's version of stretching after a long road trip. The smoke was dispelled rather quickly by the wind generated, exposing the massive monstrosity in it's entirety. This is the moment when the feeling of being 'settled into the battle' disappeared. "W-what?" is all the boy could manage to muster as his jaw dropped in awe.

What happened next, Daichi was exactly sure. Instead of describing what happens to the beast because of Etsu and Seto's attacks, this is a description of what happens just in case all the attacks that the dragon monster end up still happening.

The sound that followed was most likely deafening at the source. A guttural roar that seemed to force it's was straight from the depths of hell. The might of the roar was so great that it manifested itself in this world. A wall of fierce wind exploded from the beast in all directions, if that wasn't bad enough the winds were then infused with fire chakra causing a huge inferno to unleash below them and decimate the entire area. By now the window the Genin could view through was small but he was holding it with all his (not very substantial) might. The sand was shoulder width apart and only two feet tall and shrinking. He peered through the closing hole long enough to notice that the dragon had located their floating fortress and was facing them with murderous intent. His first attack to decimate the entire battleground had gone under their platform and they were momentarily safe, but the monster had different plans. He heard the echo of the woman herself, the command she gave them as if it were absolute. Daichi wondered if it was. The sand closed just as the dragon launched a gigantic fire style, leaving Daichi just enough time to know they were being attacked before the sand would shut, completing the defense. This is when Seto would pull them up even higher, in case Etsu's attack doesn't stop the attacks of the beast.

(Sorry if my timeline's a little off, I made my whole post then realized it didn't work with Skia's timeline and had to rearrange some shit.)

Author:  [PH]Inahara [ Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:58 am ]
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With her enhanced chakra senses, Inahara had picked up on everything that had been going on around her. The clone that Etsu had been fighting had been taking out, but there were still two chakra signatures that were similar laying waste. "There's one more clone still out ther- Hey, watch out!" Inahara halted as she prepared herself to dodge but just as she had done so the ground beneath her started to float into the air. A pile of sand whisked her away to safety, leaving a sudden flock of fireballs to simply dissipate into the background. "Phew." She was going to have to thank him whenever she got a chance, but she needed to make sure she survived until then. She noticed that Daichi had also been saved by the pile of sand. Hakari most likely wanted to get rid of Daichi and Inahara first since they would be the easiest, but Inahara was going to make sure that didn't happen. Inahara crouched as she adjusted to the sudden shifts of the sand cloud, being thankful she didn't have any type of motion sickness. As she did this, she would continue sensing out the surrounding chakras.

Hakari's would suddenly disappear and so would Etsu, but Etsu would surprisingly reappear behind her. While Daichi almost got defensive, Inahara was simply just about to leap off of the sand cloud which most likely would have resulted in a nasty landing, but her nerves calmed upon the realization that it was her. She had been so nervous that she didn't register the idea of questioning how she had gotten up to where they were so fast. "I'm fine, Sensei, but she's using some technique to disappear and reappear. She could be anywhere at any moment now." Just as Etsu asked for her location, a sudden spike in chakra caught her attention. "Behind us!" Etsu let loose a stream of kunai and just as she had done so, a massive plume of smoke enveloped the area.

The chakra she felt coming from the smoke was so massive that she didn't even need her sensing technique to feel it. Inahara could feel herself start to shake out of frustration and something else she wouldn’t openly acknowledge, fear. There was nothing she could do. She could sense it. Not just it, but her impending death. Anything that she could have done would only be prolonging the process. Her dark blue eyes were not sure what she was seeing. While the others saw the monstrous dragon, she only saw death. There was nothing more she could do. Inahara ran through her thoughts and while she knew several different types of jutsu, none of them could work. Hakari was a true Uchiha. Everything Inahara wanted to be. Inahara was nothing in comparison. Just like all the other Uchiha said to her as she was younger. She was no real Uchiha. She had the name but not the ability. All the stress of the situation had gotten to her and there was nothing more she was could do but watch as destruction consumed them.

That was all before Etsu's assault worked a miracle that was totally accidental. The kunai would more than likely debilitate the dragon, being aided along side Seto's attacks. Etsu and Seto were both capable Jounin with abilities that were testaments to that. There was a chance. Inahara couldn't hesitate. There was something more she could do. "I can't be useless.....I have to prove my worth.....As an Uchiha!" She would look towards Hakari atop the dragon as her own eyes would start to dilate with a bloody red. A single black comma, better known as a tomoe, swirled around both of her eyes, one moving clockwise and the other counter clockwise. “If strength is born from heartbreak, then mountains we can move…..I think I get it now…” This was a quote she had seen in many of the Uchiha households she had been allowed to stay in. The endless cycle of hate that flooded her clan was a burden she wished not to have to carry. She could tell it was something that Hakari definitely had to, but Inahara was going to save her from that. Her new blessed eyes brought new details to her that the sensing technique hadn’t been able to. There was no time for her to sit and revel over her new ability however. She had to take action.

Inahara reached into her ninja tool pouch and produced a kunai that had a small sphere attached to it with a string. The Uchiha teen would leap into the air and toss the kunai not too far in the air directly above her as she took the same angle that Etsu did. Two shuriken found themselves in her knuckles but were quickly released with a curved angle. The shuriken flew in front of her, both taking a curved path left and right that would eventually collide with one another. The kunai she let go of earlier would find itself back in her hand and be launched with an intense speed and accuracy towards the colliding throwing stars. The blades would meet in collision, causing the kunai with an attachment to ricochet towards the ground in front of Hakari. Two more shuriken met her hands and were launched into the sky while another duet matched the path of the kunai. Inahara would start to land as she released one last duo of kunai which would both be encased with bright flames. The kunai would ricochet off of the two shuriken flying towards the sky and eventually met with the shuriken that were gliding towards the ground, causing these inflamed kunai to soar directly towards Hikari. This set of Kunai would not meet Hikari until after the first kunai however.

As all of this happened, the flock of crows picked back up and intensified. The flock of crows would fly directly toward HIkari and even if she ignored them, her other actions would still take place. Amidst the crows, a flash bomb would suddenly be revealed and unleash itself in front of the girl. There were very few weaknesses of the Sharingan that could be taken advantage of and this was one of them. One could not use many of its abilities if their eyes were stunned and the overpowering glow of the flash bomb would make it extremely hard for Hakari to attempt anything unless she shielded her eyes, which would still leave her open. The moment that the ball of light consumed Hakari, two kunai engulfed in fire would find themselves soaring directly towards her eyeballs in order to dismantle her Sharingan techniques all together. The two flaming kunai would no doubt be the end to her ever using the Sharingan again, and if Inahara’s actions were to go uninterrupted, it would do just that. Inahara greatly trusted Seto’s ability to protect them so if there were anything that had been able to find its way to her while she had been initiating her onslaught, she would either continue to trust them or react accordingly.

Chakra Percentage: 72.16%

Unlocked Sharigan Tomoe 1
Jutsu used:
Chakra Flow - C Rank
Chakra Sensing Technique - D Rank

Ninja Tools Used:
6x Shuriken
3x Kunai
1x Flash Bomb

Author:  Hakari Uchiha [ Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

If only she had known that giving someone who's capable of ingraining their chakra with sand time to amass such a defense, she may have attempted to strike more quickly and focus the user down. "But his eyes.... he hosts the Sharingan: an Uchiha! How is he the one able to manipulate the sands? That voice...the sand...Uncle Seto?" But no time would be left for the kunoichi to wonder; Seto's time gathering protective silica paid off as the Genin and soon to be joining Jounin were whisked away from several fireballs that would have caused serious harm, shielding others with the protective dome steadily forming. Etsu's protection was as the Konoha kunoichi hoped: unnecessary.

The blonde haired Jounin appearing by the younger ninja coincided with a flash of foreign memories, the last of which was her clone getting stabbed in the arm. "How... to travel so quickly... who *are* these ninja?" Hakari knew she would need to pull out all the stops; her world-ending dragon would even the field. The summoning smoke filled the air, but so did a mighty duo of projectiles from the able duo of Jounin. The dragon would attempt an already unlikely dodge to save its chest from caving in on itself, service of Etsu's kunai, which flew right through an upper crevice of the sand dome still being constructed. It spread its wings, only to have a massive pile of sand from Seto pierce a pivotal part of the massive appendage. The perfect combo of attacks, the restriction of movement and the penetration of life, fell the dragon.

The rogue Uchiha slipped backward a bit, away from Etsu's second knife, but stunned of the group's versatility. Underestimating a Konoha Jounin was a mistake. Underestimating two? She was lucky or even more of a threat than she thought herself to be - However, in the midst of massive sand constructions and large puffs of grey, a sudden realization set in. They'd be closing in on her soon. Daichi and his doppelganger could close in at any moment, as they took advantage of the other's actions to gain an advantageous positioning. A pulse of chakra was sent to her eyes as the black streaks symbolizing death and loss spun 'round the pupil. Hakari still had Kamui. If she could, she might have barely enough chakra left to avoid attacks or slip away and reach Kemurigakure...or she'd have to kill them all - right now, perhaps even able to -

A flashbang followed by a flash of blood. A harsh cutting sensation seared the rogue's entire face, though the bulk of the reddened pain focused in a deep gash right across her eyes. "AAAUUHGH!" was the involuntary cry, letting all know her location. Hakari fell to her knees, raising her hands to fill the gaps in her bludgeoned eyes. The exhausted and now voided body of the Uchiha trembled in place. "But the Jounin had only sent two kunai out. One hit Alduin, I dodged the other... the sand-user wasn't using kunai... no... it can't be." A forceful, hoarse cough emitted from her mouth, blood splashing on the surface as she did.

Alduin stared his master down, infuriated for he had made a mistake to move his wing. Yet he did not expect to be pierced so easily by a punny little human. He was weak. Just like his master. The embarrassment would not come to pass. A loud roar followed by another wake of inferno destruction ensued from the large entity. Cataclysm. It's chest expanded first before another roar exhaled, the area trembled as the energy of explosions spat out from the very surface itself. Anything and everyone would perish, so was the will of the king of wyverns. Underestimating one was a grave mistake. Cracks and fissures made way before more explosions ensued. Not even land itself would be left untouched.

The withering shell of a ninja remained. Ready to accept her fate as fire, dirt and destruction enveloped her disabled body.



Author:  Skia [ Thu Feb 22, 2018 4:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Meeting with Darkness and Light [Mission]

(Nice work, everyone. Gonna go ahead and get out of the way~)

Things appear to be coming to a close, and it's likely the rogue Uchiha knows it. A great cataclysm begins to brew, Hakari accepting the expected fate of one who challenged the Leaf's elite forces. Still, Etsu lets off a frustrated sigh. "Seto might be angry if he can't deal the final blow himself. Hopefully he will be able to keep composure in front of the Genin." That would have to wait until back at the village, though. Etsu offers her hand and an approving smile to Inahara. Her student might not know exactly what's being offered, but it's easy to get the gist of "come with me and you'll be in a world of pure Konohagakure." With a jolt of attention, she remembers Daichi is also there, too. She offers the nice boy a hand as well. While it is not her intention to interfere with her fellow Jounin's student, the girl'd feel kind of awkward just leaving him there without even offering. Positioning behind them, she instructs: "Close your eyes! Doing this for your first time is going to feel... weird. It helps."

Whether either choose to accept her traversing service, Etsu blinks out of the Red Stone Canyons, leaving behind all potential incoming harm preemptively.

-> exit Etsu ->

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