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Oto Genin
Oto Genin
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The sun was bright in the sky as Nagi had found himself surrounded by a group of three bandits. Before the soon-to-be genin had interacted with them they had just seemed like normal people, but it appeared they had other intentions. One of the bandits wielded a dull knife and had a lazy eye, whereas the other two didn't have any distinguishing features. They were either the grunts or the masterminds just bringing their deranged family member along. It was so hard to tell with bandits sometimes...

"Give us your money boy! We used to be ninja! We'll fuck you up real good with our shinobi skills!"

A chuckle escaped Nagi's lips as he smiled and turned to the lazy eyed bandit. It was definitely possible they knew hot to utilize chakra, but there's no way they would look so raggedy if they had any sort of skill. Nagi would open his arms wide and smile with wide eyes at the bandit and taunt him;

"Then come get me. I can take any attack."

Just as promised, the lazy eyed bandit surprisingly formed hand seals and shot a ball of lightning towards the inexperienced young boy. As it flew through the air, Nagi recalled all of his experience practicing genjutsu and pulled all of the chakra through his body and focused on creating an illusion upon himself. He was well known for being able to take a hit, but the problem was that they wouldn't stop once they found out he couldn't really fight back. But what if he appeared to be fine? What if he could make it look like the attack did nothing?

The lightning collided with Nagi and he could feel the electricity rush through his bones and shock him to his core. Upon the impact of the ninjutsu, Nagi's genjutsu would trigger upon everyone who had seen it happen; this time it was all three of the bandits. Nagi had moved his body in pain form the impact, but slowly raised himself to his full height and smiled at the startled bandit. Although he had taken the full hit, to anyone watching his appearance was perfectly clean; not a scratch of piece of dirt on him, let alone a visible wound. In reality he had several singe marks upon his clothing and the shocks had done some serious damage to his body.

"You see this? I'm totally fine."

Another lightning attack was launched at the young ninja who once again just took the attack right to the chest. Now that he had the technique activated, he didn't need to use it again. This would be his new life; hiding the pain he suffers from anyone who would wish to see it inflicted upon him.

"Among my power, this damage is All Fiction." Nagi would say with an innocent smile.

Utilizing the seals that were imprinted into his hands he pulled out a screw about a foot long and palmed the top in his hand. Very deliberately and dramatically, Nagi would shove the screw; tip first, into the ground in front of him. Getting in the mind of his enemies, his second genjutsu would trigger the moment they witnessed the screw's impact with the ground. Giant screws would burrow out of the ground among those who watched the technique and impale them. Excruciating pain would shoot through them as they imagined the pain of being repeatedly stabbed. Of course once again, this was all in their head.

As Nagi laughed through all of their pain it had seemed that the bandit leader had snapped out of the screw attack and rushed him with knife in hand. The dull blade stuck into Nagi's arm as he gasped in pain and dashed away from the man.

I guess my technique only works on ninjutsu... It would be difficult to get it to work on melee attacks...

Nagi would look over to the rest of the men who were slowly getting to their feet. The obnoxious shinobi would act impulsively and pull the dull knife out of his arm and throw it behind him. He would out his hand to his mouth and trigger another genjutsu, this time making it seem like he would vomit blood in front of him. Once they saw his hand move, they were already in the boy's trap.

How can I get out of this now? They don't know what i'm capable of so I could make up anything with my genjutsu...

Focusing on his body once more, Nagi would shout to the heavens;


This time Nagi would use these words as the trigger for his technique. Upon hearing these words, the wound on Nagi's shoulder will appear to close up in a glowing green light. Once again, the blood would continue to drip in reality as his wound was still fully open... But the bandits didn't know that!

"Now come at me you plebians!" Nagi would shout while pulling out another screw from his seal.

Terrified of the boy's questionable potential, the bandits ran in various directions away from the fight they were actually winning. Once they were gone, Nagi would slump to the ground and exhale.

"Looks like once again I couldn't win."

Jutsu Learned/Used:

All Fiction (Custom A rank, 1/2 word count due to FS)
Screw Impalement Field (Custom B rank, 1/2 word count due to FS)
False Regeneration (Custom B rank, 1/2 word count due to FS)
Fool's Wound (Custom D rank, 1/2 word count due to FS)

837/500 Words Required

Nagi Kumada

Genjutsu: Specialist
Bukijutsu MoO (Screws): Major
Fuuinjutsu: Minor

Strength: Average
Constitution: Epic
Stamina: Average
Reflexes: Proficient
Coordination: Proficient
Wisdom: Proficient

Ryo: 107,500

Unspent Character Points: 70
Total Spent Character Points: 5370

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