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 Post subject: SAJIN SMASH!!!
PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:24 pm 
Missing-nin C-rank
Missing-nin C-rank
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Akimichi Chojiro
The other two members of their merry band were off doing their own things leaving Sajin to have a little fun for himself. While he wasn't one for mindless violence or destruction, he was one for showmanship. Unlike the previous time he had been inside this village he no longer hid his chakra signature. It's immense heft would surely draw in some guys to knock around and might even bring him some people to legitimately have fun fighting against. That or it would do nothing and he would just get to stand around being taller than everyone else, either way.

Like moths to flame a series of complete randos showed up and through some sweet tiger claw action they each fell as quickly as they came. Rather than fighting NPCs though he wanted something real. Rei had her plan and Shikaji had his so the best thing for the Akimichi to do was to run interference and he knew just how to be a distraction. A somewhat forlorn grin played on his face as the street around him filled with twelve more of the man. Each slammed a palm into the ground before suddenly poofing away, following the NPCs in their "show up and then immediately go away" fighting style.

The ground would rumble for what felt like the thousandth time as empty buildings around the man (he made sure, that's why he chose this place) crumbled and fell. The earth behind him buckled and split as a silver arm shot upwards from it's surface. Soon after eleven more sets of arms followed, destroying the area for blocks in each direction.

"I mean, if this doesn't make someone come I don't know what will."

Twelve massive golems, each some sixty plus meters in height, moved to life around him. Shambling things that left small quakes under their feet. All of the golems save one began to spread out in every direction, breaking through everything that they came across. Sajin himself jumped to the one that had remained, landing on it's shoulder and overlooked the village in front of him. It was a good thing that he had checked everywhere before doing this otherwise people could've gotten seriously hurt.

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Multi-Shadow Clone Technique (A-Rank)

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 Post subject: Re: SAJIN SMASH!!!
PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 3:04 am 
Suna Chunin
Suna Chunin
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Satetsu Ayane
They were traveling when Kanbe’s supreme eyesight caught sight of the behemoths. Ayane’s clone was somewhere further up, rushing towards the Kazekage, and she was acutely aware of how vulnerable that left her until the chakra returned to her. Pivoting on the rooftop she was on, she began to head towards the shinobi and his giant constructs, strange things that she didn’t recognize. They were huge, though, much like the man from the restaurant earlier. Damn it, I can’t believe I didn’t think to immediately warn everyone. Fuck the sentimentality, next time, I won’t bother letting a reunion happen. The air filled with a cacophony as the beast smashed the structures. Ayane remembered back to her mother, reading bed time stories – cautionary tales, as they usually were. But those had not been about morality, wisdom, or life lessons. Instead the caution was always towards the enemies that would – and, historically, had succeeded in – bringing Sunagakure low, as much sand as the desert that surrounded it.

A silent resolve to never let anything like that happen. It was the pillar of strength that overwhelmed the fear of facing those monstrosities. She stopped for a moment, considered – she was about thirty meters away from the closest golem, and growled. She drew a shuriken in her right hand from her weapons pouch and tossed it towards Saijin as hard as she could. This was, of course, assuming that Captain Hokori had been kind enough to point him out, specifically, to the group. It was a small attack, more to get his attention than anything else.

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