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Author:  Keiri [ Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Check-In

As fast as his legs would carry him, Taiyō made his way towards the Kazahana Clan Estate, looking only for one thing: Tsuki, his hero. He knew that there was a high chance he was just over-reactive, but he couldn't ignore the need in his heart to ensure that she was safe. Whatever was going on, it couldn't be good-- to make the Mizukage hurry off in such haste, with that look of worry or concern wrinkling her face, it had to be bad. Along the way, Taiyō had seen just one piece of the danger: from the direction of the Mizukage's Office. Although, to just call it a "danger" did not do it justice.

On the horizon, an explosion unlike anything Taiyō had ever seen erupted. The sky was enveloped in a pink hue, almost as if a second sun had been born. An earth-crackling boom echoed through the village, so forceful that Taiyō found himself trembling at the sound. Massive plumes of smoke rose up from the ground, tainting the otherwise clear sky. Whatever the chaos was that wrought havoc on the Village Hidden in the Mist, it was bad news.

In that moment, Taiyō couldn't do much. He was neither strong enough nor brave enough to try to stop the chaos. All that he could do was calm his own heart by ensuring that the most important person in his world was safe. "Tsuki!" Taiyō's voice rung out as he run up to the door of the Kazahana Main Estate. "Tsuki, are you there?!"

Author:  Tsuki [ Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Check-In

What had been a fairly average and normal day was interrupted by what was first a pleasant, then suddenly terrifying, sudden sunrise among the afteernoon sky. The Kazahana heiress had been sitting infront of her vanity mirror, running a brush through her pristine white hair, her thoughts inevitably drifting to her betrothed, when she heard the explosion. It was strong enough that it shook the ground, knocking over a few of Tsuki's perfumes, causing the vials to crack and shatter on the floor. Normally, this would be a major annoyance for the girl, but the thought didn't even cross through her mind. She bolted to her feet, running through the hallways of her home until she reached the front-door. Her white fur coat was sitting on a coat-wrack near the entrance, but she didn't even stop to grab it. She bolted outside, wearing just a white short-sleeved shirt and black leggings. Even her shoes were forgotten at the foyer entrance, her bare feet feeling the roughness of the ground as her eyes darted around.

Her mouth fell open in horror, her hand covering her agape mouth as she stared at the plumes of black smoke rising up from the Mizukage Complex. Immediately, her thoughts went to Taiyou. He was having a private training session with the Mizukage today! Her heart contorted in fear, and her legs shook. If something had happened to him...

Suddenly, a familiar voice rang out through the screams that echoed through the air. A comely face rounded the corner of the walls of the Kazanaha Estate, and quickly approached the front door. Tsuki fell to her knees, her eyes filling with tears at the sight. Sobs wracked her body, as she wrapped her arms around herself. She didn't want to be strong right now. She couldn't be.

"T, Taiyou-samaaaaaaa!" She sobbed aloud, wiping away her tears with the back of one of her hands. "I, I was so afraid that something might have happened to you...!"

Author:  Keiri [ Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Check-In

Even while strained by competing with her emotional tears, Tsuki's voice still rang out as angelic as ever. Her voice came as such a relief to Taiyō that, for a moment, his body froze up. A sharp breath halted itself for a second before a heavy sigh escaped his lips. The boy turned his body towards her; it filled him to the brim with happiness to see that she was unscathed. If he couldn't find her, or if her parents had told him that she was off around the mission boards ... He couldn't even begin to imagine the bottomless pit of worry that would call out to his heart.

But, he didn't have to worry about it. She was here. A storm of emotion flooded his face as he locked eyes with her. The muscles around his mouth and his cheeks slackened up as they eased into a smile. His eyes glistened as he tried to push back against the tears, but it was a futile effort. "T-Tsuki ..!" His voice quivered. She was safe. Without thinking, he found his body moving on its own, step after step bringing him closer until he was low to the ground as well, his arms wrapped more tightly around his betrothed than they had ever been before. "Thank goodness, you're safe! I was so worried!" He professed, though his words were muffled by his face being dug into the nook of her neck. "I'm okay, don't worry! Ryoka-sensei and I weren't training anywhere near the office! She went off to handle it and told me to stay away so I came immediately here to find you!" His rhythm was rapid, leaving few pauses in between his speech as he rambled on about what had occurred.

He sat in silence for a moment after that, keeping his grip firm as he rested his head against her. A few of Taiyō's tears dripped down onto the shoulder of Tsuki's white shirt. By the Gods, he was so glad that she was safe.

Author:  Tsuki [ Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Check-In

Sweet relief rushed through Tsuki, knowing now that her beloved had never, in fact, been in harms way. In her head, she thanked whatever powers may be, and pulled Taiyou closer to herself, never wanting to let him go. She could feel his tears wetting her shoulder, but she didn't mind. Her eyes were also full of tears, which stained Taiyou's own shirt. Hearing that she had been the first thing on Taiyou's mind after the attack made her heart flutter. Her betrothed was usually not so direct in his affections, but Tsuki lamented the fact that it took such an extreme and unfortunate disaster to actually spur on his words.

Tsuki's grip on Taiyou's arms softened slightly. She felt so tired now, all the adrenaline that had rapidly built up in her system had left her in a flash, now that she was here in Taiyou's arms. She slowly removed her head from Taiyou's shoulder, turning to gaze into his eyes. "Y-you're not allowed to die before me, baka..." She mumbled, her eyes breaking eye contact with Taiyou as her cheeks flushed softly. She knew it was a childish, and very, very selfish demand. By the nature of her demand, she would demand that Taiyou would have to be the one to live without her, rather than vice-versa, but in her heart she just couldn't stand the thought of living a life without her beloved.

Raising one of her hands, she extended her dainty pinky outwards. "Promise me..."

Author:  Keiri [ Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Check-In

In that moment, nothing else mattered. Taiyō's mind worked to block out everything else that was going on around them-- the shouts of civilians wondering what was happening, the rising smoke, all of it. That Tsuki was safe beside him, gripped tightly in his arms, was enough for him. The rest of the worries that would come from the whole situation could wait until later.

When he felt her grip loosen from around his back, he slowly followed suit. He leaned back, swiping his jacket sleeve across his eyes to wipe away the tears. Normally being this close to Tsuki, face-to-face with only a few inches of difference between them, stirred up a rosey-red tint over his cheeks that he couldn't ever refute. Nerves always got the better of him. This was one of the few times he didn't have to face that. Taiyō was too caught up in the moment for those flustered feelings to catch up to him. He listened carefully when Tsuki spoke.

What she asked of him was a heavy oath: a promise not to die before her. Taiyō couldn't reply right away. He found himself staring at the girl before him, the foreign situation leaving him dazed-- normally, he was the weak one in need of Tsuki's strength and assurances. A reversal of fates caught him off-guard. Seeing his hero fatigued from worry, flushed with red cheeks, unable to keep eye contact ... It was almost like looking into a mirror of himself. Now, for once in his life, he could support her, the way that she always did for him.

Truth be told, he didn't think about it. Later on, the weight of his words would come back and press against him, but when Tsuki needed this promise from him, there wasn't a force in the world that was going to stop him. "I'm not going anywhere, Tsuki. Nowhere." He raised his own bony pinky, crossing it against hers. "You've been waiting on me, all of this time. You've been waiting for me to take off running. I ..." Flashes of the confidence and determination that flared up in Tsuki's eyes when she had said appeared before the Hozuki heir.

"I haven't paid you back. And I know, I have a long way to go, but ... Well, that just means I can't die yet, you know? I need to be around to thank you for all you've done." Uncharacteristically, his gaze posed a resolve fitting for his words. Confidence surrounded his slight, gentle smile. The Hozuki's finger wrapped around hers. "That's a promise." Those words hung in the air, lingering while each word took its time to sink in. But then, that was when Taiyō's body moved on its own.

His body leaned in, and he tilted his head slightly back. Taiyō's lips found their way to Tsuki's forehead. Just like that, with a wave of sudden confidence built up throughout the day, he sealed his promise with a kiss.

Author:  Tsuki [ Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Check-In

When the Kazahana heiress felt Taiyou's pinky entwine with hers, she had thought it was the best feeling in the world. However, she was quickly proved wrong when it was surpassed by Taiyou's lips pressing softly against her forehead. Tsuki's face turned dark pink, her cheeks feeling like they were on fire. Never before had Taiyou been so assertive or confident before... Not that Tsuki minded, of course. In this moment, that reassurance was exactly what she wanted and needed. She cherished the feeling of his lips on her forehead, lingering in his embrace for as long as he would allow. She allowed a small, slight smile to creep onto her face, allowing herself a slight hint of joy in this otherwise dark time. It was always darkest just before the dawn, right?

"I'll wait for you," she asserted, returning to her more traditional, confident nature. She wiped away her tears with the back of her hand, determined to show the facade of strength that Taiyou always relied on. She was his pillar, his idol, his hero, and she didn't plan to let him down. "I'll always wait for you. No matter how long it takes, I'll be waiting to stand by you, side-by-side. That's my promise to you, Taiyou-sama," she said, wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug.

"Because I love you," she mumbled against his chest. She knew he wouldn't say it back. He didn't feel ready yet. He didn't feel worth it yet. But that was okay. She know that someday he would.


And she would happily wait for that day.

Author:  Keiri [ Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Check-In

Time seemed to lose all meaning. The moment took precedence, ruling over all of Taiyō's senses. His lips lingered on her forehead, and even after, he didn't break full contact. His head shifted, allowing him to momentarily rest his head against hers, leaving the rest of his face only a couple of short inches away from the girl of his dreams. Were his eyes opened yet, maybe the embarrassment would flush through his face sooner, but what was without a doubt the most intimate moment he had shared with Tsuki to that day wouldn't be ruined by his nerves. He was all too happy to remain in that spot too, feeling the warmth radiate from her(or was that just the heat in his own cheeks?).

When Tsuki broke the silence, Taiyō hesitantly pulled himself back to his space, opening his eyes to witness the radiant smile and confidence he loved flow back through her. For once, Taiyō was able to instill confidence in her, but as always, she didn't fail to give the same thing back to him. She promised to keep on waiting, forever, until he was ready to stand beside her. Emotion welled up inside of himself, yet he couldn't find the best way to express it. Her patience puzzled him to no end-- that she could wait for him indefinitely until Taiyō was ready to return the same love he received didn't make sense.

But it was comforting. His arms clung to the back of her shirt when she came back into his arms. There were those words: I love you. The words he couldn't yet say. Three, simple words, and yet the power they held was unlike anything he knew. "I-I ... Thank you." His voice managed a whisper. Taiyō's body relaxed into hers once more. His head cradled hers underneath it.

He wished he had the confidence to act like this more often. It was a wonderful feeling.

~Fade to Black Exit~

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