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 Post subject: Tragedy
PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:45 pm 
Kumo Jonin
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This wasn't how things were supposed to happen.

Sanui sat in the hospital room, holding his mother's hand. He had been here for days now, wondering if she was going to get better, if she was going to wake up, but it seemed as if it was up in the air. She had been there, that day, at the Mizukage's Office when it was attacked. It was said that it was caused by one of their own but names were not disclosed. Some thought it was an accident. Some rumors said that it had been an attack, but no details had been released yet. Sanui's mother had been there, at the office when it happened. She had an appointment for a job, of all things, working alongside the secretary. She was waiting in the lobby when everything happened. Shrapnel pierced her insides and she was flung from the building, her insides torn up. She hadn't woken up since. Sanui's father came in, but he was taking it differently than Sanui was. He had holed himself up in some bar down by the docks and hadn't been sober since everything happened. Sanui couldn't blame him, but he didn't know that his father was such a coward. Wasn't he angry? Didn't he want his wife to be okay? He felt rage well up inside of him as he thought about it. For the first time in months, he heard Isobu's voice within him.

"You do not handle tragedy well, do you?" The old beast would ask from within him. Sanui would shake his head, clenching his fists as he did.
"Shut up. What would you know? You've never lost someone you cared about. You never cared about anyone in the first place." He would say out loud, in the hospital room. Isobu would be silent for a moment.
"You presume too much about me. I have cared for many. I cared for your ancestor, the 25th."
"You knew my ancestor?" Sanui would ask. Isobu would be silent again.

Had he known her? He had known her well, longer than any other host he had previously. He hadn't like her much at first, especially once she became infatuated with that demon of a boy Seigi, but eventually they began to see eye-to-eye. The two of them had gone on many adventures together, fought many battles, and eventually retired together. As Makita grew old, her bones withering and her body decaying, she had passed Isobu on to her granddaughter, and for the first time in centuries, Isobu had felt grief. He had come to love that strange and powerful girl, who among a world run by men, had grown to become one of the strongest forces in the world, a respected Kage and Elder, and the prime example of a kage. Isobu would chuckle again.

"Oh yes, I knew her," He said, pondering the memories they had held together, "And I suppose you could say we were friends."

Sanui would take this in, thinking about it. If Isobu had known Makita, then perhaps...
"Isobu, did you know my great grandpa? Did you know Seigi Douchiwa?"
"I did. I knew him before he took up that horrendous alias and before the world hated him. In fact, I was with Makita when I did. She saved his life, in the middle of the Hidden Sand."
"What did he do to make the world hate him so much?" The curious boy asked.
"What didn't he do? Seigi was on a quest for power, you see. He had this flawed belief that he could become powerful enough to change the world as he saw fit. He had good intentions, but he could never accept that death comes for us all. I had heard rumors, however, that he had discovered the secret to eternal life before he died. I suppose we'll never know."

Eternal life? Sanui looked at his mom, grabbing her hand. Could he? No, there was no way. He couldn't risk something like that... but then again, if there was some sort of remedy out there, maybe it wasn't too farfetched.

"Isobu, do you know anything else about this "Eternal Life" secret?" Sanui would ask, not out loud this time. The beast would let out a low grumble.
"I do not know much. I do know that he shared his research with a man, or should I say monster, named Rivu at the time. If anyone knows anything, it'd be him. It has been 100 years since I last heard of his whereabouts, however."
"It's a start. Maybe the Mizukage might know something...."

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