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Legendarily bored! [OPEN]
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Author:  Ayano [ Mon Apr 15, 2019 5:12 am ]
Post subject:  Legendarily bored! [OPEN]

She walked through the crowded streets of the leaf village. A burning hot sun dominated the mighty blue sky itself. Prompting the Senju leader to think about what was up there. Why was it blue anyway? What was beyond that? Chakra gods? Red eyes scanned past many windows of multiple shops. Clothes, weapons, pets, food, etc. none of those leaked an interest for her. Ayano sighed. A child as she may have been, she was mentally a lot more mature than most kids. In fact she became a jounin while she was and still is just 11 years old! On top of being known to everyone as a ‘terraformer’ because of her immense power display when it came to destroying an entire village pretty much on her own.

Well. She knew. If it wasn’t her. It would be someone else.

But now the village was in a crisis. A crisis she felt like she was purposefully left out on. She knew Kazu had been summoned for a meeting with the new Hokage. But she had been left out of the loop on multiple occasions.

She kicked a small rock out of her way as she traversed through the market.

‘Legendary Shinobi.’ Yeah right. More like a legendary tool.

Author:  Shizuka Gensōkyō [ Fri Apr 19, 2019 10:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Legendarily bored! [OPEN]

Somewhere else in the market, Shizuka had been strolling along, takoyaki in hand. He didn't have any work today, and didn't feel like sleeping, so getting some grub was the next best option. Maybe he'd bump into some fun?

And then he did it.
Shizuka, being the graceful teen that he was, accidentally bumped head-on into a short blonde girl. Reflexively, he stopped in his tracks, looking down to assess the damage. "--Ah shit, sorry! I was, uh.... well, to be frank I just wasn't paying attention. Whoops." The silver-haired genin admitted, shrugging in his usual nonchalant manner. Just as he was about to move on, however, it finally occurred to Shizuka just who he had run into. "Oh! You're that, uh... Senju gal. Ayano, was it? I dunno, I stopped paying attention once they started rambling about terraforming, or whatever. If you ask me, titles and feats don't mean anything if we're just gonna die in the end, anyway."

He outstretched his hand, which still held a box of hot, fresh takoyaki. "Want some? It's uhh, the least I can do after bumping into you like that."

Author:  Ayano [ Tue Apr 30, 2019 12:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Legendarily bored! [OPEN]

A strange lad, genin from what Ayano could tell, bumped into her causing the girl to fall over. Immediately Ayano blurted out an apology "I'm so sorry mister! I wasn't paying attention I-I" but before she could think of a legitimate reason as to why she hadn't been paying any attention to her surroundings the young man would speak. Mentioning her title and how it did not mean anything. This internally made the young Senju cheer out in joy. She had felt the exact same way ever since the title was bestowed onto her! She hated it and everyone treated her differently because of it! It was as if she was some otherworldly being, except, she wasn't. She was just a kid.

Slowly the Senju leader crawled back onto her feet, facing upwards to stare into the eyes of the random she had bumped into. Then her crimson eyes looked down upon his stretched hand, offering her what seemed to be a lot of fresh and warm takoyaki! She nodded and gave him a small smile before grabbing one shyly out of his box. It felt pleasantly warm in her hand, usually, they'd be too hot for her to just grab but these were just right. "T-Thank you mister...?"

Author:  Shizuka Gensōkyō [ Mon May 27, 2019 4:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Legendarily bored! [OPEN]

"Yeah, no problem, kid," Shizuka replied. "--Anyways, laters."

The teen popped another takoyaki ball into his mouth and savored the flavor, wiping his hand on his trousers and sticking his hand in his pocket as he began strolling in the other direction.

Shizuka's day was growing more and more boring by the second, even that small infraction wasn't enough to entertain him. He would have liked the company, but between Ayano being a prepubescent child as well as a high-ranking shinobi, he gathered that she probably had literally nothing in common with him.


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