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(Flashback) A Brand New Adventure
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Author:  Daichi [ Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:46 am ]
Post subject:  (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

The young Shimura boy had finally convinced his parents to allow him to go on a trip. It would be the first time Daichi had left the village walls on his own and he was very excited. Daichi was planning on entering the academy soon, though he had some knowledge of basic shinobi arts already. His parents had been better teachers than they were shinobi in their lifetime, but who was Daichi to complain about free knowledge. After the journey Daichi could finally be seen walking up the wide dirt road, on either side was an endless wall of stalls and shops with many amazing things to eat or see. There were inns and bathhouses on occasion as well as any kind of tourist or luxury attraction you can think of. Daichi wandered up to a barbeque stand and got in line, smelling the delicious aroma of meat being cooked and seasoned. His mouth began to water while he waited. The young boy finally got ahold of his order and began to chow down on the side of the road, looking at the people enjoying themselves. A smile spread across his face as he realized it would be a good day.

Author:  Taro [ Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

Taro had been walking around just thinking about his training and how he is going to get stronger. It’s all he can really think about in his spare time. As he was wandering around thinking of new training he could do he happened to notice a kid he never saw before enjoying a tasty meal. He contemplated for a moment if he should go over or not. After some time he finally decided to go introduce himself to the new kid. He was careful in his approach because he didn’t want to seem like he was coming to attack him. He finally got face to face with him "I'm Taro, where are you from?" he then sat down and ordered himself some good food as well. Hoping that a good conversation would start up sooner or later. He then observed the area thinking of ways he could befriend the kid.

Author:  Daichi [ Fri Feb 16, 2018 6:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

As he ate the meat off a stick he bought from the street vendor, a boy a little older than him approached and began to order his own food. Once he got what he wanted he took a seat in the dirt right next to Daichi. He was a great deal larger than Daichi but he was friendly too, so Daichi relaxed quickly. He had a long black robe on with his hood down, exposing the flaming red of his hair. His eyes were a goldish tint that Daichi couldn't quite come up with a name for. He seemed like a direct contrast of Daichi who was small and short, as well as dark as night when it came to his hair and his eyes. Each of them taking on the color of obsidian as their own. His skin was light and highlighted these features too, leaving no escape from darkness for the boy. The boy who approached asked where he was from. "I'm Daichi. I'm from Konohagakure, I'm just here on a little vacation." After chewing his food and swallowing, Daichi managed the response. He waited a moment in silence before realizing the conversation was in his hands now. He wasn't very good at things like this. "What about you? You're not dressed like you're from here." Daichi was good at some things. Things like being observant. He noticed that the boy had a heavy black cloak on with a hood, and the material was also different than the clothes Daichi wore. It seemed to be made for wet weather which the Land of Fire did have, though not very often.

Author:  Taro [ Sat Feb 17, 2018 4:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

Taro was glad to see the the kid wanted to talk but noticed that he was very observant as it looked like he was trying to figure out where he was from." yeah i'm not from around here, I tend to just wonder from village to village sometimes. I have been searching for a new training partner for awhile but i'm just not sure if i'll be able to find someone that i get along with well enough to train with." As Taro finished his food he couldn't help but feel like this could be the person he's been looking to train with but he didn't want that to be the first thing he asked. He then ordered another meal becasue he was a lot more hungry than normal, he used this time to try and find a nice way to ask Daichi to train with him.

Author:  Daichi [ Mon Feb 19, 2018 4:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

The boy told Daichi that he wanders from village to village at times, which seemed suspicious to the young boy. He knew Taro was older than him just by his looks, though he didn't assume he was that much older to where he'd be traveling the world. He changed the subject soon after, talking about his search for a new training partner. Daichi felt his stomach drop in a nervous reaction. His immediate thought was that he needed to get up and leave. Daichi knew he should not be training with strangers, especially ones that seem to be lying to him. The whole situation made Daichi extremely uncomfortable. Which is exactly why he decided to train with the boy. He had come to Tanzaku Town to push himself outside his comfort zone and experience some things he never had the chance to before. The larger boy began to feast on a second meal, which Daichi simply put down to Taro having such a high mass and muscle content than Daichi. That thought sent more fear through his whole body. This was it, now or never. Fear was about to take over and the opportunity will be gone forever. "Do you want to train with me? I can't promise we'll get along but you seem alright to me." He forced the question from himself with all the effort he could muster. Fear tried to creep into the mind of Daichi as he waited for a response.

Author:  Taro [ Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

Taro was glad to hear that the boy was willing to train but he didn’t want to force him into it if he didn’t want to. He then started to think of a place where they could train but since he was new to the area no place really came to mind. " Since I'm not familiar with the area do you know of anywhere we can train?" Taro had wondered if he made the young boy nervous with his request to train but he hoped that he would still accept. He then finished his second helping of food while he waiting for the boy’s answer. Taro quickly realized that if the boy does still accept that he would be at a disadvantage because he had eaten too much food and is feeling very sluggish now. "I'm pretty sure I ate way too much." Taro then sat there hoping that he would feel better by the time they get to the training area.

Author:  Daichi [ Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

Taro admitted he was unfamiliar with the area and requested some help from Daichi. Unfortunately, Daichi wasn't any more familiar with this town than Taro would be. What a great traveler this boy must be, Daichi joked to himself. The boy was much to quiet to say anything like that to someone he had just met. He began to look around the street. Daichi stood up and stretched as high as he could in an attempt to see over the buildings and stalls on either side of the street. The boy was much too short to see over them, though he could see some trees peering out from behind one of the buildings. It's trunk could be seen towering over the buildings. Daichi turned to his new friend "I think I have an idea. Follow me."
The shorter of the two boys would take off in a quick run, disregarding the comment about the boy being full. What better way to jumpstart digestion than a quick burst of exercise? Daichi would cut quickly into an alley beside the building, darting to the end of the corridor and out into the open. On the other side of the building was a back door and some trash bags waiting to be taken elsewhere. Not much further and the dirt surrounding the buildings turned to grass and then to woods. The small trees quickly grew bigger and suddenly it seemed they were in one of the forests of the Fire Country. Daichi would slow his jog to a walk before turning around to look at Taro, if the boy managed to follow. "This should do, right?" the boy asked as he gestured outwards with his hands to the environment. "So if you needed a partner, I can only assume you wanted to spar. Should we begin?". The quiet boy knew he had made quite the leap to a conclusion, though he had a hunch he was correct. Plus, he wanted to get started.

Author:  Taro [ Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

The young boy took off running to the area and Taro quickly followed, running between the buildings through the city until they eventually entered a forest outside of the city. the area with tall trees seemed like a great place to train. Taking a slight moment to gather himself Taro examined the area to get familiar with it. “Yeah I want to spar, I’m ready if you are.” Taro then formed a set of signs and then held his right hand to the side as a scythe materialized in his hand.“you don’t mind if I use this, do you?" Taro then started sprinting towards the young boy and jumped slightly over his head intending to land behind him. He couldn’t help but feel like this was a good idea and hopefully, this would help both of them sharpen their skills become a better ninja. But at the same time, it reminded Taro of bad times with people he had trained with in the past.

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Author:  Daichi [ Sun Feb 25, 2018 9:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

Taro was quick to answer and even quicker to go to work forming a set of hand seals. Daichi responded in preparation, though he had to assume what the boy would do. He had no idea about the boy and his fighting style. Daichi assumed from his large size that he would be a close quarters fighter and he prepared a defensive jutsu in response. The jutsu each of them was using took three hand seals, and even though Taro started first Daichi had the advantage in hand speed. They finished at the same time. Taro reached forth to grab his crystalline scythe as it materialized in the air. He snatched it with a fierce grip, causing Daichi to be glad that his jutsu was coming into effect. The deep black void of his hair began to expand. No longer did it only encompass the top of the pale being, instead it spread in spirals wrapping around the boy while simultaneously hardening to be the density of steel. The black hue of the hair never changed, leaving the appearance of a small black hole ripped in the forest.
As Taro got closer he would possibly be able to see the spikes of his hair, at a distance the black on black would seem to blend together. Whether he saw it or not the boy vaulted himself acrobatically over Daichi with his scythe in hand, allowing his body to pass safely around the spiky death trap that was Daichi's exterior shell. Daichi would spin on his feet to ensure he would continue facing his opponent, leaving the hardened shell up for the moment.
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Author:  Taro [ Sun Feb 25, 2018 9:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

Taro didn’t know what to make of the hair surrounding Dachi, not being able to tell if it was just a defensive jutsu or one that could also attack he let his guard down. Not wanting to take any risks he stepped back a few feet to see if he could find a weakness. After a moment he stuck his scythe into the ground and began performing a set of hand signs and giant crystal needles erupted from underneath Dachi. Taro then decided to retreat up into a nearby tree to see if his jutsu would have any effect on this shield the young boy had surrounded himself with. He could not stop thinking about how quickly this started and how much fun he was having. “ so this is what its like to have a partner to train with, I like it.” This reminded Taro of the good times he used to have with his old friends.

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Author:  Daichi [ Sun Feb 25, 2018 9:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

Daichi peered through the eyehole of his hair fortress. He could see little through the black spiny forest covering his body but he could see the bright colored scythe easily as Taro landed and began to retreat. He slammed his scythe into the ground to begin another set of hand seals, Daichi knew this would be his opportunity. He reacted fast and performed his counter before Taro even released the scythe. He concentrated his chakra and released it in a quick burst throughout the hair armor. This caused large bunches of hair formed into needles to break off from the original armor and fly toward Taro with speed and power. The hair senbon were strong enough to break boulders so Daichi hoped the boy was smart enough to get out of the way, though a dodge would most likely interrupt the hand signs and jutsu. This should be a good way to separate him from his scythe. Daichi thought to himself as the armor retracted and he began rushing toward the scythe in an attempt to defend it and keep it away from him. Daichi held his position keeping his eyes on Taro wherever he was at this point.
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Author:  Taro [ Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

As Taro was preparing his next jutsu he got interrupted when Daichi shot some sort of hair needles from his hair covered body. He managed to dodge the sharp needles, as he noticed Daichi making a dash for his scythe he knew that he could not let him reach it. In an attempt to act quickly Taro began weaving hand signs as he launched 5 crystal shuriken directly at where his scythe was stuck in the ground. Hoping that this would give him the opening he needed to get his weapon back, Taro also began running toward the weapon. “NO you’re not allowed to have it!” as they sprinted towards each other Taro hoed that Daichi would get out of the way of his jutsu because he didn’t actually want him to get hit by it. But he knew that if the boy as smart as he thought he was then he would not get hit by it and that they are in for a good battle.

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Author:  Daichi [ Mon Feb 26, 2018 9:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

Daichi watched as his plan worked like a charm. The threat of the hair needles forced the larger boy away from his weapon at the perfect moment. As Taro skidded across the dirt upon landing, Daichi was closing in on the scythe. His hands were already working, one to weave a set of signs while the other drew his family sword from his hip. He was allowed to take it as a measure of self defense as well as a test of his responsibility. Using it for a spar was probably a failure in the latter half, though he assumed his combat shy parents may never realize.
Daichi finished the seals and released a powerful blast of lightning from his mouth. He opened his mouth wide and blue sparks followed by a gigantic blue spear of light launched itself from the boys mouth toward the incoming shuriken. Taro had launched an attack as well as screamed in defense of the scythe. The lightning spear created by the raven haired boy shot furiously forward the shuriken volley. It was aimed toward the middle left of the group, so when it collided with the group it caused one shuriken to smack into another and both to spiral to the ground. The remaining three came toward Daichi with Taro not far behind. Daichi stood between the boy and his scythe, so he simply raised the sword in both hands to defend. He focused km each projectile and deflected it precisely with his sword. It wouldn't be long now until Taro reached him.
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Author:  Taro [ Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

Taro was surprised when he saw the boy’s ability to deflect the shuriken with his impressive justu, let alone blocking it with a sword. He knew that he was going to have to think of a new tactic because this boys fighting was far beyond his age. With the boy now blocking Taro’s path to his scythe, he knew that this was going to turn into a up close battle. Taro began weaving hand signs as a crystal blade emerged from Taro’s right forearm. “I guess this will have to do for now.” Taro knew that he would have to get much closer now so he had to find a way to get an opening. Deciding that this was his only option Taro began weaving hand signs once again, forming a crystal dome around Daichi hoping that this would buy him enough time to get close. He then decided it was time to go for it as he was almost face to face with Daichi as the crystal started to surround him.

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Author:  Daichi [ Mon Feb 26, 2018 3:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

Daichi watched as the boy prepared another jutsu, and when the crystal blade emerged the urge to fight with his sword took over. Daichi lunged forward and began running towards Taro with his sword raised. Taro formed another set of hand seals and as soon as he finished Daichi was in his face slashing with the sword. He misjudged his distance slightly and was too close, attacking with the lower parts of the blade rather than the top. When the crystal barrier began to form Taro was most likely at least partially inside the jutsu's range. After the initial swing which was aimed toward Taro's torso, Daichi would begin a second swipe at the legs of his opponent before crystal separated the two.

Daichi looked around. From inside the red barrier of crystal, the whole world had a crimson tint. Even though he could see through the crystal he knew what Taro was planning. The young boy spun on his heels and faced back toward the scythe, assuming Taro was sprinting toward it as well. Daichi put his back against the wall opposite of where he was looking and lifted his hand. Lighting chakra began to well inside him and sparks flashed around his hand. Soon after an electrical current lurched forward, expanding rapidly in the space between Daichi and the wall. The beast was fully formed from arcs of lightning as it ripped through the crystal wall and began charging through the grass in pursuit of the scythe, and possibly Taro.

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Author:  Taro [ Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

After the deep red crystal formed around Daichi, Taro sprinted for his crystal weapon he saw that Daichi used some form of lightning jutsu but he decided that he needed to go for his weapon even if the jutsu hit him. As he was intensely sprinting towards the scythe he saw that the jutsu Daichi used was also going after the scythe. Knowing that he had to make a decision quickly he decided to go for the crimson scythe, sprinting as fast as he could he finally got to the scythe just as Daichi’s electrical jutsu was approaching at almost the same time. Taro then slid in the dirt towards his scythe, grabbing it while he was sliding he saw that the lightning jutsu was almost to him. Acting quickly Taro got a firm grip on his scythe and jumped in the air trying to avoid the jutsu as he landed on top of the same crystal dome that he surrounded Daichi with earlier. He took a moment to gather himself as he waited for the next move.

Author:  Daichi [ Wed Feb 28, 2018 7:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

Daichi watched as the electrical hound tracked Taro down like the expert hunter it's image was based on. The blue beast made from lightning tore through the grass in it's path, watching the boy slide to a stop to grab his scythe. The dog was in pouncing range. He contracted and then expanded in a powerful leap toward the boy, teeth aimed at his shoulder and claws at his torso. Daichi clenched his teeth in anticipation. When Taro performed an acrobatic leap and vaulted over the beast's attack Daichi was quite disappointed. He could no longer see the boy once he reached a certain height. Daichi released his ninjutsu and freed his hands to use his sword. Just before he was going to run out of the crystal hut, he heard a noise above him. Thump. Daichi looked up. The barrier was semi-opaque but the Shimura boy could still see the silhouette cast on the barrier's roof by the shadow of Taro. He smiled. Daichi felt the crackling of electricity start to envelop around his sword as he pours his chakra into it, transforming the nature as it flowed. The blue aura around the sword jumped in ferocity and length with an increased influx of chakra. Taro would have little to no time to react as Daichi held the sword to the roof of the enclosure, directly below where Taro stood, and unleashed the lightning from his blade. This would cause a switchblade-like effect, in which the blade protrudes immediately and quickly from the surface of the crystal underneath of Taro. It would reach a meter above the top of the crystal hut. He would see a blade of blue chakra sprouting beneath his feet and attempting to pierce between his legs up into his torso. Daichi could not see where Taro was exactly and did not intend such a lethally aimed strike.
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Author:  Taro [ Thu Mar 01, 2018 5:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

Taro had felt a sense of accomplishment when he landed on top of his crystal dome, realizing that he had gotten away from the fierce lightning beast. He had no time to celebrate though as he noticed a blue aura underneath his feet and realized that he was in serious trouble. Thinking quickly he stabbed the hooked end of his scythe into a lower part of the weakened dome, he swung himself down to the opening that Daichi had made earlier. Swinging at a good amount of speed Taro went feet first into the opening planning to double kick Daichi into what remained of crystal dome. He knew that his hand to hand combat wasn't what he was best at but he knew that he had to try it to get better. Taro also hoped that his dome would not crumble with the latest attack as that would make his next attack very difficult.

Author:  Daichi [ Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

Daichi's blade extension retracted as quickly as it extended, piercing a hole through the top of the crystal. dome. It's structural integrity was weakening with each blow it took. Daichi peered through his onyx hair to see nothing atop the dome and longer. There was only one entrance to his enclosure, and since Daichi had no way to locate his enemy, his simply defended his only point of attack. Daichi began to lower his lightning sword from the ceiling until Taro violently burst through the opening. He went through legs first with his hands gripping the scythe. He used it as a swing and soared low to the ground to deliver a double dropkick to his opponent. Daichi could not lower his blade to defend in time, though he maintained his grip and composure. He felt the wind get knocked from his lungs as Taro's feet compressed his chest. Daichi took this moment to swing down with all of his force, hopefully connecting the electrical blade along the surface of Taro's chest as he was pushed away. With that same movement, at the end of the strike, he flipped the blade into a reverse grip. This allowed the chakra covered blade to pierce the wall yet again. When Daichi connected with the back wall of the crystal it shattered, weakened by so much deterioration. He tumbled backward until arriving on his feet, sliding through the grass and crystal shards. He brandished his sword in his hand, though no longer did it have chakra running through it. He awaited his opponent's next move.

Author:  Taro [ Sun Mar 04, 2018 7:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

As Taro watched Daichi bust through the back of the crystal dome he had a sense of accomplishment. The crystal dome was reduced to nothing but crystal shards all over the ground. As Taro saw Daichi get to his feet he knew that his attack was not as successful as he first thought. A moment of frustration came over Taro as he rushed Daichi, he quickly moved his weapon to this left hand as he got within striking range. Taro swung his weapon in a downward motion aiming for the boys neck/shoulder area. Expecting the talented young boy to block this attack Taro had a back up plan with the crystal blade on his right forearm that he had made earlier. Now it was just a matter of what Daichi would do next. Taro thought to himself about how much better he was about to get after training with a talented ninja like that, and hopefully this wouldn't be the last time they trained because they get help each other get so much stronger.

Author:  Daichi [ Sun Mar 04, 2018 7:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

Taro had his emotions written all over his face. Blood was running down his torse from where the electric blade extension cut him. Taro took a strike to give a strike, surely he thought Daichi was down for the count, but thanks to his quick thinking the kick didn't pin him to the wall. Not to say that it didn't land. The young Daichi would certainly be feeling that in the morning. Not now, though. Now he was focused on the task at hand. Taro was charging like an angered bull, he switched the scythe into his left hand as he pushed forward. Daichi was dominant with his right hand and was holding the sword as such. He wondered why Taro would be lining up an attack on the strong side of his defense. The well-trained swordsman inside of the boy came out. He angled the tip of his sword toward Taro's head while swinging the hilt higher in the air. This crossed his blade perpendicular to the scythe, the perfect position for a bash with his sword. Daichi's right hand was high on the hilt than his left and his wrists crossed from the angle. He thrust upward and stepped forward with his blade in this defensive position, catching the scythe early in it's arc before it gained most of it's momentum. The point of doing this was to force the long and heavy weapon far from Taro's body. With two hands on a lighter weapon, Daichi surely would be able to produce a counter faster than Taro would with one hand on a massive polearm. Due to the bash, Daichi's sword was already over his head. The boy simply rotated the sword 180 degrees by uncrossing his wrists. This sent the blade whirling at high speed above his head, though it also opened up the angle to swing down towards Taro's left shoulder and follow through to the boy's right hip. He would strike with his maximum speed and precision, hoping to open another cut on the body of the crystal user.

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Author:  Taro [ Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

Taro could not believe that this young boy had the physical strength to stop such a heavy strike, and as quickly as he blocked it he began his next attack. Swinging such a heavy weapon Taro knew that he would not be able to use his weapon to stop Daichi's fast sword swing. Acting quickly he swung his right arm across his body putting the crystal blade on his right forearm in the way of the sword strike. The blow was so strong that it forced Taro to a knee, as his knee started to sink into the ground from the pressure he had the moment he needed to get another strong grip on his crystal scythe. Holding the large weapon at a horizontal angle with the blade facing Daichi's direction, he pulled the scythe to his right hoping that he could sweep the young ninja off his feet so he could stand up.

Author:  Daichi [ Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

Sparks flew as the blade of the young Shimura boy clashed against the secondary blade of the crystal user. Daichi smiled, amused by the boy's versatility. He used it to make up for his lack of outright speed or skill. Not to say the older boy was unskilled, only less refined than Daichi's. The boy with dark hair held his blow against the blade and tested his physical strength. He attempted to power through the one armed guard of the boy, sliding his katana across the length of the arm blade. Taro fell to a knee, resisting with all his strength. Daichi began to tilt his sword forward, hoping to thrust it over the top of his guard. Before he had the chance, he felt a hard impact against the side of his legs. The blow from the blunt end of the scythe knocked the boy off balance and sent him into a roll. He accepted this fact and leaned into the roll, quickly following through and coming to a crouch around the side of Taro. He would lunge inward toward Taro with his sword, just barely coming into range. Only the tip of the blade would be able to hit him, meaning a non-lethal strike, and that he was near the end of his opponent's range as well.

Author:  Taro [ Wed Mar 07, 2018 10:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

Taro watched Daichi roll into a crouching position, he knew that both of them are at their maximum striking distance with their weapons. As the young ninja lunged forward Taro did not know if the attack would actually hit him but he knew that either way he didn’t want to get stabbed. Acting quickly Taro jumped back just a few feet to get some distance for a moment. Taking a second to gather himself Taro knew that he would have to be extremely creative to beat this young but talented ninja. “So just how did you manage to get this strong?” he then performed a set of hand seals as he made large crystal needles erupt from the ground heading in the ninja’s direction. Not knowing if the large crystal needles would be effective he started planning what his move would be if the jutsu would not work. “ Make sure you hold still for this one.”

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Author:  Daichi [ Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: (Flashback) A Brand New Adventure

Daichi pressed the pace of the fight when Taro jumped back. By the time Taro's feet hit the ground Daichi was already advancing toward the larger boy with his sword in one hand. Daichi was concentrating chakra inside himself in moderate proportion. He knew Taro would be finished with the set of handseals before he could reach him, though that didn't matter. Taro's crystals shot from the ground behind him, piercing the earth and rocketing toward Daichi. That is when Daichi released the power he held inside during his charge. He slammed his fists together as the needles neared him. Bright blue electrical chakra radiated from the boy. It zapped in all directions and created an orb of lightning that pushed outwards until it reached it's maximum distance of two meters. Daichi knew the technique was perfect when Taro only retreated a few feet. At the time Daichi used his jutsu Taro was merely a few feet away finishing his hand signs. The orb would disappear as quickly as it appeared, leaving nothing but electrified grass around the boy. If Taro was hit by the force field then he would no doubt be pushed outside the circle, as well as lightly burned by the electricity.

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