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 Post subject: 4.0 Patch Launch
PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 6:50 pm 
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Welcome everyone to the long-awaited 4.0 'the Jouzu' patch. A lot of things have changed, and we hope that you all will come to enjoy these improvements that we have made to some very fundamental systems of the game.

Because so many things have changed, I won't bother linking them all here. Instead, I would recommend you go re-read the rules topics for yourselves, though I will summarize many of the larger changes that have been made.

Fighting Styles have been replaced with Skills. Each Fighting Style has a Skill equivalent, but unlike Fighting Styles, Skills are directly compared during combat, just as attributes are, meaning that the higher your ability in a fighting style, the truly better you are than someone of lesser rank. There are also more Skill tiers than there were with Fighting Styles - up to seven tiers. Master and above ranks in Skills must be applied for using relevant combat experience; you will find a Grading topic in the Rules forum that covers how these applications will be reviewed. Legendary rank applications will also be graded with a similar system. To facilitate these extra ranks, the ACP cap has been increased.

Some jutsu have been reviewed and edited, including Multi-Shadow Clone and Lava Release Armor. All together, the Techniques thread and many other threads have been cleaned up or compressed. Most notably, this topic should include all relevant information to character creation and maintenance, along with links to all other relevant places.

Kuchiyose has been somewhat overhauled to provide a balance between early-game and late-game summoning.

We are introducing Legacy Rewards, which will give you a portion of a deceased or retired character's earned CP towards a fresh new character.

To facilitate these changes, we are moving forward with a one-year timeskip. To represent the passage of time, every existing character may claim 1,000 CP and 2,000 free words to use on the training of techniques. Everyone will progress forward in age by one year. You may decide how you have spent this year in time, and for information regarding your village's activities or role in the war, you may consult your kage for further details. All current topics, excluding Bouhatei - The Bridge, are ended, and all player characters are placed within their village of residence. For non-affiliated shinobi, they may begin in any non-village subforum. If there are any particular topics that you wish to maintain, you may continue that topic as a flashback.

Finally, in recognition of these changes, all characters are allowed a full reset in order to adjust their builds with Skills in mind. All aspects of your character - sans Restricted Loan Techniques, clans, and origin, may be changed.

Hail and Well Met,


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