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 Post subject: The New Features
PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:22 am 
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Hello all. Just wanted to put up an update post that includes all the major new changes for the game's new sequel, Call of Naruto: Ninja Warfare 4. Or 5 or 6 or whatever iteration this restart makes after all these years...

We probably should have posted something like this sooner, as I know people have been discovering some of the changes for themselves, but this should help everyone get up to speed with what's new, what's different, and what's still to come.

Starting off we have the new Character Points System! This system replaces Experience and is used from the very start of character creation to offer greater customization to your character with fighting styles, stats, and elements.

Another important change about the leveling experience to note is that stats can now be raised by advantages instead of waiting to purchase full tiers. I think you'll find this increases the frequency of progression, while also making your character's improvement feel less bursty and more reasonable. It should also grant even more customization to your builds.

Along with that is the introduction of a whole new stat tier: Epic! Epic sort of represents what the old Masterful did, and it is earned just beyond Masterful and below Legendary. Have a look at the Attributes page to see the updated explanations of each stat tier.

Another big change to stats is a major buff to Constitution's capabilities. Constitution now functions as a sort of physical resilience against damage, especially at the higher tiers, even going so far as to be armor-like in durability. Breakdowns of these effects can be found in the spoiler there.

On the same page you'll find a modification to the calculation of Tracking. Base tracking is still Masterful, but instead of relying solely on Fighting Styles to increase it, your character's tracking ability now scales with their Agility or Dexterity, whichever is higher, if either of those go beyond Masterful. Many physical Fighting Styles still offer a boost to Tracking though.

Fighting Styles have also been updated. The most significant change is that Fighting Style Minors are now required for your character to be able to create and train their own custom techniques, including for techniques trainable by your origin. You can still train and be taught techniques open to your origin (e.g. Nin, Gen and Tai for Shinobi), this change only affects customs.

Stats and some perks on Fighting Styles have also been moved around as a result. Be sure to look them over to know exactly what your Fighting Styles grant you. Note that no Fighting Style grants a full tier to attributes anymore, the reason for that bringing me to the next change--

Boosters and stacking rules have been changed. All advantages from all sources now stack, including from Fighting Styles, and Fighting Styles no longer are applied last. Boosters now grant a static amount of advantages rather than a different amount based on the tier of stat you are boosting (although you'll find diminishing returns do still apply to an extent). Canon boosters have been updated to reflect this. I still need to update the formatting on most of the page there, so bear with me.

Travel Rules have been simplified. Terrain modifiers have been removed, as has the hauling ass system. Also, getting in and out of your village has been made easier.

Implant Rules have been updated slightly. There is now a 3 bloodline cap. "Bittersweet success" now includes a penalty for a prior non-bloodline implantee. Implants now incur physical manifestations on your body (you freaks now all get Hashirama faces on you! :lol: ) that have the risk of being physically removed, separating you from your acquired bloodline. Lastly, a note has been made about the heresy of offering kekkei genkai to those outside of your clan, and especially outside of your village. Expect potential RP ramifications for bloodline trading.

On the subject of bloodlines, with the revamp, most Clans will need to be reposted and approved before your character can be approved registering with it. Some clans will need an update to accommodate the new systems. If you want to start with a bloodline for a clan that isn't posted yet, please post the clan in the bloodline section. You can find the old approved clans archived here. If you're unsure about anything with reposting an old clan, or simply need help, feel free to ask one of us on staff.

General Site Rules have been updated to include the requirement that all jutsu and attacks used in a post must be stated clearly (the Genjutsu FS still provides some exceptions to this). You'll find this under the heading of "Fighting Rules". I don't think any other rules have been changed here, but have a look for yourself and make sure you're aware of everything presented there.

That might be it for now, but if I've missed anything, we'll try to update this topic with it.

We're still working hard to get everything up to snuff. Here's a couple of things that are being worked on and should be released shortly. Updates will be posted to reflect when new things are added or changed, as indeed, some things may yet need to be tweaked in the coming days.
  • An updated system for Summons is being worked on. This is currently my foremost priority beyond posting this news topic. I know many of you are waiting on being able to make your contracts and summons.
  • PC Missions will be in the works. These will represent major missions that villages can send their shinobi on that should pit them against other villages and create an atmosphere for IC conflict and battle, and set the stage for cool rewards to be introduced. Some of these may also be used for more village-specific plots.
  • Fame and Infamy may still need some tweaks. It is worth noting that Fame/Infamy are now also used to increase your character's CP cap, allowing them to become stronger than ever before in the end game.
  • I intend to work on an updated map soon. A rudimentary one is up for now, but the new one should allow us to edit it with new points of interest.
  • I still need to update the formatting on the canon boosters page. Plus a couple techniques still need to be figured out, but I'll get to that after the Summon System. :)
I'm sure there is more, but those are just the things I remember or are involved in.

Anyway, hope this post helped clear up some things. Have fun out there, and I really hope you like all the new things we've done!

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