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 Post subject: Sahara's Melody
PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:40 am 
Suna Jonin
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Name: Mage
Rank: B
Mage is a puppet originally owned by Sahara’s deceased friend, Ayano. After the village was invaded by raiders wielding the power of a tailed beast. In order to protect his comrades, Ayano sacrificed himself using this puppet with a grand explosion. After hearing the news, Sahara took up puppetry and began remaking the infamous puppet using new materials along with pieces of that were left after the puppet’s initial destruction as a way to carry on his legacy.

The puppet is specifically fashioned for long range combat. Mage earns its name for its capability to admit a nuance of attacks from the pipes located on the hands of its set of four arms and chest (poking out from the points around the diamond). Mage can release pressurized water from the top set of arms and convert the oils inside of itself into flames to use as a flamethrower. Mage has a diamond on its chest made of glass, which may fool some into believing that the glass might be a weak point but they would be sadly mistaken. Mage can release poison gas or smoke from pipes around it. (Poison must be made separately and added on). Mage’s head has the same makeup of glass as the diamond on its chest, however it is the deadliest part of this puppet. Behind the glass is an assortment of 50 explosive tags that the user can ignite at any given time which would result in a massive explosion.
  • Strength: Average (1 Raise)
    Agility: Masterful (3 Raises)
    Dexterity: Epic (4 Raises)
  • Wood | 10lbs (2,000ryo)
  • Leather; Medium Hide | (6,000ryo)
  • Glass | (3,000ryo)
Arsenal: (Weapons/Features)
  • Piping in arms; utilized for either flamethrowers, poison, smoke, or pressurized water | 10ft (8,000ryo)
  • Simple Liquid; Water, Ignition Fluid | 40 liters (80,000ryo)
  • Explosive Tags coating the insides, capable of self-destructing at will | 50x (75,000ryo)
  • Smoke Bombs hidden in chest | 10x (10,000ryo)
Total Price:

Price: 184,000 (Sahara automatically acquires this upon approval with her SA)


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