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 Post subject: Miyu's Updates
PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:31 pm 
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Name: Miyu Ouzan 桃優桜山
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115
Rank: Genin - Crafter
Title(s): None
Element(s): Wind, Lightning
Theme Song: Your Lie in April Medley - Violin/Piano Duet

An effortlessly beautiful young woman, not nearly as muscled as a shinobi should be, with long pink hair and large pink eyes. Miyu looks gorgeous seemingly no matter what she wears. Her sense of fashion is effortless, paradoxedly look well coordinated but just thrown on.
Personality: Hopeless Romantic || Excitable || Hardworker || Aesthetic || Humble

Story Thus Far:
Miyu was born into a family of shinobi that while not populous or gifted enough to be a clan, were dedicated shinobi of Kirigakure. Miyu never desired to become shinobi but it was expected of her, so she dutifully tried.

She did not succeed. Miyu only managed to pick of the bow. All other shinobi training was lost on her. Miyu was very much inspired by her precious “Ume-senpai” who like her, did not wish to lead the life a shinobi. When Ume dropped out, Miyu refused to take the genin test again. Her parents, infuriating by their untalented and uncooperative daughter, disowned Miyu. Miyu however, was a sociable girl who quickly made connections. She found herself an apprenticeship under the most skilled leather crafter in Kirigakure. Here, Miyu found her calling.

She won her new surname ‘Ouzan’ for venturing onto the Ouzan mountain to find and kill a rare animal only found on that mountain to craft the armor that would win her rank of master craftsman.

After achieving this rank, Miyu was left a bit defensiveness without her master to look after her. That was when Ume swept back into Kirigakure and left Miyu’s life forever changed for the better. Along with her beloved senpai, Miyu visited her friend the Mizukage to request a place for them to set up shop.

Points and Currency:

Total Character Points: 4000
Active Character Points: 3750
Unspent Character Points: 250

Ryō: 0

Fame: 0
Infamy: 0

Might, Will, and Fate:
Might: 0
Will: 2
Fate: 2


Cherry Cherry Creations

Fighting Styles:
Leatherworking - Master
Carpentry - Minor
Kyujutsu - Major

Trained Techniques:
Strength: Average
Constitution: Poor
Stamina: Average
Dexterity: Proficient
Agility: Average
Wisdom: Average

  • Sleep is For the Weak - Miyu can hyper focus on the task on hand to finish a project in half the time.
    Tailored for You - When crafting armor, Miyu can give a minor advadvantage to a stat of the buyers’s preference. This must be chosen when making the armor and cannot be changed. This does not stack with other items and does not apply outside of combat. Cannot raise wisdom.
  • Distinctive Work - Miyu’s creations have a custom flair to them that mark her as the creator. She gets double the fame she would get for someone using her weapons.
  • Domestic Bliss -When working in the confines of her home forge Miyu is allowed to engage in roleplay within the topic she is crafting in without penalty to her crafting as long as she makes her daily crafting post.
  • I Am the Weak - After finishing a project in half time, Miyu must spent double the time on the next project
  • Lost my Muse - after using ‘tailored for you’, Miyu needs time to look for inspiration for her next project. She must wait half the time it took to make the item before starting a new project.
  • What do you mean ‘no frills’? - Boring functional items take a lot of Miyu. If you want something ugly or standard but functional it’ll take her twice as long to make as she languishes in boring ‘busy’ work. This includes but is not limited to: standard armor, regular arrows (not trick shot arrows), standard kunai, undecorative swords, items with no or limited special features.
  • Sorry I was thinking about Ume-chan - When not in a topic with Umeno, Miyu gets only 5CP when making a standard post.


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