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PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 7:51 am 
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Name: Kana
Age: 17
Gender: Presents Female
Height: 5'3
Weight: I97 lbs
Rank: Kang
Title(s): The Oracle
Element(s): Not Applicable
Bloodline: None

Personality Traits: Aloof, Gentle, Conscientious, Agreeable, Introspective, Transliminal, Self-transcendant

Face Claim: Please feel free to look at this ablum. She currently has no specific character as a face claim.

Theme Song: Slow and Steady - Of Monsters and Men

Chakra Color: Mother of Pearl

Nindo: I never see what has been done, I only see what remains to be done.


A traditional beauty with long hair the color of a ravens wing, cherry blossom lips and the fairest ivory skin. Her eyes are a soft jade-green, usually holding a distant, dreamy expression. She is elegant, with the soft hands of one who has never known manual labor and a fragile form unfit for combat. The soft chiming of well worked metal always follows her, a pair of bell-laden silver anklets on each leg – connected by a chain slightly longer than her forearm. A hobble to prevent her running away and a way to always know where she is, the chain is able to be disconnected from the left ankle and wrapped around the right to allow her movement. Only her handler is able to remove the chain to free her motion, though even they are unable to remove the anklets themselves. She is always dressed in voluminous fabrics of fine quality with beautifully done hair – though from where and how is unknown. Any attempts to take away her clothing are met with the items fizzling away once they leave her posession. Her movements are slightly awkward, the motions of the untrained, and it seems as though she is so delicate she can hardly carry the clothing she wears – let alone any other burden.



A bit of an idealist, Kana is always looking to see the best in people – often searching for ways to make things better. She does not enjoy conflict and goes to great lengths to avoid it, Kana would rather allow someone to strike her down than to defend herself. She is a good listener and does her best to put people at ease. She lives in a world of theoretical possibilities. Kana sees everything in terms of how it can be improves or what it could be turned into. She approaches problems with unrestrained enthusiasm, ignoring existing rules and opinions. She likely seems dreamy and distant to others, because she spends so much time inside her mind seeing all the 'what ifs'. Unconventional, she places very little value on traditional goals of popularity and security. She tends to get restless if ignored or left to her own devices too long, often becoming tempermental.

Story Thus Far:

Time eventually crept up upon the great Kang and so, weary from his long existence, he allowed his spirit to slip away from his timeless form. It had been time to begin anew for many long years, to see the world again and to learn its mysteries once more. In time he found the body of a child, a girl as fragile as a lotus blossom whose life was fading away but still shone with a strange, otherworldly purity. He burned the sickness from her lungs and merged with her spirit, taking the vessel and turning the spirit within into something new. Kana awoke, both the same girl and something entirely new. Her family thought that the fever has destroyed her mind, consuming all her memories and placing madness in it's stead. She was kept locked away for many years before she found her way to a strange freedom, her poor family 'allowing' a Daimyo to purchase her and claim her as his own. Originally taken for her beauty soon the Daimyo understood what a rare treasure he had actually gained and used her to rise to power. For several years she was under his control, growing from a child into a woman, until one day a shinobi slew her guards and stole the bell that the Daimyo used to summon her when her presence was desired. Kana obediently followed this mysterious man, albeit slower than the he would have liked – for he found his end at the hands of an enemy shinobi with power greater than his own. Gathering her bell from her liberator's fallen body – for the other ninja had no interest in what appeared to be such a useless item, and held the girl in no regard – Kana began wandering on her own. It was soon known throughout the shinobi nations of her abilities – for the fury of the Daimyo was so strong that he paid much of his fortune to have the small shinobi village that had taken her erased from existence - and that she was no longer under the control of anyone...

Points and Currency:

Total Character Points: 10,000

Active Character Points: 9,300

Unspent Character Points: 700

Ryō: 0

Fame: 0

Infamy: 0

Might, Will, and Fate:
Might: 0
Will: 1
Fate: 3


Silver Hand Bell

Fighting Styles: None

This is my first fighting style:
This is the description of my first fighting style.

Trained Techniques:

S-Rank Techniques
  • None.
A-Rank Techniques
  • None.
B-Rank Techniques
  • None.
C-Rank Techniques
  • None.
D-Rank Techniques
  • None.


Strength: Poor
Constitution: Godlike
Stamina: Poor
Agility: Poor
Dexterity: Poor
Wisdom: Godlike

SAs and Flaws:

Special Abilities
  • Reborn Divine: Kana is the new embodiment of Kang, though she has not attained the full mastery of that form in the few short years since her enlightenment. As such she knows many of the secrets of the universe and is able to rewrite the minds of those around her when desired. She is able to grant other players the ability to respec their character and has access to other Kang abilities in times of great need.
  • The Future: The child, even before the involvement of the other spirit that was also now her own, had been gifted with a small ability to see into the future. Her symbiotic addition only enhanced this ability. She has immediate knowledge of all events currently happening. Kana is granted powerful visions of the future, seeing the world as it may be constantly, though sometimes there are many futures to be had depending on the paths others choose. She shares the most immediate, world-shifting events with those around her when she sees them – though sometimes her judgement of immediate is not the same as those around her. She will offer a possible future when queried of current events, though the wise understand that it is only one of the possibilities.
  • The Gift: Her power is not perfectly controlled, sometimes seeping out to those around her, peaking in times of distress. Her handler gains an additional 2 cp per post. Anyone fighting over her gains an additional 10cp per post - this includes her handler and anyone actively trying to gain the bell. Observers do not gain this bonus. This does not stack with the normal handler bonus.
  • The Flesh is Weak: Kana, though infinitely wise and with powers beyond understanding, is either unable or unwilling to engage in combat. She is unable to use fighting styles, despite knowing them. She is unable to use jutsu, despite knowing them. She ascribes to a vow of non-violence and will not engage in combat, even if commanded to.
  • The Past: A mortal mind is designed in a certain way, locking away memories to keep close as time flows by. Kana's mind is innately different, the future a vast river before her to swim though but the past slipping away in her wake to be forgotten. Kana does not remember the past in any form save for only her own strongest emotions connected to a person or place. Once a topic ends Kana cannot remember it. If a player leaves a topic before others do, Kana cannot remember any of their direct involvement and they just become a nondescript 'someone' or are glossed over. She can offer no wisdoms or knowledge of the past, cannot remember even the most major events once they are finished and can give no information of where someone or something was.
  • The Price: Kang had infinite freedoms and infinite power in his day, but the time of Kang is past and Kana is now present. To experience the world in a truly different perspective, Kana has bound herself to obeisance – following the person controlling her silver hand bell. Her handler is able to always find her if they are in physical posession of the hand bell and ring it. She will obey orders from her handler unless unable to do so. Her handler is able to relinquish their position by giving the bell to any other pc or directly to Kana herself. If her handler dies the first person to pick up the bell immediately becomes her new handler. If the bell is stolen the person who has posession of the bell is her handler. Kana is unable to be considered her own handler, even if she posesses the hand bell. Should she posess her hand bell it will be granted to the first pc that asks for it or attempts to take it. She will never resist giving over the bell if it is in her posession, no matter who the handler would be. Should she leave the posession of her handler there must be a minimum of two other handlers before she is able to be reclaimed (A, B, C, A for example). If her handler is killed while she is not present the bell remains on their body for 48 ooc hours at which point it is returned directly to Kana's hands if not picked up by a new handler. If Kana is killed her handler no longer gains any bonuses from her, her body disappears in one post round (or at discretion of staff if there is a topic stall) and the bell disappears from the deceased handler's posession. Kana is unable to gain any cp . Very rarely, and only when the natural balance is in danger, Kana will – at the direction of powers even she does not understand – take her bell and relocate. This severs the tie with her current handler and leaves her open to be claimed by a new handler.

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