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 Post subject: Kisora Sunba
PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:59 am 
Suna Jonin
Suna Jonin
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Name: Kisora Sunba
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10
Weight: 150 Pounds
Rank: Jonin
Faction of Origin: Shinobi
Bloodline/Clan: Sunba (200)
Restricted Loan Technique: None
History: Kisora hasn't had the best of lives. Her family had dishonored the Sunba clan by commiting a terrible deed. Her great grandfather who came from the clan had murdered a man on an escort mission, and worked against the village, completely disgracing her part of the family. With that, they had moved from the clan residence much before Kisora was born. Making their life terrible as since then on the family had to live on their own, making barely by with money from missions in order to support the numerous children that the family ended up having, totaling seven children. With the family getting large and the prices of protection within the village getting so expensive, the family soon moved to a small ranch outside of Gaara no Kaikaku.

With the family soon growing larger til the day Kisora was born, the family got larger and the ranching area that they controlled soon provided food and money to keep the family going, but with more people being born into this small outside area branch. The money became tight and the decision of sending the new borns to become shinobi instead of ranchers had been decided before their births. Kisora had two older siblings who were sent there before them. Yet, Kisora had much more potential than they ever showed. She became stronger, but at the same time the other group of Sunba within Sunagakure had taken notice. They had given her family a choice, they would help pay for the ranches if Kisora would be trained to be a soldier for them.

The family had not much choice in doing so and Kisora became a student of the other group of Sunba, eventually moving it. Once Kisora became a genin and continued the ranks up, the Sunba who taken her in decided that they didn't want to keep supporting her, abandoning her back to the ranches and removing their support from the ranches located across the Gaara no Kaikaku, deciding to open a ranch towards North Subaku in order to prevent business for them outside of the area of The Land of Wind. The pressure was onto Kisora in order to make money for her family as many had given up since the life was well under the support of the other half of Sunba and began to resent Kisora, putting all the frustration on her.

Kisora took the challenge to support half the money they were making, but the half she didn't spend went to supporting herself. She began to gamble and try her hardest to make more money for her family. Her indulgences became her downfall, she began to drink and enjoy herself too much to the point she began to not complete missions. One day, she drank herself until she passed out at the bar she was at and woke up on the street. She was completely robbed by people and just left there with nothing, not even her headband. The girl returned home, nothing in her pockets. She felt disappointed in herself and decided that she needed to find a balance between the two. But, her resolve to do so was weakened by the fact that no matter what she does in her life from now on, she'd be tied down to support a family that didn't always love her.

With the destruction of Sunagakure while she was visiting home, she had decided to make sure that Gaara no Kaikaku was safe and everyone was settled in before coming back to take care of the village. She knew that the ones there would handle things until she did, and now she had finally arrived back wanting to figure out what happened while she was gone.

Personality Traits: Kisora focuses on everything being good and everyone having a good time, while her carefree attitude and slight cockiness. But at the same time outside of having this attitude of fun, she seems to take being a Shinobi very seriously. She wants to make sure that everyone is having a good time together while on missions and no one is left out. She will always view that unity of the shinobis is vital, and tends to not like war too much. At times, she can be seen as lazy. She's an alcoholic and a smoker.
Face Claim: Ronin art by GUWEIZ
Theme Song:
Chakra Color: Golden Yellow
Nindo: Enjoyment of life is the only way to keep living
Character Preferences:
  • Kisora is bisexual, She just likes a good time. But, doesn't necessarily mean she'll have sex with anyone.
  • Kisora enjoys unique tastes, unique people, and new experiences
  • Kisora dislikes plain food, boring meetings, and just general buzz-kills
Fighting Styles:
  • Kenjutsu Specialist (1000)
  • Genjutsu Expert (600)
  • Ninjutsu Expert (500)
  • Taijutsu Adept [Drunken Fist (Will be Written)] (300)
  • Sensory Adept (200)
  • Strength: Proficient (450)
  • Constitution: Proficient (450)
  • Stamina: Proficient with Major Advantage (850)
  • Reflex: Proficient with Major Advantage (850)
  • Coordination: Masterful (1050)
  • Wisdom: Proficient (450)
  • Elements: Wind (500), Swift (500)
Spent Character Points: 7,900
Active Character Points: 7,900
Unspent Character Points: 100
Total Character Points: 8,000

Special Abilities:
  • Gifted Sword: Kisora starts with a Masterworked Blade. (Will write this later!)
  • Beautiful Swordswoman: Kisora is unexplainably attractive, she seems to even be graceful in combat. Most people who are attracted to women will find her extremely appealing towards people.
  • Men are Hunters: Gains a Minor Advantage of Strength against Male-Gendered Characters
  • Poker-Face: Kisora has the ability to not be read emotionally or how she will react, this gives her the ability to hide her actual reaction to things and replace them with something that's more appealing to the situation. Its impossible to tell when she's lying.
  • Rancher at Heart: Half of the Ryo that Kisora earns on missions goes to her home.
  • Drunken Beauty: While being extremely attractive, she attracts even the wrong people. Bringing attention to herself in times she wishes not to. With Kisora's attractiveness, she can not hide from people being easily noticeable and can not sneak up on people.
  • Women are Flowers: Losing a Minor Advantage of Strength against Female-Gendered Characters
Might, Will, And Fate Points
Might: 2
Will: 1
Fate: 2

Kenjutsu Specialist
Ninjutsu Expert
Kuchiyose Expert
Taijutsu Adept
Sensory Adept
Ijutsu Adept
Fuuinjutsu Novice

Strength: Proficient (Major Advantage w/ Kenjutsu, Minor Advantage w/ Taijutsu)
Constitution: Proficient
Stamina: Epic (30 Taijutsu, 60 Ninjutsu)
Reflex: Proficient with Major Advantage (1 Tier w/ Kenjutsu, Minor Advantage w/ Taijutsu, Minor Advantage w/ Sensory Technique)
Coordination: Epic (Major advantages w/ Kenjutsu, Major Advantage w/ Ninjutsu Aiming, Minor Advantage w/ Sensory Technique)
Wisdom: Proficient
Tracking: Masterful (Epic w/ Major Advantage w/ Kenjutsu)


 Post subject: Re: Kisora Sunba
PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 6:29 am 
Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin
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Write me up a Drunken Fist application in your customs thread and you'll be beating up sober nerds in no time!

approved *hic*

--Important Joobly Info--
Fighting Styles:
  • Kenjutsu Expert
  • Ninjutsu Expert (Chosen Element: Water)
  • Sensory Expert
  • Bukijutsu Adept (Master of One: Parasol/Umbrella)
  • Genjutsu Novice
  • Strength: Masterful (Maj. Adv. w/ Ken Expert)
  • Constitution: Proficient
  • Stamina: Proficient
  • Reflexes: Proficient (Maj. Adv. w/ Ken Expert)
  • Coordination: Proficient (Maj. Adv. w/ Ken Expert) (Maj. Adv. w/ Nin Expert)
  • Wisdom: Average
  • Tracking: Legendary
  • Water
Restricted Technique: Mind's Eye of the Kagura

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