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 Post subject: Ran Inuzuka
PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:56 pm 
Missing-nin A-rank
Missing-nin A-rank
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Name: Ayla(Ran) Inuzuka
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Rank: Jounin
Faction of Origin: Shinobi
Village: Konohagakure No Sato
Bloodline/Clan: Inuzuka (200 ACP)
Appearance: Called "Odd Eye" Because of her one golden eye. Ayla is a unique hybrid Inuzuka with a special trait. Her eyes seem to take on different wild shapes and forms whenever she becomes more 'feral-like' in combat. Her original dark eyes turning into a grey and golden eye along with her increased length in nails, canine-like sharp teeth, furry ears, and wild hair. Breasts sit at a healthy C-size whilst everything else about her slender figure is shaped well and womanly enough to boast her features for everyone to see. In her feral form, she tends to have a long soft and fluffy brown tail, when desired. Touching this lightens up her mood and brings her great pleasure. Yet her most defining feature is the one canine-like tooth sticking out every now and again.

History: Ayla, a young adult born to two strange parents - whom had met each other through sheer luck. Genji was working out through his night shift, patrolling the inner parts of the mighty lightning village as he suddenly heard a scream. Instinctively the man rushed by her side, finding in his arms a young lady that seemed heavily wounded and unconscious but just when he was about to ping for help and a search party to find who had done this - everything faded to black. Malfurion woke up, light shone brightly in his eyes as his brain tried to take in and adjust as to where exactly he was. His body was restrained against a chair and multiple individuals stood around him. Blood went down from his headband towards his cheek - the resulting injury from whoever hit him earlier. “Sorry sweety” a familiar voice echoed from behind him whilst an individual approached and positioned in front of him. ‘The same woman from before!’ Malf realized as he began to struggle angrily and in desperation against his binds. “I wouldn’t try to resist, these chains were made to hold down a jinchuuriki in place.” a young tanned woman with a bandana, loose shirt and big breasts with a revealing bra stood in front of him. Hands on her side as she exclaimed herself to be the leader of this little rebellious group. The woman in question introduced herself as Tyrande the deceiver. Although that last part is more of a title than her surname itself. The small group revealed their intentions to overthrow the Hokage and start a war once more with Kumo - peaceful times were boring and the bitter taste of defeat still lingered on people’s tongues. They wanted to use Genji as a decoy, holding him as a hostage for a prisoner exchange - or so they claimed. In truth, the group was to split in two, one handling the exchange while the other assassinated the Hokage.

During the day of the plan going into its execution phase, Malfurion managed to escape. Incapacitating the rebels and giving chase to the assassins which were led by Tyrande the deceiver. Later to be known as Alexandra Inuzuka. The rebels underestimated the Tokubetsu jounin level shinobi heavily, forgetting the fact that only a select few were chosen to begin with and that these select few were one of the elites - outstandingly strong and very versatile. It did not take long for Malfurion to catch up to the bandits before their plan could bear any fruit, it took him even less time to best them all in combat. His prowess showing as he was forced to cut and severely wound everyone. Everyone but one. Their leader. As the man charged to end this ridiculous act of terrorism, he got struck by something entirely different...a giant humanoid creature. It was said that the duel between the two ended up in Genji winning whilst Tyrande begged him to end her life... instead of turning her in so she’d rot and in a cell - Genji instead chose to take her in under his wing as a personal disciple. Teaching her the right ways of living and implanting her with his ideals. Little did the pair know how fond they were of each other.

Years passed by and the couple grew closer and closer towards each other, eventually giving unintended birth to their one and only child, Ayla. Ayla grew up under the tutelage of the shinobi skills of her father as well as the fiery streetfighting and sternness of her mother. The result was a young smart girl with a huge amount of care and loyalty towards her village and everyone she held dear, but also a girl that took her job seriously and although she rarely shows her affection or care towards anyone and is usually very monotone and serious - however she does feel bad when scolding people as they might dislike her or feel demoralized because of it. At the age of 6, Ayla rolled into the academy. Although she made friends, she focused more on her studies than anything else. Three years of hard work and repeated failure finally netted her into graduating along with a completely different class that she had started within the academy. All the ones before her were already a genin by the time she graduated - but she did not really mind it that much, it was more fun that way.

Ayla’s genin life was pretty normal. Besides the regular D and C rank missions, nothing eventful really happened. She wasn’t one of the best...genin out there. She was above average, but that wasn’t enough for the young Inuzuka. She began to watch and admire others. Jounin, ‘prodigy’ genin, exceptional chuunin - anyone that stood out as ‘gifted’ or just ‘strong/powerful’ she asked, sparred (generally resulting in defeats, she was nine years old and a genin but relatively weak compared to these powerhouses) and even read up on all the old ‘heroes’ what they had achieved and what made them powerful. Chunin exams were lurking on the horizon and Ayla’s parents weren’t exactly planning to exclude their daughter - regardless whether she was ready or not. They convinced her sensei to recommend her for the chuunin’s and off she went. It was there during a desert ‘eliminate or be eliminated’ test where one of Ayla’s teammates had betrayed her and everyone else on the team. The resulting chaos ended up in the girl receiving a deep stab wound at her abdomen. It was there where her dormant powers came to the surface causing the girl to transform into something inhuman and feral-like.

Ayla herself did not remember what had happened that day but it was said that she was the only one that had left the desert without injuries...but also without clothes. Hesitant at first the village elders decided to promote Ayla to a chuunin.

it was during this time Ayla became confronted with A and B ranked missions. Along with her father, she took on these missions, some easy, some hard - but every one of them was an adventure filled with unexpected danger. You could say that the girl and her father stopped bothering coming up with a plan during a mission and simply just ‘rolled’ with it - adapting as their missions and growth progressed. It was also during this time that her mother, Alexandra taught Ayla how to control and bond with her newfound animal companions. Although she and her mother were Inuzuka, neither of the two really conversed or were well known within their clan. Alexa, Ayla’s mother was always a free bird with her pet, never really wanting to settle down until she had met her current man. Clans were never a thing for her and she did her very best to avoid them as much as possible. This was not much different for her daughter which grew apart and shied away from their clan’s presence.

An incident emerged during one of Ayla’s A ranked missions when she barely turned twelve years old. She and three others were sent to retrieve a foreign ninja, alive preferably, dead if no other choice was given. Little did the group of chuunin shinobi know what they were up against. As soon as combat commenced someone died. Tendrils and roots manifesting from within the poor lad before it tore him completely apart. A bloody mess was an understatement as guts and blood enveloped Ayla’s face. Horrified she stood by as one by one her teammates turned into a bloody pulp. Their screams were the last thing ringing through her head before it was eventually her turn. Coming to the realization that death was nearby she fled. As fast as her legs could carry her she ran. Soaked in blood and tears running from her eyes. Desperately she wanted to get away. Get away from the massacre she had just witnessed. A few moments ago she was talking to those same shinobi, the same shinobi which blood was now all over her face. She gasped as a sharp branch of a large wooden tree penetrated straight through her stomach. The Wood release user had struck its mark, the last girl standing in the squad had been struck down. Or that was what the Senju user thought. Ayla’s vision went blurry and black. Memories afterward were lost.

One week later after the incident the child’s eyes slowly blinked open, a white ceiling and medical equipment greeted her as she slowly sat up on the bed. She was in the hidden leaf's hospital, quickly her hands shifted towards her stomach. To her surprise where there used to be a big hole was now skin, meat, and muscle. There was no indication of there ever being an injury there, let alone a big hole. What happened? She wasn’t too sure herself. The only thing the village elders could reveal to her was that they had found the child on the outskirts of Unraikyo Valley. Bloodied and naked. During Ayla’s debriefing, she could barely recall the events up until she got struck down by her assailant. The knowledged Hokage was able to fill in the gaps that were left unanswered from Ayla’s story through different means. Although the foreign Senju ninja did not get caught, Konoha shinobi forces did find several dead, crushed and dismembered ninja that were a part of a rogue cult. As a reward for not only disposing of these shinobi but also being the last survivor of a squad ‘wipe-out’ the girl got promoted to jounin.

Ever since, Ayla had devoted herself to training and bonding with her newfound animal companions, as well as developing and refining her shinobi skills. She became known as one of Konoha's youngest jounin being promoted at the mere age of fourteen and remained known for that for the following years to come. Throughout the young kunoichi’s jounin years she had managed to grow quite fond for booze and anything else containing alcohol in it, it is not unusual to find the girl with a can of booze around the village every now and again.

Yet, many more adventures would lie await for the Inuzuka to partake...

Personality Traits: She is extremely strict when it comes to being a shinobi and would not hesitate to scold other ninjas when she sees them slacking on the job. Although she can seem rather harsh and intimidating at times, she does have a soft side. Ayla is actually really nice and will usually feel down about herself if she feels as though she has scared someone into hating her.

Face Claim: Ai
Theme Song: N/A
Chakra Color: N/A
Nindo: Ninja ways are unnecessary, staying true to yourself is all that matters dude.
Character Preferences:
  • Dislikes: laziness
  • Dislikes: loud people
  • Likes: Drinking
  • Likes: Alis, always.
  • Ayla is bisexual
  • Loves music, enjoys singing and isn't shy to show herself off on the dancefloor
Fighting Styles:
Ninjutsu Major
Taijutsu Specialist
Bukijutsu JoAT Specialist [Chosen weapon: Fist weapons]

  • Strength: Masterful
  • Constitution: Average
  • Stamina: Masterful
  • Reflexes: Masterful
  • Coordination: Masterful
  • Wisdom: Proficient

Spent Character Points: 8000
Active Character Points: 8000
Unspent Character Points: 0
Total Character Points: 8000

Special Abilities:
Meta: Ayla is able to perform handseals with merely a single hand

Smart don’tcha: Ayla possesses a photographic memory

Titanforged: Ayla starts with being in possession of a pair of mastercrafted bladed fist weapons.

Highly fortified: Ayla is able, once per topic, to regain 10% of her total spent chakra.

Bestial Wrath: Whenever Ayla and her companion attack the same target, the target(s) incur a tier disadvantage to their constitution. When Ayla’s companion is defeated, or when fighting by herself, this drops to a major disadvantage to constitution.

Hunt them down: Ayla’s ninken has a 3k increased ACP cap.


Reeeee: Whenever Ayla uses one-handed seals - she incurs a tier disadvantage to handseal speed

Meme’s: Ayla receives 10% less income from all sources.

Severed: It is incredibly difficult and painful for Ayla to push past her limit. When she uses her SA to regain 10% of her spent chakra, she gains a tier disadvantage to wisdom for the rest of the topic.

Highly Perceptive: Whenever Ayla and her animal companions attack their target together and benefit from Bestial Wrath, each target gains a tier advantage to their wisdom for the purpose of predicting their attacks through precognition. When only fighting against Ayla, then only the main target of Ayla’s attacks gains a major advantage to wisdom.

Lone Hunters. Ayla only has a strong bond with one ninken, she can’t gain a second or third ninken

Might, Will, And Fate Points
  • Might: 2
  • Will: 1
  • Fate: 2
(Edited: background story.)


My stats.

Strength: Proficient
Constitution: Masterful
Stamina: Masterful
Reflexes: Masterful (Epic with taijutsu)
Coordination: Masterful (Epic with taijutsu)
Wisdom: Epic (Legendary with fuuinjutsu)

Bijuu: Matatabi
Chakra Posts: 3/15

Blue Fire (counts as 1 rank higher).

Fighting Styles:
Ninjutsu Major
Fuuinjutsu Specialist
Taijutsu Specialist
Sensory Adept

Ichimaru's Stats.
Strength: Epic
Constitution: Epic
Stamina: Masterful
Reflexes: Epic
Coordination: Epic
Wisdom: Average

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 Post subject: Re: Ayla Inuzuka
PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 8:01 pm 
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Strength: Ascendant
Constitution: Average
Stamina: Average
Reflex: Proficient
Coordination: Ascendant
Wisdom: Proficient

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