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 Post subject: Ryū Nataguri
PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 1:05 pm 
Konoha Tokubetsu Jonin
Konoha Tokubetsu Jonin
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Name: Ryū Nataguri
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 130 lbs
Rank: Genin
Faction of Origin: Samurai
Village: Kumogakure
Bloodline/Clan: Titan (200 CP) Titan Mode Unlocked (500 CP)

Appearance: Ryū is relatively short for a man, with a slender and effeminate figure that might lend to him otherwise not being particularly intimidating. He has very long messy red hair which he usually keeps tied back loosely. His eyes are a light violet color. He wears traditional samurai robes and clothing, and wooden sandals. On his face there is an x shaped scar.

History: Ryū Nataguri was not the name this one was given at birth. That is a name long abandoned and desperately forgotten, but the memories attached never will be. A young Ryū was born to the clan of the titans in Kumogakure. He has pleasant memories of his very early childhood, though at this point they are more distant and dreamlike in his memory. At such a young age he was not privy to the constant turmoil his village was in, being occupied by foreign villages for many decades and before that not even having been in a great shape. His attentions were drawn more to the political landscape when he was seven years old, and a full out war between Kumogakure and Konohagakure finally came to fruition. Seeing as Ryū’s parents were both shinobi, the two of them participated in the battle and were gone from home frequently.

The clans of Kumogakure banded together to take care of the left behind children, but still the absence of his parents and the damages of war were obvious everywhere. Not only that, but as more of the shinobi of the rebellion died, younger and younger genin were being transferred to the front lines of battle. The war continued to rage on, and at the age of nine, two years into the war, Ryū’s parents were both killed in the line of duty. His father had been a samurai, and gifted Ryū his personal sword after his death.

A young Ryū had always known one day he was going to be a shinobi, but the death of his parents sent him into a grief stricken determination he had not had before. He trained for seemingly endless hours, graduating to a genin at the age of ten and being promoted very quickly to chuunin at the age of eleven. He was quite powerful at his chosen art, and was sent on the battlefield at a mere age of twelve. Fighting alongside many other such young child soldiers (and, equally, against them) he was a fearsome thing to behold on the battlefield. Unfortunately, he was still just that: a young person, a child, and watching so many of his comrades die on top of everything he had already experienced lead to sort of a breakdown. He began to hate the shinobi villages with a passion, and hate just about everything around him. This hate drove him to leave Kumogakure when he was fourteen and join a group of mercenaries for hire.

It no longer mattered to him who he killed as long as he was killing shinobi; he fought for both sides from then on, and even for no side, sometimes joining battles just to feel the chaos. It was a tumultuous and dark part of his history. He became known as a terror to both sides not only for his skill with a sword, but also for the monstrous beast that he could transform into. His time in the titan form was blind and raging, and it only fit that he didn’t care who he killed; he would attack the first person in sight. Once he was in the titan form for an unknown amount of time; possibly months. He doesn’t remember.

The war ceased when Ryū was sixteen, but his thirst for blood didn’t cease. Luckily for the mercenaries, skirmishes and smaller battles continued to take place for several more years. After the war ended, Ryū settled in with the group a little more, making friends even and getting close to some. There was one particular woman he got close to over his years, a girl who was his senior in rank and in age but beautiful and wise. Makoto took a liking to Ryū and over the years the two grew relatively close to each other. Years down the line and after the war had ended, the pair married. It had been a long time since Ryū had felt anything other than rage and hatred, but he truly loved Makoto and wanted to be happy with her. Though he was still a missing ninja, he was considering leaving the mercenary life with her to go somewhere far away and start anew. As the skirmishes began to die down and peace began to restore to the shinobi world, this goal became clearer and more attainable.

However, they were marked as war criminals, and after helping the insurgents in the Land of Rain attempt a rise against Otogakure, the nations of the world wanted his group dealt with. Several shinobi were sent after them with intentions to either apprehend or to kill. In one of these attacks, an attempt to save Makoto’s life resulted in Ryū accidentally ending it when he was twenty-two. Once more plummeted into a grief stricken rage, he transformed into a titan and murdered all of the oncoming attackers, and more; even going so far as to kill civilians. He was finally stopped by Kumogakure shinobi, but the process completely and literally broke him. Most of the bones in his body were shattered, organs failing, the whole of it, and it was certain he was going to die. He was brought back to Kumogakure to have his resting place there, but surprisingly, he managed to push through. He was treated for a long time, and it took over a year of healing just for him to be able to start walking again.

During this time Ryū was mute for a long time, having given up on life and wishing for death. He spent some time with other samurai who had been his fathers comrades, and slowly their stories and teachings brought life back into him. He was granted clemency by Kumogakure for past crimes after a long trial and many talks, but he would have to start at the bottom again and prove himself worthy of the village. He was glad for this opportunity to be back amongst the other titans as well, as he had some cousins and other family and a general bond with his clan that helped him heal. Unfortunately, the damage done to his body was severe, and it took him years to even regain a fraction of his strength. He now is a fully fledged genin once more at the age of twenty-eight, though with a fraction of his former power, and has moved on from his dark past with a resolve to now make the world a peaceful place.

Personality Traits: Ryū is a quiet and introspective man. He detests violence in all forms, and will condone any fighting or killing especially if it is baseless. He will pick up a sword and fight or kill himself, but only if it is the absolute last thing he could possibly do. He is very loyal to friends and family and will defend them with his life if need be. While normally Ryū is very calm, centered, and cheerful, he has a tendency to be thrown into deep rages when he is faced with grief or someone he loves is hurt. He has had a long and tumultuous life, but now his only desire is to see the world be at peace as it once was many years ago. Though he works for a village (though this was more forced upon him than anything) he secretly detests the idea of the villages and the shinobi system. Ryū is also very helpful and will lend a hand whenever he is asked, and is incredibly humble about the life he has lived and his strengths. When in conversation, if things start getting heated, he will mostly try and redirect things or attempt to calm others before ever trying to start a fight.

Face Claim: Himura Kenshin
Theme Song: None yet.
Chakra Color: This color.
Nindo: The innocent deserve to be protected.
Character Preferences:
  • Asexual male
  • Neutral good
  • +reading, +peace, +helping others
  • -violence, -abuse of power, -dishonor
  • Goal: He desires to see the world become a peaceful place for everyone to live.
  • Values: He is a pacifist through and through, and also values friendship and loyalty
Fighting Styles:
Kenjutsu Specialist
Kyujutsu Specialist
Taijutsu Specialist

  • Strength: Average
  • Constitution: Average
  • Stamina: Proficient
  • Reflexes: Average
  • Coordination: Average
  • Wisdom: Average

Spent Character Points: 3,900
Active Character Points: 3,400
Unspent Character Points: 100
Total Character Points: 4,000

Special Abilities:
No Kill Policy – Whenever Ryū is fighting with his blunted blade, he gains a stackable major advantage to his reflexes.
Power And Control – Ryū has great control over his Titan form. It costs 50% less stamina for him to enter this form, and he can stay in it for twice as long.
Guardian – Whenever someone causes injury to one of Ryū’s close friends, he gains a tier of strength fighting against the person who caused such injury. A close friend cannot just be anyone, it has to be someone who he has interacted with a lot in RP and gets along well with.

Unnecessary Death – Whenever Ryū is using a sharpened blade, he gains a stackable major disadvantage to his reflexes.
Brittle Bones – Ryū has a weakened body from his years of fighting. After he exits his titan form, the time he incurs the physical disadvantages is doubled.
Blind Rage – Whenever his Guardian SA is active, Ryū also loses a tier of precognition due to being blinded by his anger.

Might, Will, And Fate Points
  • Might: 2
  • Will: 2
  • Fate:

Ninjutsu Expert
Sensory Expert
Ijutsu Expert
Bukijutsu JoAT Specialist

Strength: Average
Constitution: Proficient
Stamina: Epic (60 ijutsu) (60 ninjutsu) (min adv buki)
Reflexes: Masterful (w/ major adv sensory)
Coordination: Epic (legendary w/ buki, w/ major adv ijutsu, sensory and ninjutsu)
Wisdom: Masterful

Tracking: Epic

 Post subject: Re: Ryū Nataguri
PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 4:04 pm 
Konoha Jonin
Konoha Jonin
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Guardian – Whenever someone causes injury to one of Ryū’s close friends, he gains a tier of strength fighting against the person who caused such injury. A close friend cannot just be anyone, it has to be someone who he has interacted with a lot in RP and gets along well with.


Reduce this and the accompanying flaw by a minor advantage.

No Kill Policy – Whenever Ryū is fighting with his blunted blade, he gains a stackable major advantage to his reflexes.
Power And Control – Ryū has great control over his Titan form. It costs 50% less stamina for him to enter this form, and he can stay in it for twice as long.

The clan is already strong as it is, I feel that doubling your post and reducing the chakra cost is abit too much. Also your flaw doesn’t balance it. Only one portion of it.


Cool info stuff found below:

Welcome, human! Below you'll find my statistics, enjoy your stay..


Strength: Average
Constitution: Average
Stamina: Masterful
Coordination: Average Minor
Reflexes: Proficient
Wisdom: Proficient

Fighting Styles:

Ninjutsu Specialist
Sensory Major


Spent Character Points: 5000
Unspent Character Points: 0
Active Character Points: 5000

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