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 Post subject: Flay and Anna
PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:28 am 
Kumo Tokubetsu Jonin
Kumo Tokubetsu Jonin
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Name: Flay and Anna Valdez
Age: 14
Gender: M/F
Height: 5'6/6'0
Rank: Tokubetsu Jounin
Faction of Origin: Shinobi
Village: Kumo
Bloodline/Clan: Soma No Ko
Restricted Loan Technique: Animal Path

Appearance: Flay is a grey haired teenager with untamed hair and wears blue contact lenses. He tends to look passively mute with a soft face not really expressing anything at any given moment only contorting with active effort. His voice tends to be soft and timid even. He is five foot six inches tall and tends to wear a blue coat over a white shirt (that isn't usually visible. The blue jacket has a gold trim and white cuffs that expand out over his hands rather than tightening to his wrist and he also lighter blue dress pants and dress shoes that have the grip of sneakers and are custom seamed for comfort.
Anna by comparison has tamed and brushed Grey hair and wears yellow contact lens's, as well as being the taller of the two at six feet tall. She maintains a rather cold face that doesn't reflect her emotions, though she is prone to making more energetic faces when she is trying to emulate her older sister. She tends to wear a sleeveless dress and matching gloves and boots.

History: The real children of Sakyo and younger brother and sister of Recette, they are Sakyo's real children and thus have spent their life benefiting off of Recette's use as a test subject. With her death they have been put onto the front lines though much to their chargrin.

They where trained as shinobi from a young age always showing promise and prowess where their sister failed, but unlike sakyo had expected they seemed to forge a great bond with their sister and have been grieving her since she went missing. In her honor they sought to obtain the same rank she held in the shinobi armies and show that she didn't die in vain. Quickly having accomplished that they now spend most of their time alone distrustful of others.
Personality Traits:
easily embarrassed
even toned
air headed
almost shameless
Theme Song: or / or
Chakra Color: Black / White
Nindo: Still looking / Help those who help themselves
Character Preferences: (Here, just list a few bulletin points about your character. What do they like, what do they dislike? Do they have any major goals? Are there any values they hold in high esteem? What’s their sexual preference and gender orientation?)
  • -Flay
    Dislike authority, uncertainty, peas, putting himself out there, and strangers.
    Likes Accomplishing things, helping the defenseless, animals, the weight of the world, Fish, and bonding with others.
    Major goal: End the war.
    Value: Results over all else. Those who do the right thing even when its hard.
  • -Anna
    Dislikes Those who put their own needs above everyone elses, Fate, Yam's pointless conversation, the weak, interveneing on others lives.
    Likes Animals, assisting others with the the strength to help themselves, crafting, sherbet, lack of personal responsibility, and liquor.
Fighting Styles:
Metallurgy Master
Taijutsu Specialist
Ninjutsu Expert
Ijutsu Expert
Kuchiyose Expert
  • Strength:proficient
  • Constitution: proficient
  • Stamina:proficient
  • Reflexes:proficient
  • Coordination:proficient
  • Wisdom:proficient

Spent Character Points: 6900
Active Character Points: 7000
Unspent Character Points: 100
Total Character Points: 0

Special Abilities:
Pride in crafts. The two get a quarter of the renown for equipment used in combat in which the victor kills someone even if they don't land the final blow with an item made by the crafter.
The two can be a sensei despite not being a Jounin
WIP Familiar: Flay can have Sulphur the summoning out all the time as a familiar. Out of combat it has the durability and stats of a npc follower house cat. In combat its summoning cost must be paid at each interval of expiration or it returns to being simply a npc house cat. This summons always takes up summoning slots even when not paid for and is an npc. Despite having house cat stats it can communicate with Flay and Anna
WIP Familiar: Anna also has Rose the summoning out all the time as a familiar. Similarly it also has the stats of an NPC follower house cat that can communicate with both Anna and Flay unless its summoning cost is paid at each interval of expiration.
Those are just cats: only those two can understand the familiar's when the summons speak.
Professional pride: The two can't earn ryo from C rank and lower missions.
It costs more to keep those close to you. Every time the summons refreshes in a combat thread it costs three times as much to use it.
rarely care for personal fame. The two receive half the renown for their own actions.
Both familiars always take up their summoning slots even when they aren't paid for.
Might, Will, And Fate Points
  • Might:
  • Will:
  • Fate: 5

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 Post subject: Re: Flay and Anna
PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 1:49 pm 
Kumo Tokubetsu Jonin
Kumo Tokubetsu Jonin
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Joined: Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:58 am
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Well i think i am done hashing out the little things baump

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