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 Post subject: Haruko Fujiko
PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:04 pm 
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Name: Haruko Fujiko
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 98lbs
Rank: Jounin
Faction of Origin: Samurai
Village: Kumo
Bloodline/Clan: N/A

Appearance: Image

History: Haruko began as a simple sword-for-hire at a young age. Her parents were samurai and had passed down to her the ways of honor and swordsmanship. While her early years were usual for a child, playing and roughhousing, it was apparent she was smaller than the other kids. Obviously that created a bit of a bullying issue, kids were always so cruel. That was when her father decided to begin training her in the ways of the samurai. Not to get back at the kids, but to teach his daughter self-control. She took to the blade like a fish takes to water and quickly ran through everything her father had to teach her.

The family decided that for Haruko's sake, they would take her talents somewhere they could be realized. She and her parents trekked to Kumogakure and it was then that she was set to be enrolled into the Shinobi Academy. This did not sit well with Haruko at first, who through her training, had developed the idea that shinobi were inferior. They used magic tricks and trickery instead of fighting with honor and strength. It was for these very reasons that she was enrolled to begin with. While at the Academy Haruko learned some very valuable lessons. One, it didn't matter where you went, people still made fun of your height. Two, a sword wasn't always the best weapon.

The second lesson was learned when a particular rowdy boy had decided to pick a fight with her. He called her a degenerate for even being allowed into the Academy. He questioned how someone withtout Ninjutsu or Genjutsu would ever make it as a Shinobi. Haruko didn't take lightly to this and struck out against him with a wooden sword she was permitted to carry. That was when she was shown the biggest difference between samurai and shinobi, Genjutsu. In some kind of living nightmare, she was unable to move her body for a moment as the boy struck forth with a haymaker, laying the girl out. After that simple display of strength, she was humbled for what it meant to be a shinobi.

Through the Academy she was given multiple opportunities to learn shinobi arts, but turned them down every time. She knew that being a samurai had it's drawbacks, but it also had it's honor to withhold and withhold it she would. Despite her stubbornness to not learn, she managed to graduate based off of her impressive skills with the sword. More impressively, she only attacked one teacher the entire time.

Life as a Genin wasn't easy. She had more to prove than her teammates, but prove it she did. Her father showed her some of the more advanced samurai techniques and she quickly proved to be the most reliable member of her team, excluding her sensei of course. The team went on multiple missions together with Haruko over-performing every time, not out of being better but out of necessity.

The first Chuunin Exams she went through were rather easy. While being a samurai had been a hindrance her when people were aware of it, turns out when they had no idea it was quite a boon. It's said that not a single handsign was completed against her, that was the legacy of the now Chuunin, Haruko Fujiko.

Her time as a Chuunin was long and boring, leading her to form a somewhat nonsensical attitude. She spent most of her time on a mission here or there but it was never anything serious. She tended to work with the younger kids on missions as news had gotten around about her issue with her height. This was one of the stepping stones that made her realize how badly she wanted to become a Jounin. Training the younger Genin and directing them, something about it just clicked inside of Haruko. After years of taking Genin on missions she was finally promoted.

It was now time for her to train her own group of kids and watch them grow into powerful shinobi themselves. It was a cycle she looked forward to completing. Her dream became to help students achieve theirs. Kumogakure had a rough history, but that didn't mean the future wasn't bright!
Personality Traits: Spunky, fun, holds back, never takes anything seriously, quick tempered, doesn't hold grudges
Face Claim: N/A
Theme Song: Ride on Shooting Star by The Pillows
Chakra Color: This
Nindo: Anything worth doing, is worth doing...probably.
Character Preferences:
  • Likes: Sleeping, fresh cut grass, putting your best foot forward, learning from mistakes
  • Dislikes: Dancing, her height, dwelling on the past
  • Favorite word is "Eh."
  • Wants to train shinobi to see if they can keep up
Fighting Styles: Kenjutsu Spec (500)
Attributes: N/A
  • Strength: Average w/Major Advantage (350)
  • Constitution: Average (150)
  • Stamina: Proficient (450)
  • Reflexes: Proficient (450)
  • Coordination: Godlike (4650)
  • Wisdom: Proficient (450)
Elements: N/A

Spent Character Points: 7000
Active Character Points: 7000
Unspent Character Points: 0
Total Character Points: 7000

Special Abilities:
  • Who You Calling a Pipsqueak?!: Haruko's height is something of a touchy subject. When fighting people taller than her by at least 6", she gains a Major Advantage to Reflexes. Additionally, in any topic where someone makes fun of her height, she also gains a Major Advantage to Strength.
  • Oh? I Didn't See You There: Because her height is such a big deal, when she runs into people shorter than her, it tends to go to her head. When fighting someone shorter than her Haruko loses a Tier of Precog. Additionally, if someone shorter than her calls her tall, she loses a Major Advantage to Strength.
Might, Will, And Fate Points
  • Might: 2
  • Will:
  • Fate: 2

Strength: Masterful w/Minor (Epic w/Kenjutsu)
Constitution: Masterful (Epic w/Taijutsu)
Stamina: Masterful
Reflexes: Legendary (Godlike w/Kenjutsu)
Coordination: Godlike (Major Advantage w/Kenjutsu)
Wisdom: Masterful

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 Post subject: Re: Haruko Fujiko
PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:26 pm 
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