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The Island
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Author:  Enishi [ Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:41 pm ]
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Barely conscious, and most certainly unaware of the events taking place around him. All that was noticed would be the new intense pain that radiated from his ankle, enough so to fully drop the young bowman completely unconscious.


Author:  Amane Sekai [ Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:44 am ]
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The sharkman seemed to be saved by Rei Uchiha. We shall see what this means for the village Hidden In The Mist and for Naitome Hoshigaki himself.


Author:  Jouzu [ Sat Apr 14, 2018 8:38 pm ]
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Deceive the Eye

The journey had been long—only as long as he knew it'd have been—but long all the same. The island to which they had to travel had been far away from the mainland, and was distinct enough in location and recent purpose that the Kazekage assumed that, after enough travel in its unique direction, Kanari had gathered enough circumstantial information to assume where they were headed. Kyōsuke knew well enough that, in all likelihood, the two villages had each sent shinobi to recover the woman that had been there. The discomfort in that knowledge was something that he had long overcome; even if it had been the Hokage himself that had slew his brother-in-law, he would not have felt any worse about his decision to ally with them.

Surveying the island's shore from afar, from along the prow of a vessel the Kazekage had commissioned his country to send for the two to take from Hi no Kuni's coast to the island, he couldn't identify any obvious signs of landscape-shaping combat. That much was good. If Satoru had been reduced to pulp, or worse to dust, recovering him would be much more of a task than Kyōsuke would prefer to himself engage.

"On foot, Hokage-dono?" he asked of his peer, the first he had spoken in a short while. Though not afraid of conversation, especially with a man of whom he sought to make a friend of sorts nor a partner he'd have in battle, the task at hand had darkened his mood as they had neared their destination; not quite to the point of outright anger or mourning, the Kazekage had spent the last few hours quietly brooding over the horizon before the island had finally come into sight. "I figure we, or you, at the very least, will make better time that way."

Vaulting gingerly, and what he was sure to Kanari would seem slowly, over the railing on the ship's port side, Kyōsuke dropped through the air for a moment before landing gracefully on the surface of the water below. Once joined by the Hokage, he would walk the remaining couple hundred feet to the jagged stone strand. As they approached, Kyōsuke peered with his mind's eye around them, searching outwards for any foreign chakra signatures. Finding none that spoke to a shinobi in wait for their arrival, he continued walking alongside his handsome companion, speaking not unless spoken to, eyes searching for a trace of battle.

It would not be until the two had reached the hillside that they would find such marks. Where before had been a large slope of rocky soil, now remained a smaller slope, with much of it shaken to rubble. Around the landscape were yet dotted features of what must have been before; trees that had seen the fight metres too close were damaged, but remained, and the cave that was set into the hill stood as he knew it must have for centuries, if its entrance had been shifted by the fight. Here, he knew that he'd find Satoru, if his corpse remained at all.

There it was that he found him, some minutes later, broken and rotting. He did not seem to have been moved from where he had been slain by hand, though the way his remains sprawled told Kyōsuke that he had fallen from a significant distance above where he now lay. The sight would have been equally as grisly if they had found it fresh, he knew; shattered like so much glass, his skull appeared to have been blown clear through onto—or at, as it may have been—the ground.

A man of little expression, internally as often as externally, Kyōsuke felt disgusted in a way that he had never before felt in his life. It felt obscene to be standing above the corpse of his niece's father, knowing that his life had been cut short before he had been able to reconcile with his niece. Though he hadn't eaten since he had set out with the Kanari from Hi no Kuni, his stomach roiled. Disgust hadn't ever been a feeling to come to him naturally, where anger and grief had always been, and he had to fight the urge to sneer as he stood, looking over the cadaver. As quick as it had come, the disgust was gone once more, and in its place was hatred.

Whether he willed it or not, his fury would be evident to Kanari, as the air around the Kazekage practically chilled at his presence. In another moment the sensation would be gone, as Kyōsuke regained control, realising how obvious his attachment to the man had been. Though he had never specified otherwise, the pretense with which he had presented the Hokage on the nature of their sojourn was a stoic one, and not one he had maintained well. He knelt at Satoru's side all the same. As he had had to fight his emotions, he had to fight to find words. When he did, after silent seconds staring at where ought to have been eyes, he whispered them.

"You stood still."

His hands moved, independent of his mind, as he looked for another quiet moment into the man's mangled skull. Drawing forth a scroll from a pocket near his breast, one hand moved to open as another swiped across the passing paper, leaving a pattern of ink where it touched. Once the first seal had been placed, his hand moved across the paper again in the opposite direction, altering the shape of the design. The second pass left the character altered to that of the kanji for 'cold', and the Kazekage moved to set the scroll onto the ground before him.

A flicker of chakra willed the remains into the seal, preserved in their rot, but secure for their return to their home. Rolling the scroll closed once more, Kyōsuke returned it to the pocket at his breast as he stood. Turning to Kanari, his face would speak nothing to his sentiments, but his eyes would seem years older, hollower, and more tired.

"This was all that I had come for, Hokage-dono. Should you like, we can continue on to Tetsu no Kuni now."

[Techniques used:
Some seals, which I could list if you like, want.

Keep in mind Kyōsuke's Flaw, The Executioner. He has an aura with an effect similar to Killing Intent, felt by his allies for so long as they maintain a line of sight with him.]

Author:  Kanari Osoi [ Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:38 pm ]
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It wasn't a pleasant experience, traveling the country with the Kazekage. Even at his most charming, his constant threatening emanations were less than ideal.

With a nod, he stepped from the boat and followed Kyōsuke. It was an interesting experience for Kanari, seeing The Island first-hand. It wasn't as devastated as shinobi conflicts could be, but there were clear signs of several struggles. The one they were looking for, however, seemed particularly brutal. It was at that moment that the Kanari and his accompanying ANBU each took a step back from the Kazekage, a wave of dread washing over them as Kyōsuke's apparent murderous intent intensified. Such rage... Over a single death; just who was this shinobi?

It was made all the more worse that Kanari knew exactly who had done this. The one who caused his new ally such pain was one of Konoha's own... Kanari knew that Kyōsuke was a pragmatic leader, and so he expected there to be no ill-will moving forward. But that rage...

As he turned back, Kanari's expression of shock faded to curiosity once more. Though his face was as handsome and stoic as ever, a piece of him seemed missing. Of course, it was none of his business. His face snapped back to reality, but he'd keep the gravity, and he nodded in agreement.

"We will go."

Next stop, the Chuunin Exams.


Author:  Jouzu [ Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:42 pm ]
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"We will go," was all he needed to hear for his companion to say to turn from the place where Satoru had died for what Kyōsuke hoped would be forever. He knew himself not to be a sentimental man, nor did he expect that he could have changed the course of events that had led him to where he now left, but all the same time he could think of as he walked in step with the Hokage was how glad he'd be if he could breathe every breath for the rest of his life, never again coming to face with the place that his brother-in-law, some of the last of his past, had been killed.

"He'd tell me as much, the bastard," he thought, mockingly, "to stand still is to die." His hands flexed, then tightened, his knuckles whitening with the force of an anger that his body was unaccustomed to.

The journey through Tetsu no Kuni would be uneventful. Kyōsuke was glad for time to reflect and to steel himself for Shingen, who he expected to have to calm before any plans between himself and the Hokage could be put into motion.

Being able to make Saizo's face symmetrical would make it all worthwhile.

[Exit to the place where people sit and/or stand, it's really up to them]

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