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Embryonic Assumptions On The Way Home [FB]
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Author:  Skia [ Mon Nov 27, 2017 8:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Embryonic Assumptions On The Way Home [FB]

On the way home from a lengthy escort mission, Etsu shuffles through trees and grass (but mostly, fittingly, grass) to return home to Konoha (consisting of mostly, fittingly, trees). However, there is a shuffle of something. Something catches her eye. A flicker of her own in its direction match the flicking of her wrists as a trio of kunai meet each hand. She waits in stillness.

"Who's there...."

Author:  Jouzu [ Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Embryonic Assumptions On The Way Home [FB]

Kyōsuke had found, throughout the course of his service as an ANBU stationed primarily in foreign lands, that one can really only move so stealthily so long as they remain visible. Noting the appearance of a signature that he didn't recognise within the limit of his sensory range, he suspected that it would be impossible to completely avoid the person unless they happened to be completely unaware of their surroundings. Noting that he had time to spare on his return route to his village, he decided that he'd approach this person—presumably a shinobi, given that their reserves of chakra appeared to be comparable to Kyōsuke's own—in order to find out who they were and for what reason they were passing through such an out-of-the way part of Kusa no Kuni.

Beginning to move more quickly, he leapt from the path he had been making through the shin-height grass to the nearest tree, using it as a springboard to leap to another tree. Repeating this process a handful of times to approach his target, he eventually found himself standing on a thinner outstretched limb of a tree, roughly ten metres from the ground and another twenty metres from the girl whose head snapped to meet his arrival. Between her piercing green stare and the sextet of kunai that she had flicked into her hands, she seemed bristling for an excuse to fight. Kyōsuke knew better than to assume that he wouldn't provide that excuse.

Having moved into her field of vision at a rate that would no doubt seem relatively slow to her, Kyōsuke had come to a graceful stop in one of the beams of light that cut their way through the canopy formed by the trees. He knew that he'd clearly look the part of a foe; he was clad in the steel grey jacket, shin guards, and arm guards of an ANBU, black form-fitting hood, and was unmarked by village. Most ominously, he bore the mask that had given him his nom de guerre, Zetsumu. Completely featureless beyond the horizontal slits it bore for eyes, beyond sharing a face's general outline, the mask likewise bore no distinguishing contours. The only characteristic of Kyōsuke's that remained apparent was his height, which, being a head taller than the girl, could very well appear an intimidating feature on its own.

All of this registered with Kyōsuke in the same instant that his shadow drew across the ground in front of him, sprawling across the girl and the field of grass below him. He recognised her; this was the Okami girl, or someone cutting the fine line of appearing exactly like her. Notable for her fighting style, as it was her now, Kyōsuke had heard, she would be at the very least an interesting opponent.

Without a word to the girl below, who he assumed would attempt to instigate combat, he moved seamlessly from having set foot upon the branch above her to weaving a short pair of handseals with his left hand as he knelt, bringing his right hand to strike upon the tree's bark. Though not necessary for the summoning to occur, his hand coming into contact with the wood (or simply the air, in the case that he was interrupted) would draw forth four shadows, appearing to drip out into the air like oil from no apparent source. Rapidly, they would coalesce into the shapes of four armoured anthropoid foxes.

The four, as wordless as their master, assumed a guarding position as they took solid shape on the branch. Two of them, one in black armour and the other in white, knelt facing the girl below, each with one hand on the scabbard of their blade with the other on its hilt. The ones armoured in red and green stood behind their black and white counterparts, respectively, similarly ready to draw their swords as they flanked Kyōsuke.

For his part, Kyōsuke had stepped back, preparing to move into a stance that he figured would best prepare him to engage with the girl's unorthodox style.

[Techniques used:
Kanchi no Jutsu - D-Rank (2)
Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Zenko, cost x4) - B-Rank (40)
Prepared to move into Kataudeokuyuki-ryū if engaged - A-Rank (15)

Stamina remaining: 110 (58, 60), 110 (58, 45) if engaged.

Keep in mind Kyōsuke's SA, The Un-Maker. He has an aura with an effect similar to Killing Intent, felt by everyone in his presence for so long as they maintain a line of sight with him.]

Author:  Skia [ Wed Mar 21, 2018 5:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Embryonic Assumptions On The Way Home [FB]

Firstly feeling the feat of finding her followee favorable, a fuller glance at the stoic figure twists this accomplishment into an unsettling paradox. A sudden, uncomfortable awareness of her own bone structure couples the slow recognition of her threat-- not to say the Chuunin recognizes the man, as she surely doesn't, but a sense of realizing exactly what this encounter could entail if scenarios came to their worst is cause for a stifling pause. Luckily, as the ominous statue begins to reveal its humanity through motion, Etsu's alerted that this enemy exists in her world: the world of motion. This is her bout to win!

A jolt to her side is coupled with a sharp upper-cut of one of her arms, sending one of her kunai straight for her opponent. It's travel is strikingly standard in every way except two: its speed, which is of note (though notably less than her future Jounin potential), and a thin, fluttering paper attachment.

The foxes are largely to blame for a potentially explosive opener. "Outnumbered by shadowy foxy things... well... let's light up those shadows, then!"

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