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 Post subject: Old Character Points
PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 5:21 am 
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Someone might want this for reference, and not want to do any work, so it's here.
Character Points

Players receive character points when they exit any topics that they have participated in. You only gain CP for topics with another PC. The general amount of Character Points received per post is as follows:
  • 10 CP per Standard Post
  • 20 CP per post engaged in a Minor Battle or Spar
  • 20 CP per post progressing through a Mission
  • 30 CP per post engaged in a Major Battle (at least one side with intent to kill or capture)
  • 30 CP per post involved in a PC Mission (after contact with opposition)
  • +10 CP per post being trained by your sensei from your team, or for being a sensei training your own team (A PC is limited to having a single sensei under normal conditions)
  • Half CP for flashbacks
  • Half CP for posts done solely through use of a clone

Note: These values do not stack unless stated otherwise. (generally indicated with a +) for example; When you're progressing into a topic for a mission and get into a major battle, you'd gain 30 CP instead of 20. Not 50.

Players may also receive Character Points for any great deeds that they perform. This could include, but is not limited to, glorious victories in battle, participating in the chuunin exams, or capturing a bijuu. The amount of Character Points received this way varies, depending on the quality of the event and its supposed difficulty. Ranking up to Chuunin, ANBU, or Kage allows one to set their CP to the minimum start of that rank, if it is currently below such. If you are already at that total or do not want to become such and reach one of these ranks, however, you have the following options:
  1. Remove a Flaw from a Special Ability - You have grown to a point where you have moved past a Flaw. You get to keep the Special Ability!
  2. Add a Special Ability - You can add a new Special Ability to your character as a representation of growth. This comes without a Flaw!
Remember that these options are done via your updates and that they must always be approved. Not all Special Abilities are okay without a Flaw! Try to fit things within reason, and have fun.

When ranking up to Tokubetsu Jounin, you may gain one (1) Might, Will, or Fate point. When ranking up to Jounin, you gain the ability to gain bonus Character Points while training your genin students. The latter only applies to Jounin and above, Tokubetsu Jounin are excluded from this.

Character Points are spent on the progression of your character. They are used in all aspects of character development; they are used to purchase your Fighting Styles, your Attributes (or stats, as they are often called), your Elements, and Kekkei Genkai. Character Points may also be used to purchase jutsu or techniques without having to write their word count. You automatically learn anything purchased with Character Points, and do not need to learn it from anyone. This includes jutsu learned with free words bought from Character Points, or jutsu that you would have at no word-count via Character Points Perks. You need only register these things in your updates.

When registering a character, you begin with a certain amount of Character Points equal to that character’s starting rank. During that character’s growth, they may spend up to a total of 15,000, though this can be raised up to 20,000 with Fame and Infamy (see the Fame and Infamy rewards section for details). Character Points on any aspect of creation. Any Character Points spent learning jutsu do not count towards this total spent Character Points cap, and jutsu are the only things that one may purchase with Character Points once you have reached your Character Point cap. The starting Character Points totals of different ranks are listed below:
  • Genin: 4,000
  • Chuunin: 6,000
  • Tokubetsu Jounin: 7,000
  • Jounin: 8,000
  • ANBU: 9,000
  • Kage: 11,000
There are, effectively, three* kinds of Character Points. There are unspent Character Points, which you have accumulated and may spend on anything listed below, there are Active Character Points, and there are Total Character Points. Active Character Points is the total amount of Character Points that you have spent and that are contributing towards your Character Points cap. You may not have more than 15,000 Active Character Points (ACP) at any given time. You may have any number of Unspent Character Points (UCP). In most circumstances, except where noted (generally in the case of bloodline progression and jutsu), spending UCP means an increase in your ACP of the same amount. For example, if you have 100 Character Points and you buy a Attribute Advantage, you remove 100 Character Points from your UCP, while your ACP is increased by 100. Your Total Character Points (TCP) is equal to your UCP added to your ACP, and determines what bonuses you are eligible for on the Character Points Perks chart. You will keep track of this, along with how any Character Points gained after creation are spent, in your Character Updates thread. See the Character Update Template for more details. If you would spend UCP on things that do not count towards your Active Character Points total, such as bloodline progression or jutsu, those points are effectively "lost" when they are spent. You obtain whatever you spent them on, but they are removed from your UCP, are not added to your ACP, and thus do not count towards your TCP, which is your UCP and ACP added together.

There is also a fourth type, called Spent Character Points, but this is only ever used at character registration, in order for staff to make sure that you did not spend too many Character Points. It is not the same as your Active Character Points, as not all Character Points you spend contribute to your ACP.
The values of these objects, and their prices in Character Points, are listed below:

Your first and second elements cost 500 Character Points each. A third and fourth element cost 700 Character Points each. Your fifth element, and any elements after it, cost 1,000 Character Points each. This includes all five of the Basic Elements. Advanced Elements from Kekkei Genkai are purchased separately from all other elements, meaning that they are unaffected in cost by how many you already own, nor do they affect the price of future elements purchased. That said, Advanced Elements will always cost 500 Character Points. For example, if a Senju had Water Release and wanted to learn Wood Release, it would cost 500 Character Points. However, if they wanted to learn Earth Release afterwards, it would still only cost 500 Character Points (instead of 700 for a third element), as Wood Release does not count as an element when determining how many are known. This is to balance out the fact that clans with Advanced Elements must pay an additional 500 Character Points that other bloodlines need not pay.

Fighting Styles:
Fighting Styles are purchased in three increments: minors, majors, and specialities. You must purchase each level in order to progress forward, meaning you must purchase the minor, then the major, then the specialist rank.
  • Minor: 200 Character Points
  • Major: 300 Character Points
  • Specialist: 500 Character Points
By this system, effectively, buying straight to a major costs 500 Character Points, and buying straight to a specialist costs 1,000 Character Points.

Attributes are purchased in stages. Everyone begins with a Poor in each of the six attributes. To upgrade a Poor to an Average, thus upgrading a full tier, you must purchase advantages. Purchasing one advantage gives you a Minor Advantage in that stat, which is slightly better than that base attribute. Purchasing a second advantage gives you a Major Advantage, making you modestly better in that stat. Purchasing a third advantage moves you to the next tier in that stat, and thus represents you being largely superior than the previous stat tier.

The base cost for a raise is 100 Character Points, altered by a modifier, based on the tier of that stat you have when purchasing an attribute. The modifiers are as follows:
  • Poor: .5x
  • Average: 1x
  • Proficient: 2x
  • Masterful: 3x
  • Epic: 4x
  • Legendary: 5x
  • Godlike: N/A
For example, if you have Poor strength, you will need three advantages to raise that to Average strength. Each advantage costs 100 Character Points, modified by the modifier for a Poor stat, which is .5x. This means each advantage costs 50 Character Points, meaning the total cost to reach Average strength is 150 Character Points. Each raise purchased while at Average strength would cost 100 Character Points, and each raise purchased at Proficient strength costs 200 Character Points, and so on.
  • To reach Average from Poor: 150 Character Points
  • To reach Proficient from Average: 300 Character Points
  • To reach Masterful from Proficient: 600 Character Points
  • To reach Epic from Masterful: 900 Character Points
  • To reach Legendary from Epic: 1,200 Character Points
  • To reach Godlike from Legendary: 1,500 Character Points

Kekkei Genkai and Bloodlines
If you are part of a clan, you must spend 200 Character Points as a bloodline tax. This counts towards your Active Character Points.

Jutsu are trained via Word Count. However, you may spend Character Points to purchase a jutsu in place of writing words. Any Character Points spent towards jutsu in this way do not count towards your Character Points cap. One Character Point is equal to 25 free words. Applied to the standard word count costs in the training rules, that means that each rank, to remove all words, would cost the following:
  • D-Rank: 2 CP (50 words)
  • C-Rank: 4 CP (100 words)
  • B-Rank: 8 CP (200 words)
  • A-Rank: 12 CP (300 words)
  • S-Rank: 20 CP (500 words)
Learning jutsu with Character Points removes Unspent Character Points from your UCP total, but does not add any points to your ACP total. Effectively, UCP used this way are lost, and do not count towards your TCP when they have been spent.

When a character has reached the 10,000 CP threshold they are considered to be Epic. This allows a player to choose a pick off of the Restricted Techniques list.

Character Point Perks
At 4,000 Character Points, D-rank jutsu no longer require word-counts.
At 5,000 Character Points, Genin may learn A-ranks without being taught or requiring Proficient wisdom.
At 6,000 Character Points, C-rank jutsu no longer require word-counts.
At 7,000 Character Points, Genin and Chuunin may learn S-Ranks without being taught or requiring Masterful wisdom.
At 8,000 Character Points, B-rank jutsu no longer require word-counts.
At 9,000 Character Points, A-rank jutsu no longer require word-counts.
At 10,000 Character Points a character is known to be Epic.
At 11,000 Character Points, S-rank jutsu no longer require word-counts.

Kyōsuke Chikamatsu
Strength: Proficient
Constitution: Proficient
Stamina: Legendary (250 SP, 60 SP with Ninjutsu; Godlike, 250 SP, 60 SP with Taijutsu)
Coordination: Masterful (Major Advantage with Ninjutsu, Minor Advantage with Sensory)
Reflex: Masterful (Minor Advantage with Sensory)
Wisdom: Legendary (Major Advantage with Genjutsu, Godlike with Fūinjutsu, Godlike with Taijutsu)

Fūinjutsu Specialist, Genjutsu Specialist, Taijutsu Specialist; Kuchiyose Expert, Ninjutsu Expert, Sensory Adept


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