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Kiri Genin
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Jutsu List: Mystical Calm Technique
Chí could hear a very mellow tone through the hallway as she made her way from one room towards the next. His words were resolute yet shined just akin a guardian. Chï became aware of Chen being held captive within the infirmary by the team of 420, which caused the Mizukage to intervein. 'Chen must have overexerted himself after casting such a gregarious technique, she thought, keeping subtle and subliminal outside of the infirmary and listening in silence whilst suppressing her chakra. Even for a genin, Chï knew casting an A rank in a C rank tournament was a no go. Those whom would pan beyond that ability would have to be disqualified for lethality and mal intent. Even in the battle zone, humanity and morality had a way of keeping the system just and formitable. And even so of cases of non lethality, the order of law permitted them from advancing into chunnin. A desolate call into the afterlife, it seams. May your spirit rest in peace, friend. Nothing left other than to heal those whom ready to ascend forward. Let's go.

Chí slyly moved forwards through the corridor, slinking her way through the arming of the door, seeing four individuals on bed resting, the Mizukage and her silent familiar, as well as a very stout individual of the voice whom she'd heard earlier. She could immediately clue the sounds of the voices she heard down the hall with the looks on their faces and the apparal they wore. Eventually she found the bedridden Chen, blood upon his garb and dried under his lips and teeth. She gifted a slight smile as she smoothly made her way through the crowd, bowing silently towards the Mizukage, them directly towards the unconscious Chen, channeling chakra through her palm, emanating a bright white and sparkling gold color, manifesting healing energy from the deepest portions of her well. She began, subtle diagnostics of his condition, scanning and healing his bodily functions with the 'divinal' chakra energy and had.
After tending to his light wounds, she moved forwards towards the heavier lacerations and fractures, repairing cut skin and rippled muscle which over exerted itself during his unconscious return into the intralife. Chï wouldnt allow any of her comrades to fade, even if they were down and out. It was her healers way.

'He may make a recovery,' Chï said lightly. 'If all is benevolent, Chen should be able to wake in righteous time to watch the final rounds.' Chï bestowed wholeheartfully, killing her eyes and gifting a small grin, encompassing compassion and enlightenment amongst the room towards all whom were surveying.


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{ ~ 50SP; 30SP Ninjutsu Major; 100SP Ijutsu Specialty }
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[w/ Minor Advantage; Ninjutsu Major]
[w/ Major Advantage; Ijutsu Specialty]
Wisdom: Average
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