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 Post subject: Restricted Techniques
PostPosted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:42 am 
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Welcome! Here on TNRPG, it is our belief that restricted techniques are best implemented when they are restricted, but not banned. As a result, we believe that these restricted techniques should always out circulating through the world. This leads to exciting encounters and scenarios with fan-favorite techniques throughout the series. As a result, we've created the new TNRPG Restricted List. Every player is entitled to one item from this list, for the sake of exciting and involving gameplay, with the potential for gaining more later.

The technique or item of the player's choice, provided it is open, will be loaned to a player for the duration of that character's lifetime. When the character in possession of a loaned item is killed, or retired, someone may take their item or technique in-character if possible. If this is not possible or does not happen, their loaned item is returned to the list for someone else to take. All present members will now be given a number at random, and will take turns picking an item from the loaned list according to those numbers. New members will also be allowed to choose an item or technique from the Restricted List for their first approved character.

Each player is entitled to choose one item from the restricted list to possess at a time. This is not to say that it is the only item from the restricted list that you can have, simply that it is the only one that you receive for free, just for playing the game. When a character of yours with one of these items is killed or retired, you may choose a new item from the list for a new character or one of your alts. Certain items can only be loaned out to one person at a time, while others can be loaned out to multiple people at the same time. Anything else must be acquired in character. You may not select the same Restricted List item again for your next loan if a character dies.

To prevent excessive hording of powerful items/techniques, restricted items and techniques are limited by a slot total. A character can have a total of four (4) items from this list at any given time. A character can possesses one Item, one Status, and one Technique from this list. A person's choice of loaned item for a character's lifetime fills a special fourth slot, known as the Wild slot, and can be an Item, Status, or Technique without counting as your one-of object of that type. This means that a "main" character with a loaned technique can have four total items from the list (one Item, one Status, one Technique, and one Wild). An "alternate" character without a loaned item can obtain a total of three (one Item, one Status, and one Technique). A player begins with two empty restricted slots available, which they can fill my gaining an item in-character. Characters gain a slot upon becoming Legendary, and they can gain and fill a Wild slot by having a loaned item from the list.

Disclaimer Regarding Bijuu: In order to prevent any one village from stockpiling all of the bijuu, we are limiting the number of bijuu that can be placed into the village via these restricted loans.

TNRPG Restricted Technique List

Shukaku - CLOSED - Status
The one-tailed bijuu. Owned by Seto Uchiha, played by Rion.

Matatabi - CLOSED - Status
The two-tailed bijuu. Currently deceased and reforming.

Isobu - Closed - Status
The three-tailed bijuu. Owned by Katsu Kaguya

Son Goku - CLOSED - Status
The four-tailed bijuu. Owned by Zan Kanou, played by Greed.

Kokuo - CLOSED - Status
The five-tails bijuu. Owned by Shōri Uchiha, played by Daichi.

Saiken - CLOSED - Status
The six-tails bijuu. Owned by Mizui Hozuki, played by Kyojin.

Chomei - CLOSED - Status
The seven-tails bijuu. Owned by Urunobi Uchiha, played by Amelia.

Gyuuki - CLOSED - Status
The eight-tails bijuu. Owned by Haruko Fujiko, played by Dawnbreakable.

Kurama - CLOSED - Status
The nine-tails bijuu. Owned by Ayane Satetsu, played by Zach.

ACP Cap Increase - (Five slots) - OPEN - Status
Increases your ACP cap by 2,000, for a total of 17,000/22,000.

Advent of a Flowering World of Trees - OPEN - Technique
An S-Rank Mokuton technique, it threatens to put anyone who inhales its pollen into a deep sleep. A Will Point will break this effect.

Almighty Push and Pull - CLOSED - Status
Grants the Rinnegan, capable of performing only these two techniques. At C-rank, the cooldown is five seconds. At B-rank, it is ten seconds. At A-rank, it is fifteen seconds. At S-rank, it is thirty minutes. C-rank repels proficient strength, B-rank repels masterful, A-rank repels epic, and S-rank repels legendary. Large structural damage is caused at A-rank, and multiple buildings are destroyed at S-rank. Owned by Shikaji, played by Austin.

Amplification Summoning - OPEN - Technique
Must be registered with Amplification, must pay for technique in SP cost of registration as B-rank technique.

Ark Branch - OPEN - Item
A branch containing mystical properties. While in the possession of the user, the user is allowed to pick a second element to function as an additional Ninjutsu Specialist primary element.

Asura Path - CLOSED - Status
Grants the Rinnegan, capable of performing only the abilities of the Asura Path. Create neat stuff within reason/canon, appendages have your str/coo/reflex etc. B-rank cost for limbs and modifications. The chakra laser is an S-rank. Owned by Astora.

Black Lightning - (2 slots) - OPEN - Technique
Lightning techniques are treated as one-rank higher at no additional cost. Doesn't stack with another booster.

Black Receivers - OPEN - Status
Can be generated from the body for a C-rank amount of chakra per receiver. They are treated as journeymen quality items. They are capable of transmitting chakra over long distances. All Black Receivers dissipate at the time of the creator's death. Grants Rinnegan.

Blocking Technique Absorption Seal - CLOSED - Status
Grants Rinnegan. Capable of absorbing A-rank and lower ninjutsu. Restores chakra equal to the amount absorbed. Owned by Enkou Aiyoku, played by Aporo.

Boss Stat - (Six slots) - OPEN - Status
The ability to purchase a Boss rank in a stat. Each advantage passed Godlike costs 600 CP, making the Boss stat cost 1800 CP total. Cannot be boosted to; must be natural.

Demonic Statue Chains - OPEN - Status
Uzumaki hiden-like. Allows you to paralyze a target or seal things into yourself. It does not come with the Gedo Statue. A-rank cost, sealing and paralyzing cost S.

Demonic Statue of the Outer Path - OPEN - Status
Grants Rinnegan. Strength: Godlike, Constitution: Legendary, Stamina: N/a, Reflexes: Legendary, Coordination: Epic, Wisdom: N/a. Can be summoned and dismissed. Can be maintained for two posts, with an additional two posts for every tier of Stamina of the summoner beyond Proficient.

Dustless Bewildering Cover - CLOSED - Technique
No physical form, cannot be sensed during the duration, as they do not give off a chakra signature. A-rank cost with a C-rank upkeep. Unlike the databook, it is not Water Release. Owned by Makoto Koizumi, played by Makoto Koizumi.

Earth Grudge Fear - CLOSED - Technique
Maximum of four additional hearts. Each heart can grant one element that its owner knew in life. You cannot die while at least one heart exists. The hearts can split off from you to become constructs with stats equal to yours. Your stamina is split between them, similar to clones. Each construct can only use one element type.
Also you have stitches that you can manipulate. Owned by Number 11, played by Number 11.

Fake Jinchuuriki - (Two slots) - OPEN - Status
Similar to Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Has absorbed some of a bijuu's chakra, granting access to an 80 point refreshing chakra pool, v1, and bijuu healing. The v1 stats are those of the bijuu whose chakra was absorbed.

Flying Thunder God - (2/2) - CLOSED - Technique
Fuuin minor required, no cost reductions. B-rank to travel in-topic, A-rank per-use to travel across the country, S-rank to travel to a different country. Owned by Kazu Uchiha, played by Keiri and Etsu Okami, played by Skia.

Fission Technique - OPEN - Technique
Split into two weaker halves, halve stats, no max range, stats cannot go above Epic while multiples exist, one dies other remains.

Flight Technique - (1/2) - OPEN - Technique
A-rank cost, C-rank upkeep. Owned by Kanari Osoi, played by Rivu.

Gelel Stone - (Six slots) - OPEN - Item
100% stamina refresh 1/topic, heal minor-moderate wounds.

Generic Sage Mode - CLOSED - Status
Grants the user Sage Mode without being tied to a contract. See Sage Mode post. Owned by Uzumaki Akemi, played by Akemi.

Golem Technique - OPEN - Technique
Golem – Average Agi, Average Dex, Epic Con/Epic Strength (A-rank cost) (S-rank for giant) (disintegrates at end of topic).

Hashirama's Healing Ability - OPEN - Technique
Can heal minor wounds for a C-rank, major wounds for a B-rank, and can heal massive (though non-fatal) wounds and reattach limbs as an A-rank.

Heavenly Hand Power - CLOSED - Status
Includes the Rinnegan, which can only use this power. Can teleport short distance within sight range (20 meters) at a B-rank cost, or can swap places with an object within sight in mid-range (60 meters) for an A-rank cost, can target living beings at an S-rank cost. Objects and people keep direction and momentum. Owned by Rei Uchiha, played by Kye.

Heavenly Object Quaking Star - OPEN - Technique
Grants the canon technique and Rinnegan, costs 30 SP. Requires Susano'o.

Hero Water - OPEN - Item
Five uses. Grants 100 stamina points for the topic where it is used. Also increases the user's Strength, Reflexes, and Coordination by a tier for the duration of the topic (caps at Godlike). Can make chakra barriers up to A-rank in cost and strength.

Hiding with Camouflage - OPEN - Technique
No sight, smell, or visible appearance. B-rank cost, C-rank upkeep.

Implant - (Five slots) - OPEN - Status
This gives the user a kekkei genkai implant, any kekkei genkai (doesn't have to be from their village), and is treated as a moderate success, meaning techniques of the implanted bloodline cost 50% more chakra. No recovery costs need be paid.

Impure World Reincarnation - CLOSED - Technique
Requires a PC sacrifice, cannot resurrect characters from before the restart. The resurrected characters will be played by their original players, and they cannot leave the country in which their summoner is located. Owned by Kyousuke Chikamatsu, played by Jouzu.

Iwagakure Kinjutsu - OPEN - Technique
Includes mouth-hands and a chest-mouth. These mouths infuse objects with life, which can create moving constructs. These constructs can be infused with one of the elements of the creator.

Jashinism - (2/5) - OPEN - Status
Immortality, in addition to the canon Jashin techniques. Interestingly, a Jashin-follower can still die of starvation. Owned by Ty Lee, played by Dawnbreakable and Slyther Sortatasu, played by Slyther.

Kamui - OPEN - Technique
One eye is Obito's abilities, the other eye is Kakashi's abilities.

Kurosawa - Closed - Item
Mifune's sword, literally meaning Black Swamp. Can use iaido without knowing the technique, and for no cost. Owned by Kami Kami played by Girougamesh.

Kusanagi - CLOSED - Item
Can float and fly and return to the user. It is capable of cutting through very sturdy things. Grants Kusanagi techniques.

Lightning Release Chakra Mode - CLOSED - Technique
Includes sub-techniques. Owned by Chinatsu Hidomaru, played by Mia.

Mayfly - OPEN - Technique
Can transport between root network and cannot be sensed while doing. Costs an S-rank amount of chakra. Requires Wood Release

Mind's Eye of the Kagura - CLOSED - Technique
Listed on-site. Owned by Jubei, played by Jubei.

Natural Chakra Absorption - OPEN - Technique
The user is capable of draining 15 points of stamina from an enemy on extended contact. This is without the use of the Chakra Absorption Technique. The user gains the full amount of chakra drained.

Perfect Susano'o - OPEN - Technique
Grants Perfect Susano'o. Costs 400 CP after Conjoined Gods. Strength: Godlike, Constitution: Godlike. Techniques damaging Susano'o's durability are treated as a rank lower. Size massively increased, and capable of flight.

Planetery Devastation - CLOSED - Status
Grants Rinnegan. Grants the user the capability of using Chibaku Tensei, costs S. Owned by Rei Uchiha, played by Kye.

Purple Lightning - OPEN - Technique
The canon technique from Boruto. Costs an S-rank amount of chakra, and requires no handseals.

Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique - OPEN - Status
Grants the Rinnegan, capable of using this one technique. Capable of reviving any number of people that have died within your country forum within a reasonable event time. Costs your own life.

Sage's Tools - OPEN - Item
As in canon. The fan costs an S-rank per use, the others cost an A-rank.

Shinobi Battle Armor - (Five slots) - OPEN - Item
Item similar to Madara, Hashirama, Tobirama, and Hiruzen's armor. Grants 30 durability, causes strength impacts against the user to be treated as a rank lower, and can be repaired for free inside friendly villages.

Slug Contract - (2/2) - CLOSED - Status
Includes Sage Mode for the primary contract user. Includes slug-related techniques. Owned by Naito Yoshida, played by Naisu and Tori Sunba, played by Alis.

Snake Contract - (1/2) - OPEN - Status
Includes Sage Mode for the primary contract user. Includes snake-related techniques. Owned by Ryoka Mizuki (primary), played by Sarah.

Spiraling Ring - OPEN - Technique
A powerful non-elemental technique on par with Sage Art: Wind Style Rasenshuriken, costs an S-rank amount of chakra.

Sword of the Thunder God - OPEN - Item
The legendary sword of the Second Hokage. This sword is treated as having a permanent A-rank Raiton chakra flow.

Tenseigan Chakra Mode - OPEN - Status
Grants access to Chakra Mode, giving the same boosts as Kurama's Chakra Mode. Can be maintained for a total of ten posts. Each post of Chakra Mode has to be purchased for 200 CP. The first post is free.

Toad Contract - (1/2) - OPEN - Status
Includes Sage Mode for the primary contract user. Includes toad-related techniques. Owned by Sarutahiko Ōkami Senju (primary), played by Rikuo.

Totsuka Blade - CLOSED - Item
Requires a spiritual being to wield, such as Susano'o or a Buddhist custom. Owned by Daizo Kamura played by Justice.

Two Kekkei-Genkai/Hiden - (2/10 Slots) - OPEN - Status
You may take two kekkei-genkai or hiden in any combination. You must pay any costs associated with them. They must be from the same village, or a clan open to all villages. Owned by Taro Kanaduchi and Ayobandito

Weighted Rock Techniques - OPEN - Technique
Includes the Lightweight and Heavyweight variants. Does not include the Flight Technique. Lightweight Rock increases reflexes but decreases strength proportional to a B-rank booster, Ultra Lightweight Rock does the same at A-rank. Heavyweight can increase a target's weight for a B-rank, granting them a B-rank boost to strength, but an equal penalty to agility. For an A-rank, the Ultra Heavyweight can turn a target to stone. Requires Doton.

Well-Used Scalpel - OPEN - Item
Grants the user a +20 modifier to all of their surgery and implant rolls.

Wood Dragon - OPEN - Technique
Absorbs chakra from target, S-rank per post, user does not receive chakra, Str/Con Epic. Requires Mokuton.

Yata Mirror - OPEN - Item
Requires a spiritual being to wield, such as Susano'o or a Buddhist custom. Listed on-site.

Zero Tails - OPEN - Status
Grants Chakra Access like a regular Tailed Beast, which must be acquired accordingly. Grants V1/V2 jinchuuriki states. The Zero Tail's V1/V2 grant the same stat boosts as Kurama. Grants access to the Zero Tail's techniques. Does not count towards the max jinchuuriki per village cap.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 9:45 pm 
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List of Village-Owned Bijuu

The following is a list of each village and what bijuu they possess. Note: while a village possesses two or more bijuu, they may NOT receive more through the loans listed above. Any additional acquisitions must be done through IC methods.

1. Saiken - Currently sealed inside of Mizui Hozuki.
2. Isobu - Currently sealed inside of Katsu Kaguya.

1. Shukaku - Currently sealed inside of Seto Uchiha.
2. Son Goku - Currently sealed inside of Zan Kanou.

1. Kokuo - Currently sealed inside of Shōri Uchiha.
2. Chomei - Currently sealed inside of Urunobi Uchiha.

1. Kurama - Currently sealed inside of Ayane Satetsu.

 Post subject: Legendary System
PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 3:28 am 
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I, Hanzo, hereby name you the Hidden Leaf's Sannin.

Every so-often there are those in a generation who truly excel. Those who become more than just ninja, and more than just famous. They are the ones whose power is not only famous in its time, but throughout all of history. Stronger than even kage, though many kage are included in their ranks, they are those whose stories are told even hundreds of years later. They are legendary.

Legendary is a status-effect on TNRPG, similar to a character's rank. It signifies characters who have done more than just make names for themselves, but have become the those who have defined history. At any given time, any character simply is or is not Legendary. Characters who are Legendary receive some special bonuses, and those who are not Legendary can strive to become Legendary by fulfilling the requirements listed below.

  • 3,000 CP more than your starting total
  • 1,000 Renown
  • An event deemed appropriate for your Legendary status

Straightforward enough? Good. Now, what about those characters that do become Legendary? Well, Legendary characters first and foremost receive the ability to take an item off of the Restricted List, which fills the Legendary Shinobi slot of their Restricted List slots. In addition to this, Legendary shinobi will be recorded in a special thread, which includes their name, title, the date they become Legendary, and the story of how they did it. All Legendary characters are known by all characters, regardless of Wisdom and total Renown. Finally, Legendary characters will likely receive some kind of unique graphic to denote their status.

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Restricted abilities and items are classified in one of three ways – as a certain Status, a special Technique, or an incredible Item. Over the course of their lives, characters may obtain these Restricted abilities, whether through Loan System, through the Legendary requirement, or simply by acquiring them from others In Character.

One of a player’s characters (sometimes called a Main, and will be referred to as such hereafter in the topic) will receive four potential “slots” for these abilities – a Status, Technique, Item, and a Wild slot. Most of the slots are self-explanatory, filled with one ability from each category, but the Wild slot is different. It can be filled with an ability from any category. A player’s other characters (sometimes referred to as Alternate Characters or just Alts) will have only the Status, Technique, and Item slots – they do not receive a Wild slot (nor, as explained in the Draft Loan topic, a Draft pick).

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