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 Post subject: Character Points
PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:20 am 
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Character Points

All mechanical growth on TNRPG is measured in Character Points (or "CP"). Characters receive CP for any posts they have made in any topics that they have participated in, in which they have engaged with another character. In order to count this CP towards a character's Unspent Character Points (or "UCP"; the pool of CP that a character may spend), they must claim it in an update thread. A character's UCP may be spent to make purchases that count towards their Active Character Points (or "ACP"; which has a hard maximum amount that any character may reach) or to make purchases that do not. Some milestones of development depend on a character's Total Character Points (or "TCP"), which is the sum value of their UCP and ACP.

Earning CP

The amount of CP received per post is as follows (none of the listed values are cumulative; characters that engage in both a PC mission and major combat receive only 30 CP, not 60):
  • 10 CP per non-combat post;
  • 20 CP per post engaged in a minor combat or spar;
  • 20 CP per post progressing through a mission;
  • 30 CP per post engaged in a major combat (any combat where at least one side has the intent to kill or capture);
  • 30 CP per post involved in a PC Mission (after contact with opposition);
  • An additional 10 CP for students per post being trained by their sensei, or for being a sensei training their students;
  • Half CP during flashbacks;
  • Half CP for posts done solely through a clone.

Players may also receive CP for great deeds that they perform. This could include, but is not limited to, particularly-impactful victories in battle, participating in a notable fight in the Chūnin Selection Exams, or capturing a bijū. The amount of CP received in this way varies, depending on the quality and notability of a character's role in involved events and its the difficulty of those events.

Additionally, a player may earn Character Points for one solo-post per day, circumventing the usual rules of being unable to claim points from solo-topics. The first solo-post made each day can be redeemed for 20 CP, halved in value following the normal rules if it is a flashback.

Types of CP

There are three primary types of CP, of which a player will be required to maintain accurate records for each of their characters (and will be required to list in each update, whether their totals change or not): Active Character Points (or "ACP"), Unspent Character Points (or "UCP"), and Total Character Points (or "TCP").

Active Character Points
A character's ACP is the total amount of CP that they have spent and that is contributing towards a hard cap on the investment of CP. The standard cap on a character's ACP is 15,000. This cap is increased by a number equal to the character's Renown, up to a total of an additional 10,000 ACP (for an ultimate maximum of 25,000 ACP). Note that this process does not grant CP to spend, it simply increases the maximum amount a character is allowed to spend. For example, if a character has 2,500 Renown, their ACP cap is 17,500.

Unspent Character Points
A character may have any amount of UCP. In most circumstances (except where noted, generally in the case of bloodline progression and learning techniques), spending UCP will result in an increase in a character's ACP by the same amount (as, when it is spent, the CP becomes "active"). For example, if a character spends 100 CP to purchase an Advantage in an Attribute, they remove 100 CP from their UCP and increase their ACP by 100. Expenditures of UCP that do not count towards a character's ACP are effectively "lost"; a character may progress a level in their bloodline, or learn a technique, but the spent CP is removed from the character's UCP, is not added to their ACP, and thus cannot contribute towards their TCP.

Total Character Points
A character's TCP is the sum total of their UCP and ACP, and determines eligibility for perks of character Class (or progression to the Epic Class).

Secondary Types of CP
There are additional "types" of CP that do not function in manners mechanically similar to ACP, UCP, or TCP. For example, at registration, a player will be asked to tally their "spent Character Points", which is only used to evaluate purchases made for a character at registration (in order to determine whether a player has unknowingly overspent or underspent the allotted amount of CP).

Many things will refer to "earned CP" or CP earned or gained while a certain technique or status is possessed. Earned CP is simply the amount of CP accumulated by a character (and, when conditions are specified, the amount of CP earned while the specified condition is true). For example, jinchūriki receive an additional post of the ability to access their bijū's Stamina for every 400 CP they have earned while hosting the bijū in question. Any references to earned CP only refer to CP accumulated during play of a character; CP allotted to a character at registration does not count towards earned CP. Players are encouraged (and may, in some cases, be asked to) keep track of earned CP in certain circumstances, though all players should note that, even if the recorded values are only useful for their own reference, accurate counts of earned CP are always useful.

"CP earned in the field" is earned CP specifically referring to the condition of in-character posts in threads relevant to missions for a village. For example, any CP earned by a character during and for the completion of an A-Rank mission counts as CP earned in the field. CP earned in the field is used to determine eligibility for automatic promotions.

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