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Having completed his previous quest of acquiring groceries, Masamune had engaged in the equally-mundane followup quest of delivering them to his small apartment. When that was done, he had set about the task of preparing food. Given that it was, what might be considered in Kemurigakure, anyway, a nice day outside, he decided that he might as well sit in the park for a picnic lunch. It was a slight change of pace, the thought made him vaguely uncomfortable but he was of a desire to familiarize himself with this place, at least, and it seemed a good enough way as any to do so. Plus, it was practical, given that he needed to eat, even if he was part machine much of the time.

Perhaps surprisingly, Masamune was a rather adept cook. He had spent so much time on his own, alone, that he had needed to cook food for himself. At first he was quite bad at it, lacking skill and experience, but both those things were developed and honed over time, with a decade of practice. His cookery might not pass at any fine restaurants, and certainly it couldn't be described as refined, but it was rustic, hearty, and homely. For himself, at least, he found it to be quite delicious.

So, the masked man ventured into the Crescendo Park. According to the old stories, a famous battle had taken place here in ages past, but from the view of the scenic park now, one couldn't tell that just by looking at it. One would struggle to tell that it had even been destroyed as recently as two years previously, during the invasion from Konohagakure. As the Hollow One scouted around for a place to sit and eat, carrying a small bag containing a bento at his side, he reflected over how now, if such a thing occurred again, he would somehow have been roped into defending this village, too. How so much had changed.

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