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It was like most days for Hattori. At least, back before him or his squad had actually been assigned. A lightly rainy day, like most in the spring of Kemuri, the shade of the clouds overhead covered the landscape of the surrounding buildings like a blanket of gentle shade. The rain came sprinkling down upon his hat that it would make a light, but barely audible pitter patter with each sequential raindrop that manages to hit his woven hat.

Through the openings of his hat, that which covered a majority of his face due to its size, Hattori looked ahead toward the marketplace. It was Sunday, meaning Hattori needs to buy some food. He’s not much a skilled cook. He father taught him only the basics within his lifetime, and the best he can manage with what the man left him could only cover him for the next couple of weeks. Hattori was okay with this, however. He felt as is most of this was a test of mental resilience. One final lesson his father could never truly teach him without being absent. Hattori’s mind drifts as he begins to think back on many of the other lessons his father-


Hattori’s train of thought breaks when his attentions is brought to the marketplace, as conversations and the environment begin to become audible as he approaches the marketplace. Hattori sighs, and adjusts his hat, as well as the headband he had sewn into it. The sound that Hattori could hear was a man’s shop having been falling over. Some of the Academy students got into a supply of shurikens. ’Speaking of which, I should try and find the cheapest shop for food around here.’, Hattori thinks. He has planned on picking up some supplies and food for the day. He’d been through this market hundreds of times, both with his father and without. He knew his way around. However, one shop at the end of the market laid a strange little hut that he didn’t recognize. It was peculiar. Usually that area led into the more rural and forestry areas of Kemurigakure. Feeling curious and a little bit brave, Hattori pulls out a large chain that wraps around his wrist and pulls it to be loose so that he can carry it easier. Gripping the knife at the end of his chain, Hattori slowly approaches the hut, hiiding his chain in the folds of his shirt as he walks past passerby. Reaching the hut, he slips the knife into his sleeve, and enters the hut.

It was fairly rank with a strange smell inside. What first hit Hattori on what type of shop this was that it was some sort of oil shop. It smelled like a goddamn deep fryer with how thick it smelled like oil in here. It was almost like he walked into a completely different environment. The shelves were lined with numerous containers of what appeared to be thick viscous liquids, all of which appeared to be boiling, despite there being no visible heat. There were general ninja tools sitting on the shelves as well, but they were strangely crafted. Their size befit something more like. Aminayure versin of what they were. Maybe this man was attempting to make more money off of Academy students. Regardless, he approaches the front of the store, he rings the bell twice, seeing a man in the far back of the store working what appears to be a vat of a boiling substance, what he can only assume to be oil.

”Huh? Oh, yes yes.. I’ll be there in a second. Give me a moment, kid. For now rest, pull of that hat, and I’ll be with you in a moment.”, the man says, looking back. Hattori refuses to exactly pull off his hat, as he doesn’t exactly feel really comfortable, but he decides to take a seat regardless. The chair itself is fairly comfortable, surpassingly, despite its old, rugged frame. While he sits down, Hattori’s eye on what appears to be a massive scroll sitting at the top of the store, on a high shelf sitting at a 45 degree angle above his eyes. As he does so, out of the corner of his eye, he can see the man turn around and smile.

Shortly afterward, the man finishes what he’s doing and walks over to where he’s sitting, taking a short bow. “Sorry for the wait, kid. What exactly are you looking for?”, the man says. His face was semi-warty, with a wide grin on his face. His eyes seemed almost perpetually closed. Hattori, about to say something stops himself. He’s not entirely sure why he came in here, outside of the pretense of curiosity alone.”I uh.. I wanted to check out what this shop offered. I’ve never see it around Kemuri before “, he quietly says. As he says so, he glances up at the scroll once more. The man’s eye seems to twinkle. “I see you eyeing that scroll there. Look, I’m in a generous mood today, so I’ll give you a proposition.”. The man hops up, literally taking a a squat and jumping into a leap to grab the scroll in one fell swoop, landing back down on his position. That scroll had to be at least 10 feet in the air. “I wanted to get this scroll off of my hands. It’s a special Omamori that I’ve been keeping for a long time. I’ve been waiting for someone special to come in, and I feel you may just be that person. Call it a hunch”, the shopkeeper muses. Unraveling the scroll on his lap, the shopkeeper explains in detail about the scroll. He says that whoever signs the scroll in blood is blessed by the one of the patron animals of the ninja; the Toads, and have been destined for greatness. He’s apparently held onto it for his entire life, and has seen it passed between many people, eventually finding his way back to him. Hattori stares down at the scroll, having it unraveled on his lap. There are numerous names he can recognize, and some he cannot. He could recognize the name of what appears to say something like Yuzumagi, but it appears to be smudged, and hard to read. Seeing no reason why, Hattori asks for a pen.

”Oh, you won’t be needing that. See, charms like these require a signature of blood”,. That specific statement caused Hattori to falter slightly. Blood? Why blood? It seemed strange that a charm like this would require blood, unless if it were some kind of summoning scroll. Hattori gives the man a look, but concedes, biting his thum, and proceeding to write out his name in kanji longways down the paper of the scroll; he then leaves his prints on the bottom, and pulls away. ”Alright, I did it. So what should I expect?”, Hattori says, wrapping up the scroll. The man picks up the scroll, and holds it underneath his arm. With a sly, mischevious grin he replies, ”The moment I see you again.”


A short while later, Hattori walks out the shop, realizing he still had his chain wrapped around his arm, never having taken it out. Questioning exactly why he signed a paper in goddamn blood, he turns back to the shop to get one more look at it before he goes home.

The shop is gone. As if it had never existed. All he can see is what appears to be a small animal hopping into the forest.


Fighting Styles:
Bukijutsu Expert (MoA)
Fuinjutsu Expert
Ninjutsu Expert
Chemistry Apprentice

  • Strength: Average (150)
  • Constitution: Proficient (450)
  • Stamina: Average (150)
  • Reflex: Average (150)
  • Coordination: Proficient (450)
  • Wisdom: Proficient (150)
Crystal Release

Spent Character Points: 4500
Active Character Points: 0
Unspent Character Points: 100
Total Character Points: 4600
Current Equipment (30k from Bukijutsu Expert)
  • 1x Kyoketsu-shoge - 23,000 ryo
  • 20x Kunai - 500 ryo
  • 10ft of Rope - 2000 ryo
  • 1x Bandages 1000 ryo
  • 3,500 unspent ryo

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