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 Post subject: Re: Kumogakure's Gates
PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 2:44 pm 
Kumo Jonin
Kumo Jonin
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As Anna prepared her jump the large Roc tore the sword from her hand, and while she could of stayed with her sword; in the moment it had become apparent that she needed space more than she needed a sword.

Anna sailed upward into the sky, while her thoughts raced a million miles a minute,
"The two of them will win. no tailed beast energy, physically weaker; but more precise." After a moment she decided, "No choice. I'll use Flay's technique".

"Pay attention Anna" Rose's voice rung out from above the clouds, as Anna looked down to see Hayate..., "is that a tear" she puzzled out. "No it is just water from the attack." she told herself, " curse seals seal positive and amplify negative emotions"

While Hayate began gathering new sand for his renewed charge, Anna transformed once again. This time going from a brown skin, to that of an almost black, brown, and white calico'd appearance. before she quickly moved into her three stances, as Hayate and Chikaze began their charge.

In this state Anna was a sitting duck until her movements where completed, but rose threw her to Chikaze's side who clipped her with it's powerful claws, which dug deep a deep whole into the side of her stomach in an attempted grapple her. In response Anna attempted to grab Chikase's claws and throw herself away from the bird towards the earth proper.

Techniques maintained earth armor , First step to mastery, Body revival, and Third Step to Mastery: Chimeric Wisdom , and sensory
Techniques used Chimeric strength , and A mastery of 1000 techniques is the mastery of 1 technique with 1000 applications
Anna's stamina pools
Seal 49/50
Rose 12/16
strength legendary minor
constitution Legendary
stamina godlike minor
reflex's legendary major (godlike evasion)
coordination Legendary (legendary minor evasion) (legendary major vital attacks)
wisdom Godlike

Strength: average
Constitution: average
Stamina: epic
Reflexes: proficient
Coordination: masterful
Wisdom: masterful
Bukijutsu expert Joat
Fuuijuntsu Novice
Kugutsu specialist
Kuchiyose Adept
Ninjutsu Adept

Chat Legend/Key
Flay This is flay's "dialog"
Anna This is Anna's "dialog"
Recette This is Recette's "dialog"
Sulpher This is Sulpher's "dialog"
Rose This is Rose's "dialog"

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