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Kumo Jonin
Kumo Jonin
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Mission deets:
Mission Name: In the Jungle, the Mountain Jungle!?*
Requester: Kumogakure Animal Control
Rank: C
Description: There’s a strange set of Mountain Lion attacks in the Jade Dragon recently. There have been some rather reports of travelers getting attacked and mauled by these mighty beasts. They don't possess chakra but they are still dangerous. Be careful and try to put them in their place!
Members Needed: 1-3 Genin, 1 Chuunin+
Requirements: 300+ words per post minimum
Reward: 30,000 Ryo
After resting up for a few days Hayate grabbed the first mission he could find and headed out to the meeting point. His last fight with the twins showed him just how much he still needed to train, though he was able to finally obtain a level mastery of his curse seal. Hardly even a foothold, but anything less than the belligerent state it put me in at first is a blessing. It was a blustery day, the howling wind whipped his clothing around constantly but he pressed forward hoping that he wouldn't be venturing on this mission. Reaching the first peak he took a break, waiting for anyone else who might have picked up the mission alongside him.

Stats n' stuff
Strength: Masterful (Epic Taijutsu)
Constitution: Masterful (Epic Taijutsu)
Stamina: Masterful
Reflexes: Epic +1
Coordination: Proficient
Wisdom: Average

Taijutsu: Specialist
Fuuinjutsu: Novice

Ninjutsu: Expert
Kochiyose: Expert

Might: 3
Will: 2
Fate: 0

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