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 Post subject: A Dusty Stroll
PostPosted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 3:43 am 
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Kumade Inazuka inhaled deeply, breathing in the hot dry air coming off the sand. Kimaru and himself had spent last night exploring the dunes and mapping out more of the night sky. Filling his journal up with a myriad of constellations. Sleeping in the sand wasn't his first choice, but it was a far cry better than the village can be at times. He may have graduated from the academy a full-fledged Sungakure shinobi, but that had done little to lessen the villager's scorn. Better for him and Kimaru to spend time together exploring the dunes than another day of insults and more rotten fruit to be pelted with.

Kimaru sniffed at the sand before looking up at Kumade and letting out an excited bark, wagging her tail back and forth. She was antsy to get back to the village, walks with her owner might be her favorite activity, but the sounds and smells of the village were a close second. She ran in small circles around Kumade a few times before sprinting off ahead, kicking up a slight cloud of sand in her wake

Watching his beloved ninken sprint off across the dunes, Kumade decided it was probably time to head back to the village. He enjoys these outings with Kimaru, but he could tell how excited she was to get back to the village. He looked up into the sky, measuring the sun to the horizon, surmising he had enough time to get back to the village and prepare for his first real day as a gennin. He had been given a letter detailing when and where to meet his new squadmates and the jonin who would direct them. As he picked up his pace to catch up with Kimaru, he began to wonder to himself about his new squad.

What would they be like? Would they be like the villagers back home in Konoha? Filled with resentment and misplaced anger? Or would they be like the Suna villagers? Desperate for something to direct their rage at. As he was lost in thought, filling his head with worry about how he would be treated by his new squad. Kimaru doubled back, a small stone in her maw, she planted her hindquarters on the sand and wagged her tail back and forth.

Kumade stopped and knelt next to the ninken, quickly forgetting about his frustrations “Thanks Kimaru, you always know how to cheer me up” he stated quietly as he pat her on the head and grabbed the stone from between her teeth. He gathered his strength before throwing it as hard as he could off into the distance, the stone landing a few dozen yards away. Both Kimaru and Kumade got low to the ground, ready to sprint after it before Kumade yelled “FETCH!”. As he and Kimaru raced after the stone, sand flying through the air behind them. He thought to himself, that with Kimaru there with him, it wouldn't have to be all that bad.


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