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Oto Chunin
Oto Chunin

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Bloodline Name: [Name of the Kekkei Genkai/Hiden]
Clan Name: [Surname of the clan]
Village: Kirigakure, the Hidden Mist

Clan Description:

Clan Traits/Characteristics:

Clan Personality:

Bloodline Description:

"Matari, what are those things?"
"Cute aren't they?"

The so-called AoishitaClan, or perhaps a Gang is a better term, is the most recent addition to the Village Hidden in the Mist. By recent, the Office of Bloodline Affairs says the clan emerged within the opening weeks of the current year, and like you, they are still figuring themselves out. The Aoishita are a group of unrelated shinobi, all from the Hidden Mist, who have come into contact with the Aoishita Chameleon's of the Land of Waves, after Matari adopted an orphaned brood. The Aoishita, identifying her as their new mother, imprinted upon her (and subsequently her team) and have taken up residence on-and-around the group.

Small and turqoise in color, with green dots, the chameleon's have been observed scampering around Matari; sleeping in her hair, hitching rides on her body, eating bits of food and keeping close by. Similar behavior has been observed in Amano and Tsukena, her squadmates. The Aoishita particularly enjoy clinging to their fingers, and generally being adorable and tolerable. They appear to feed on the user's chakra, much like the Aburame of the Hidden Leaf, and despite being larger than the Kikaichu, use their host as a symbiotic home.

Researcher #099, Marquis attempted to count all of the Aoishita on Matari in a controlled laboratory. Despite attempts to mark all of them, photograph them, and wash them off, the Aoishita managed to elude all attempts to count them. The population remained static, yet perpetually sustained by an unknown mechanism, and incapable of being removed from the host.

In another experiment, Marquis observed as the Aoishita responded to Matari's handsigns, ninjutsu, and attempts at provocation. The Aoishita assumed an attack posture, evidently aware of their adopted-mother's intent. When Matari touched a volunteer shinobi, the Aoishita clung to her fingers (Matari dubbed it the "Chameleon Fingers" Jutsu), and scurried to the man. At her direction, the Aoishita wormed their way around his clothing (tickling him as a side-effect), and pantsed the poor man. Marquis' next breakthrough came when he and Matari fed the Aoishita, and this is simply where it gets.... weird.

The Aoishita simply put, are bigger on the inside (by hundreds of times) than they are on the outside. They can project dozens of razor-tongues to swallow targets many times larger than themselves. Likewise, because they feed passively on their Host's chakra, they can project it in a reverse fashion; spitting for example a Water Trumpet from their minute bodies. Meaning they can be used to store large objects, like a pocket dimension, and spit up objects and voluminous techniques. This Space-time Anomaly likely explains their static population as a self-replicating summoning that is imprinted upon the host at birth.

This was discovered when they swallowed a cow.

Bloodline Limits:

Now, you might be saying: "Well by the Sage, this is possibly the silliest story I've heard in decades. Marge, have you seen the TV gui--", and yes you left it in the fridge.

The Aoishita, the Chameleon Fingers of the Hidden Mist, while they are classified as "Extremely Dangerous Spatial Organisms" come with a number of peculiar quirks that match their quirkiness. Because of the Imprinting Mechanic, the Aoishita choose bloodline-less Hosts; they cannot ingest Advanced Affinities, and prefer the taste of the Five Elements (Most notably Water). They will immediately reject anyone with a bloodline, including transplants and especially dual-bloodline natures. Cursed Seals cause them stomach-woes as well.

This of course lends the Aoishita Gang to being highly susceptible to enemy Genjutsu Techniques

Clan Techniques:

Rank: (E-S)
Cost: (in Stamina Points)
Range: (in meters)
Type: (Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, FÅ«injutsu, Taijutsu, Bukijutsu, Kenjutsu, Kugutsu, etc.)
Sub-type: (Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary, Summoning)
Elemental Affinity: (if none, list N/A)
Notation: (Hiden, Secret Technique, Kinjutsu, Kekkei Genkai, etc.)
Handsigns: (if none, list N/A)
Lore/Flavor: (anything about why the technique works the way it does)
Description: (describe both the appearance of the process a user of the technique must undergo and the technique itself)
Drawbacks: (list all drawbacks)
Number of Members Allowed: [How many people can join the clan? Staff will likely set this number for you]
Initial Members: [Any initial member?]

  • Attributes
    Strength: Average
    Constitution: Average
    Stamina: Average
    Reflex: Proficient
    Coordination: Proficient (Masterful w/ Kugutsu; +Major adv. w/Ninjutsu)
    Wisdom: Proficient

    100 Stamina
    60 Ninjutsu

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