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 Post subject: Re: Desperate Times
PostPosted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 4:14 am 
Missing-nin S-rank
Missing-nin S-rank
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The Seto had miscalculated, it seemed. Suddenly there was the boy behind him, delivering three sickening blows to his back as an arrow pierced through him again. Fucking… not this shit again… lmao. He was just getting used to the life of a pincushion when the feet of a massive statue landed on him, pushing him deep into the earth below him. His bones were shattered, he was pretty sure of that much. Which ones? All of them… That familiar embrace of exhaustion started to seep into his mind. That tired feeling, like he was on the cusp of sleep. As lay crushed under the feet of the statue, a more astute individual would have heard the sound of faint bubbling. It was the sound of his blood mixing with the chakra that lay dormant inside of him. Under the foot of his beast, his skin began to flake away, slowly but surely, even as his bones started to regenerate and come together. The bubbling reached a breaking point.

Suddenly chakra exploded out of the Jinchurikki, exploding with enough force to put a huge crater in the ground, enough to knock even the giant behemoth trees of Konoha over, uprooting them from the ground. Perhaps even enough to move this massive behemoth that the Seto found himself under. Anyone caught in the range was likely to take significant damage as well, whether from the debris that the shockwave produce or from the explosion of energy itself.

[Miscellaneous Notes: Giving Maia a disadvantage to Reflexes.]

[Techniques Used:
Bijuu Fate
Version 1
Version 2
Chakra Access: 13/15]

[Relevant Attributes:
Strength: Epic (Minor Advantage)
Constitution: Godlike
Reflexes: Epic (Major Advantage)
Coordination: Epic (Major Advantage)]

Strength: Masterful
Constitution: Epic [25 Durability]
Stamina: Epic [30: Ijutsu] [60: Ninjutsu]
Reflex: Epic [w/ minor adv when sensory is active]
Coordination: Epic [+1 Tier For Aiming Ninjutsu] +1 Tier For Handseals Ninjutsu][w/ minor adv when sensory is active]
Wisdom: Epic [+1 Tier When Sharingan Active]

[Godlike Tracking With Sharingan Active]

 Post subject: Re: Desperate Times
PostPosted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 5:38 pm 
Missing-nin S-rank
Missing-nin S-rank
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A clone, while having come from a rather incredible distance, approached fast. A sudden gust pushed through the trees, a loud crash signifying that some had even been felled by this force. Perfect... Just what now... It would think, pushing through and eventually reaching the outskirts of this, the third tumultuous event of the day.

His observation of this battle, however, was surely the most unusual. Another Kazu clone... Satomi... Maia... all against this thing and a jinchuuriki? The village couldn't seem to catch a break. No... Is that... Seigi?! The boy in the statue's mouth was certainly a surprise, mostly that it seemed to be by choice.

It was a strange sight, to be sure. Fortunately, it seemed that this fight was going Konoha's way.

STR: Epic
CON: Masterful
STA: Godlike +1
REF: Godlike
COR: Legendary
WIS: Masterful

Bukijutsu (Master - MoO - Staffs)
Ninjutsu (Expert- Nonelemental)
Kuchiyose (Adept- Monkey)
Sensory (Adept)

 Post subject: Re: Desperate Times
PostPosted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 9:46 pm 
Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin
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Not only did Kazu manage to suck up all the sand (at least Maia thought that was Kazu’s doing) and Seigi managed to block the blast of fire with the massive statue he summoned. Not only that, but the Hokage swooped in with a massive snake, sweeping Maia up above the waves of sand. She felt mildly terrified, but trusted that the woman knew what she was doing. In the meantime, she would sit on the snake and stare at her friends and family, mouth agape. The sheer power her peers had in the years that they had been training astounded her. She was once more reminded of how far behind she was, though she clung to the fact that she had healed Seigi and brought him back into he game. If she couldn’t do anything else, maybe she could still have that. She could still support them. She could feel her reserves of chakra running very low, and she didn’t want to have to push herself. Still, she wanted to help…

She would gasp, bringing a hand to her mouth as her sensei changed form. Maia knew a little about what her sensei possessed, and she surmised now that whatever was happening was a result of his bijuu. The pure, violent chakra that was emanating from him now could be nothing different. She would continue to wait and watch at what would happen on the back of the snake, ready to jump into action and heal her comrades if she was needed.

Ijutsu Expert
Fuuinjutsu Specialist
Buki MoO Specialist

Strength: Proficient (w/ major adv Buki)
Constitution: Proficient
Stamina: Proficient (60 ijutsu)
Reflexes: Proficient (tracking masterful)
Coordination: Proficient (w/ major adv Buki and ijutsu)
Wisdom: Masterful (epic precog Buki)(epic fuuin)

 Post subject: Re: Desperate Times
PostPosted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 2:45 am 
Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
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In quick succession, each attack found its mark. Seto was launched off of his perch, dropping away from Kazu down towards the ground beneath. Truthfully, the success sent a rush of exhilaration through his body. Never before had he been locked in combat with such a renown, revered foe. There was the fight against Shingen, sure, but Kazu was still just a young pup back then, a mere fraction of his current self. Since then, he had grown tremendously. His physique had developed, his form had improved, his mind had sharpened-- he was no longer the boy that needed to be shown the dangers of war. Being able to stand against Seto now, as strange as it was to think in the middle of such a chaotic battle, was inspiring.

Kazu's teammates wasted no time in pulling out the big guns. A giant snake rose from the ground under Satomi's command, carrying her and Maia atop its head to a perch above the battlefield. Seigi, however ... From him came something that Kazu found difficult to put into words. It was a behemoth of a statue, seemingly alive if the demonic scream that it let out was any indication.Where such a thing came from was far beyond him, the question of how Seigi came to control it an even further away answer. Now was not the time to question it-- with great haste the statue come soaring down from above, it's gargantuan foot intending to smash down onto the ex-Hokage. Instinctively, Kazu hopped backwards, applying chakra into his shoes in order to push off against the tree bark in order to propel himself quickly. The impact was just as he had judged it would be from the size of the beast. It landed with great force, the ground being torn asunder underneath it.

For a short moment, things were still. The Chuunin wondered whether that was it, whether that would be enough to finish Seto's resistance. That hope was shattered at the sight of a malicious chakra seeping out from the man's body, seen through the lens of his Sharingan eyes. Is that ..?! He thought back to that day long ago in the market, when he had run into the elder Uchiha. Thinking on the things that they had talked about, he remembered one thing now clearly: the beast inside of him, the Shukaku. Kazu retreated further, seeing the fluctuation of chakra and preemptively readying himself for the burst of energy to come. Stuck underneath the weight of the demonic statue, the man would need a powerful explosion of force in order to free himself. That was something that Kazu wanted no part of.

Before long, it came. Safely outside of the shockwave's radius, the force had diminished into a strong breeze by the time it reached the brown-haired Uchiha. Debris scattered into the air, brought on by the destruction of most of the foliage around them. Kazu's eyes scanned the area, finding themselves drawn to the red and black cloaked beast the was left in Seto's place. "Is it what's fueling the darkness in your heart now, Seto?" Kazu asked quietly, the question rhetorical in nature. His voice raised as he shouted out the next order. "We need to take him down before this gets any worse!" Hopefully, they would all be able to continue the momentum that the team had built up. With Satomi and Seigi both in the game, the team of four now stood stronger than ever. Kazu just needed to make sure that the fight resolved before he ran out of chakra.

Quickly placing his hand against the tree trunk beside him, a subtle flow of intricate Fuinjutsu markings attached themselves onto the tree. With his safety net established in case he needed to make a quick getaway, Kazu dove in once more bravely, unfazed by the danger of going head-to-head against the overtaken jinchuuriki. Coming in this time from the man's back-left side, his body ducked down low to the ground as his left leg extended outward. With momentum carrying him into a spin, his foot dragged around until it came back towards the front, his heel digging into where he assumed the heel was on the beast's body. Hoping to kick the creature's footing out from underneath him. This was followed up by a sudden shift to the other side, his body disappearing and reappearing so suddenly that his opponent would likely still be mid-reaction to the first attack by the time that his second strike came in, mirroring the first one against the right leg this time. Were it that he still had the breathing room to move without immediate danger, a hand would be pressed towards the man's body-- preferably the back, but anywhere closer would satisfy Kazu's requirements if his targeted area proved too difficult to reach. From his fingertips, the same Fuinjutsu marking would subtly crawl out onto the Jinchuuriki's skin.

Post Information:
Techniques Used/Active:
Sharingan - Tomoe 3
Sensing Technique - 2 SP Upkeep
SA - Ever the Hero - Choosing Reflex for his bonus
Strong Fist - 2 SP Upkeep (Taijutsu)
Shifting Grounds Style - 5 SP Upkeep

SP Remaining: 75 (0 Ninjutsu) (9 Taijutsu)

Strength: Masterful with a Minor Advantage
Constitution: Masterful
Stamina: Epic
Reflex: Godlike with a Major advantage
Coordination: Godlike (Godlike with a Minor Advantage for evasion)
Wisdom: Masterful (Epic Precognition)
Tracking: Boss+
Handseal Speed: Legendary with a Minor Advantage

Hybrid Check -
Kazu: Godlike with a Major Advantage Reflex/Godlike Coordination/Taijutsu Specialist vs. Seto's Epic with a Major Advantage/Epic with a Major Advantage Coordination/Kenjutsu Expert = 4.3 Tiers in Kazu's favor.

  • Strength: Masterful
  • Constitution: Masterful
  • Stamina: Epic
  • Reflex: Epic with a Minor Advantage (Legendary with a Minor Advantage w/ Taijutsu)
  • Coordination: Epic with a Minor Advantage (Legendary with a Minor Advantage w/ Taijutsu)
  • Wisdom: Masterful (Epic Precog w/ Sharingan)
  • Tracking: Legendary with a Minor Advantage (Boss w/ Sharingan)
Fighting Styles:
  • Fuinjutsu Specialist
  • Taijutsu Specialist
  • Ninjutsu Expert
  • Sensory Adept
  • Earth Release
  • Lightning Release
  • Water Release

 Post subject: Re: Desperate Times
PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 6:46 pm 
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The field was constantly changing but with their attack on Seto, he too had also began to change. This was exactly what was to be expect but for him to pushed to this edge so fast? What was the problem? Everything wasn't adding up but there was not much that she could do to stop things from happening, Seto had set his mind on attacking them. But, the only thing they could do was try to stop him, hopefully without killing the raging jinchuriki. Maia was now safe, but Kazu was still engaging the man at rapid speeds. Even though Seigi would now be using something she was not familiar with, she had to keep acting. She couldn't stop as her thoughts would continue. The technique used earlier to push everything down would be something that all on the field would have to watch out for. She reached the ground with her fists glowing with her chakra now fully shaped into the lions. Her black scales almost seemed to be spreading over her body, giving her a more snake like appearance than she had initially had once she entered Complete Sage Mode.

The woman took a deep breath analyzing her situation for a moment as she dashed towards the man along with everyone else, I have to let them get off everything else that they're trying to do. If I don't, it's less damage. I don't wish to kill the man so I won't try to but if I shut off his chakra he won't be able to rage any further and I can possibly trap and question the man on what is going on. If only I learned more Fuinjutsu to help out with stopping the seal but maybe the others could possibly do something. . .I shall put my trust there as I attempt to make use of my Taijutsu against the man. That is my best bet over Kyujutsu at the moment as his sand can cover him. I can push it away if I need to but it's easier to block Tenketsu at close range.

Satomi's fists came after Kazu's attempts, she wasn't slowing down at all despite her appearance would be said to not be able to. She had only one thing she could do against the Uchiha and that would be stopping the usage of chakra in the first place over grinding down his defensive measures against all of them. Yet, when her hands began to pull out the same motions as before, it was stronger. You could almost hear the lions themselves roar from her fists as she one against started to mentally repeat to herself. Two Palms. Four Palms. She would continue for a moment, hoping to those higher than her that she would not be pushed away further from the man and risked herself to shut off more of his Tenketsu in order to prevent Seto from reacting fast enough from everything else. Sixteen Palms. Thirty-Two Palms. "Sixty Four Palms!" She shouted the last one, speaking her thoughts out loud for once for all of the ones to hear around her. She didn't risk doing more, she had to keep moving after as she knew better than anyone that Seto would react again after. She was the Hokage, and she had to do what she could to stop him.
Snake Contract Complete Sage Mode (10SP from Sage Pool)
Gentle Fist (D-Rank Upkeep, 2SP Tai Pool)
Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists (Active)
Eight Trigrams Sixty Four Palms (A-Rank from Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists, 15SP)

~Stamina Pool~
SP: 164/200
Nin: 28/30
Tai: 0/60
Sage: 90/120

~Satomi Stats~
Strength: Proficient w/ Major (Epic w/ Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists)
Constitution: Masterful w/ Minor
Reflex: Epic w/ Major (Legendary w/ Major Adv Taijutsu, Godlike using Sixty Four Palms)
Coordination: Epic w/ Minor (Legendary w/ Minor Adv Taijutsu, Godlike using Sixty Four Palms+SA)
Wisdom: Masterful (SA Activated, Byakugan +1 Tier Precog. Epic w/ Major Adv Precog)
Tracking: Legendary w/ Major Adv

~Kuroribi Stats~
Strength: Proficient
Constitution: Masterful
Reflex: Masterful w/ Major Advantage
Coordination: Epic (Major Advantage from Kuchiyose Adept)
Wisdom: Masterful

Taijutsu Specialist
Kyūjutsu Specialist
Kuchiyose Adept
Ninjutsu Adept

Strength: Proficient (Major Advantage w/ Kyūjutsu)
Constitution: Proficient with Minor Advantage
Stamina: Epic (60 Taijutsu, 30 Ninjutsu)
Reflex: Masterful (+1 Tier w/ Taijutsu)
Coordination: Masterful (+1 Tier w/ Taijutsu, Major Advantage w/ Kyūjutsu, Minor Advantage w/ Aiming Ninjutsu)
Wisdom: Masterful (+1 Tier Byakugan, +1 Tier Kyūjutsu)
Tracking: Masterful (Epic w/ Major Advantage w/ Byakugan, +1 Tier Taijutsu, +1 Tier and Major Advantage w/ Kyujutsu)


 Post subject: Re: Desperate Times
PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 4:29 pm 
Konoha Jonin
Konoha Jonin

Joined: Tue Jul 19, 2016 4:49 pm
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The destruction was immense as the Gedo statue landed. The land itself rumbled and shook from the gargantuan monster's strike. Debris would launch into the air, rocks trees and all. Seigi could almost feel Seto beneath his own feet, knowing his strike hit home. Dust escaped into the sky and battlefield around them, raining down. Gedo's jaw hung open, and Seigi collapsed to his knees, on the mouth's teeth. Tears began to well up, his teeth grit from emotion, Seigi letting out an exasperated cry as tears ran down his cheeks. For a moment, after the strike, an odd quiet came over the battlefield. Seigi dropped his Sage Mode and Gates, a faint amount of steam still flowing off his body, a new wave of his own exhaustion hitting him hard as he settled one hand down onto te giant tooth to keep himself from collapsing. Taking a few deep breaths, he listened to the battlefield once more, and a sick feeling in his gut reemerging. He activated his sensory, and he could feel his hands begin to shake.

He could feel the pure amount of energy swelling within Seto.

It didn't require much thought of what to do next. With everyone's chakra signatures around, he knew Maia's was the closest and also the faintest. As chakra welled up beneath the giant statue's feet, Seigi was already on the move, traversing behind the statue's head and down it's back, as fast as his feet would carry him. He was on Gedo's lower back when Seto's eruption reached it's peak. Exploding beneath Gedo, the statue was flung off balance, and Seigi off Gedo, pushing off at the last second, but unable to control himself in the air. Seigi tumbled through the sky, onto broken rock on the ground. A sick crunch would be heard as he landed, his shoulder breaking on impact. The Gedo statue lost it's balance, falling sideways. As it did, a new wave of dust would explode, covering the battlefield once more.

Seigi kept himself focused. Wincing from the pain, he could still feel Maia's signature. Picking himself up, he would hold his shoulder with his free hand, sprinting towards his cousin. Gedo would also begin to rise around this time, letting out another ungodly roar as it began picking itself up off the ground.

"Kazu!" Seigi would yell towards his colleague's direction. "The statue is yours! Protect the village!" He would yell, willing Gedo to listen to Kazu's directions. He could feel the strain on his Rinnegan beginning, every pulse causing him pain. But he needed to keep focusing.
Approaching Maia, Seigi wouldn't give her time to argue. "Get on my back now, this is about to get too hairy to keep you safe! The clan needs its leader. The village needs you." Seigi would say, motioning towards his back. Once on, he would move, faster than his legs had ever moved before, away from the fight, away from their sensei.

"Good luck...everyone!"


OOC: Going on tour for 2 weeks, giving Kazu temporary control of Gedo.

Taijutsu Specialist
Ninjutsu Adpet
Fuuinjutsu Specialist
Sensory Adept
Strength: Proficient
Constitution: Proficient
Stamina: Epic
Reflexes: Epic (+1 ter wi/Tai)
Coordination: Masterful (+1 tier w/Tai)
Wisdom: Proficient (Masterful w/ Fuuinjutsu)
Signature style: Strong Fist

 Post subject: Re: Desperate Times
PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 5:55 pm 
Missing-nin A-rank
Missing-nin A-rank
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Her mark had been found. Fortunately already driven to madness. Ran licked her lips from under her cowl as she moved closer towards the action. A grin appeared revealing her canine-like tooth. She had been in Konoha quite a few times now, mainly to find a way to assassinate its corrupt leader. From one corrupt leader to another, Konoha knew how to put themselves in trouble. Yet she hadn't expected Konoha to turn against one of their own. There was another, distinct smell lurking in the air, a familiar pleasant smell. One she'd wanna meet, soon enough. For now, she had to focus on her primary objective and as much as she really didn't want to, she'd need to help her old mates.

Shame. She had expected Seto to be a tad stronger.

As everyone launched their following assault, Ran dashed, simultaneously as with the rest. The fallen trees provided little cover for her approach but that was alright, for now, she'd keep her appearance hidden through her clothing, though she knew that wouldn't last long either way. Her muscle capacity expanded and the energy of the gates sparked to life. Her eyes, altho hidden, turned into amber then intensified as if a beast had suddenly taken over her. The ex-anbu engaged in blurry precision, moving to deliver a powerful blow from behind the transformed jinchuuriki, aimed at the dead center of his spinal cord. This attack was quickly followed up by a roundabout kick to the back of its head followed by yet another spinning strike from her cocked fist. No warning or words were needed, the hunter was here to hunt and Seto was its prey.
[techniques used:
Wolf's Instinct S-Rank 20 SP
Hachimon: Kaimon
Initial Jinchuriki Mode
Berserk +2 Strength
Inuzuka Style: Boxing 15 SP]

Strength: Legendary Minor
Constitution: Epic Major
Stamina: Masterful
Reflexes: Godlike Major
Coordination: Godlike Major
Wisdom: Epic

Enemy con reduced by 2 advantages but wisdom is increased by +2. Enemy also takes 5 additional durability damage from Ran per strike.


My stats.

Strength: Proficient
Constitution: Masterful
Stamina: Masterful
Reflexes: Masterful (Epic with taijutsu)
Coordination: Masterful (Epic with taijutsu)
Wisdom: Epic (Legendary with fuuinjutsu)

Bijuu: Matatabi
Chakra Posts: 3/15

Blue Fire (counts as 1 rank higher).

Fighting Styles:
Ninjutsu Major
Fuuinjutsu Specialist
Taijutsu Specialist
Sensory Adept

Ichimaru's Stats.
Strength: Epic
Constitution: Epic
Stamina: Masterful
Reflexes: Epic
Coordination: Epic
Wisdom: Average

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