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 Post subject: Funniest TNRPG Moments
PostPosted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 5:46 am 
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Aye yes. This is where anyone can post their hilarious TNRPG moments. With a new restart comes new moments to be enjoyed.

Take this glorious conversation between me and Keiri at 5am lolll

The Intro:

[10/20/17, 5:38:34 AM] NotsoNaisu: I mean Ryuhei can see through the clam’s genjutsu
[10/20/17, 5:38:35 AM] NotsoNaisu: But
[10/20/17, 5:38:38 AM] NotsoNaisu: he can’t do shit
[10/20/17, 5:38:44 AM] NotsoNaisu: Against a giant fucking clam
[10/20/17, 5:39:00 AM] Keiri Okami: Taiyo does a good job of countering a lot of the Taijutsu focused characters I feel like
[10/20/17, 5:39:13 AM] NotsoNaisu: Aye
[10/20/17, 5:39:16 AM] NotsoNaisu: He’s going to be the Shino
[10/20/17, 5:39:19 AM] NotsoNaisu: Of our site
[10/20/17, 5:39:20 AM] NotsoNaisu: lol
[10/20/17, 5:39:22 AM] Keiri Okami: Because they need a way to get through clam mirage
[10/20/17, 5:39:27 AM] Keiri Okami: A way to break clam probably
[10/20/17, 5:39:32 AM] Keiri Okami: And a way to hurt a Hozuki

The Hilarity

[10/20/17, 5:39:36 AM] NotsoNaisu: DO CLAMS EVEN HAVE CHAKRA POINTS
[10/20/17, 5:39:41 AM] Keiri Okami: While not getting swarmed by like
[10/20/17, 5:39:45 AM] Keiri Okami: Great Exploding Colliding Water Wave
[10/20/17, 5:39:47 AM] Keiri Okami: LOL
[10/20/17, 5:39:50 AM] NotsoNaisu: XD
[10/20/17, 5:39:53 AM] NotsoNaisu: THIS FUCKING CLAM
[10/20/17, 5:39:55 AM] NotsoNaisu: IS THE BIGGEST TROLL
[10/20/17, 5:39:59 AM] NotsoNaisu: IDEK IF IT’S GOT CHAKRA POINTS
[10/20/17, 5:40:05 AM] NotsoNaisu: AND EVEN IF IT DID
[10/20/17, 5:40:12 AM] NotsoNaisu: SO LIKE
[10/20/17, 5:40:14 AM] Keiri Okami: HAHAHAHA
[10/20/17, 5:40:15 AM] NotsoNaisu: HOW IS HE GOING TO CLOSE THEM
[10/20/17, 5:40:28 AM] Keiri Okami: LMFAOOOOO
[10/20/17, 5:40:30 AM] Keiri Okami: I'M DYING
[10/20/17, 5:40:37 AM] Keiri Okami: HAHHAHAHA
[10/20/17, 5:40:40 AM] NotsoNaisu: CANNONBALLLLL
[10/20/17, 5:40:41 AM] Keiri Okami: CAN HE EVEN DO THAT
[10/20/17, 5:40:43 AM] NotsoNaisu: GENTLE FIST
[10/20/17, 5:40:45 AM] Keiri Okami: DOESN'T SOUND PRECISE
[10/20/17, 5:40:47 AM] NotsoNaisu: CANNONBAAALLLLL
[10/20/17, 5:40:52 AM] Keiri Okami: Hahahahah
[10/20/17, 5:40:58 AM] Keiri Okami: OH MY GOD I AM DED
[10/20/17, 5:41:03 AM] Keiri Okami: I THINK THAT WOULD BEAT TAIYO
[10/20/17, 5:41:04 AM] NotsoNaisu: XDDDDD
Me too thanks
[10/20/17, 5:41:06 AM] Keiri Okami: JUST BECAUSE LIKE
[10/20/17, 5:41:09 AM] Keiri Okami: HE WOULD DIE OF LAUGHTER
[10/20/17, 5:41:13 AM] Keiri Okami: AND GIVE AWAY HIS POSITION
[10/20/17, 5:41:25 AM] Keiri Okami: CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE THAT A JUTSU
[10/20/17, 5:41:28 AM] NotsoNaisu: LOL
[10/20/17, 5:41:31 AM] NotsoNaisu: I’m on it
[10/20/17, 5:41:35 AM] Keiri Okami: Not-So-Gentle Fist: Cannonball Barrage
[10/20/17, 5:41:43 AM] NotsoNaisu: I’ll use it on Bijuu too
[10/20/17, 5:41:47 AM] NotsoNaisu: Since Bijuu totes have Chakra Points
[10/20/17, 5:41:54 AM] Keiri Okami: This sounds fantastic
[10/20/17, 5:42:13 AM] Keiri Okami: Like how in the videogames all the characters have super cool finishing moves
[10/20/17, 5:42:20 AM] Keiri Okami: Like Neji had his 361 chakra point close thing
[10/20/17, 5:42:21 AM] Keiri Okami: Or like
[10/20/17, 5:42:28 AM] Keiri Okami: Gentle Fist: Eight Gates Assault
[10/20/17, 5:42:32 AM] Keiri Okami: Yours is just fucking
[10/20/17, 5:42:36 AM] Keiri Okami: >CANNONBALL

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:56 pm 
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 16, 2018 4:12 am 
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 4:15 pm 
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Reviving this because yes



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