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Good afternoon, everyone!

Welcome to the Weekly Quiz, a series of polls and quizzes meant to drive community engagement, share a little bit about our characters, and generally get us thinking about them in ways that we haven't before.

Today we're revisiting an old favorite, and partially in honor of the release of Mortal Kombat 11, fighting games! Today you are encouraged to describe your character/characters as if they were part of a roster in a fighting game. I've included a good example of how to do this below, but feel free to contribute in any manner you wish.
Rei - 


Normal Attack: Straightforward Taijutsu - Rei does have an air grab, though, so get fucked, nerd.

Ninjutsu: Raikiri

Secondary Ninjutsu: Rasengan

Ultimate: Heartbreaker - Close Range - Rei moves close to the opponent, placing a hand on their chest and leaning in as though for a kiss. The opponent, looking confused, tries to back away. Rei folds the hand on their chest into a fist, and a windowed internal view shows the opponent's heart being smashed. 

Awakening: Eight Gates Mode, Ultimate changes to Kitsune's Wedding - initiated with a kick in the form of a backflip, the opponent is launched into the air. Rain falls, and thunder rumbles, but the sky is shown as clear until a lightning bolt hits the opponent. Rei is shown with her fist in the opponent's stomach, leaning over them as they lay on the ground. If this doesn't finish the opponent, she backflips away.

With the Darkeater skin:

Dashes become blurs, and her normal Taijutsu combo has less hits and more knockback. Ninjutsu turns into a counter-attack that damages the opponent and knocks them back. Secondary Ninjutsu applies the Five Elements Seal, causing the opponent to become unable to generate Chakra for a short time. Ultimate becomes Amenotejikara - this is a difficult to time Ultimate that counters the opponent's Ultimate by switching places with them and thus causing them to be hit by their own technique - when it is activated correctly, a Rin'nesharingan flashes in front of the screen before the enemy's Ultimate animation plays, only with the enemy as the victim. Awakening also becomes Amenotejikara - this automatically counters projectiles by placing them a distance behind the enemy, dashes become teleports, and the Ultimate is replaced by a Taijutsu combo cutscene that shows the enemy attempting to escape and dodge and being forcefully teleported back into each blow that would have missed.

Standard Voicelines

Character Select:

"Don't worry. I'll hold back."


"Pain is a lesson. Consider yourself educated."


"Was it all for nothing...?"

Special Voicelines

vs Kanari:

Character Select:

" wish to practice?"


"I tried not to hurt you..."


"You're the Hokage, after all..."

vs Shingen:

Character Select:

"Have you kept up with your training?"




"You're stronger...good..."

vs Naitome

Character Select:

*Quiet giggle*


"I told you that you needed to recover first."


"Hey! You better buy lunch after this."

vs Ryoka

Character Select:

"...Okay, but the loser has to do *whatever* the winner wants."


"You let me win, didn't you? Well, you knew the consequences..."


"Okay, Mizukage-dono. Your wish is my command~"

With "The Fox" Skin

Character Select:

"I'll kill if I must."


"Go quietly..."


*Short, quiet gasp*

"The Fox" skin vs Shingen

Character Select:



*Quiet sobbing*


"Shin-kun...the snow...are you cold, too...?"

With the "Darkeater" Skin

Character Select:

"I'll consume you."


"You've been consumed."


"Not like this..."

vs Naitome

Character Select:

"Kiri should thank me for this."


"There's always a bigger fish."


"How does he have that...power...?"

vs Ryoka

Character Select:

"Stay out of my way."


"...I hope you're still alive."



vs Saizo

Character Select:

"This is for both your father's and your own sins."


"I know what I'm doing."


"I wasn't ready for a Kage..."

Titles and Achievements

Title - "Good Sport" - Unlocked via "Good Sport" Achievement - Lose to Etsu during the tutorial.

Title - "Darkeater" - Unlocked as part of the "Darkeater" paid DLC. Finish each "Darkeater" mission.

Title - "The Fox" - Unlocked via "The Opener" Achievement - Finish "The Island" mission in under five minutes.

Title - "-Senpai" - Unlocked via storyline. Meet Shingen.

Title - "Idol" - Unlocked via storyline. Meet Maia.

Title - "...of the Uchiha Clan" - Unlocked via "By Marriage" Achievement - Romance an Uchiha

Achievement - "Right Where it Belongs" - Complete the tutorial with Rei

Achievement - "Good Sport" - Lose to Etsu during the tutorial with Rei

Achievement - "Exactly the Same" - Finish "The Island" mission with Rei

Achievement - "The Opener" - Finish "The Island" mission in under five minutes with Rei

Achievement - "Kind of a Flirt" - Finish the "Return Naitome" mission with Rei

Achievement - "Just Another Day at the Office" - Seal Shukaku into Seto with Rei

Achievement - "Time Paradox!" - Seal Shukaku into someone other than Seto with Rei

Achievement - "Black and White" - Finish the "Memories" mission with Rei

Achievement - "Cat and Mouse" - Defeat V.2 Shingen without taking damage with Rei

Achievement - "MiNd ExIt" - Agree to help Shingen fight Matatabi

Achievement - "No Contact" - Refuse to help Shingen fight Matatabi

Achievement - "Fate Sealed" - Decide to kill Shingen

Achievement - "No Fate But What We Make" - Decide to spare Shingen

Achievement - "'s...cold..." - Lose to Shingen in Story Mode after the "Memories" mission

Achievement - "It's the Only Way" - Kill a Kage as Rei

Achievement - "For Our World" - Destroy a Hidden Village as Rei

Achievement - "What He Couldn't Do" - Kill a Kage from each Hidden Village as Rei

Achievement - "A Desert Named Peace" - Destroy every Hidden Village as Rei

Achievement - "Lead by Example" - Become a Kage as Rei

Achievement - "No World for Tomorrow" - Found a Hidden Village as Rei

Achievement - "Grand Diplomat" - Secure an alliance with each Kage as Rei

Achievement - "True Exemplar" - Lead every Hidden Village as Rei

Achievement - "OTP" - Romance Shingen

Achievement - "By Marriage" - Romance an Uchiha

Achievement - "Not Transphobic" - Romance Etsu

Achievement - "International Relations" - Romance Ryoka

Achievement - "...Perhaps when you're older" - Romance Maia

Achievement - "Twerk Talks" - Romance Saya

Achievement - "Two For the Price of One" - During the "Darkeater" missions, finish two opponents with "Vulpine Sunrise" at the same time

Achievement - "The Inescapable Legacy" - Choose to lead the Uchiha Clan during the "Darkeater" missions

Achievement - "Let Them Eat Each Other" - Reject the Uchiha Clan leadership, destroying the evidence that names Rei heir during the "Darkeater" missions

Achievement - "Spectator" - Attend the Chuunin Exams during Story Mode

Achievement - "Strength Born From Heartbreak" - Unlock the Mangekyo Sharingan as Rei

Achievement - "Instrumentality" - Interrupt Saizo's Ultimate (Izanami) during the "Darkeater" missions

Achievement - "Tumbling Down, Tumbling Down, Tumbling Down..." - Lose to Saizo via his Ultimate (Izanami) during the "Darkeater" missions

Achievement - "Zero Visibility" - Join a criminal organization as Rei

Achievement - "Bridges" - Be ousted from a criminal organization as Rei

Achievement - "Abyss Walker" - Found a criminal organization as Rei

Achievement - "Abyss Watcher" - Destroy a criminal organization as Rei

Achievement - "Death's not so bad. I died once..." - Die in Story Mode and be brought back via Izanagi as Rei

Achievement - "No Light, No Light" - Trigger Mangekyo Blindness in Story Mode as Rei

Achievement - "Hakai" - Achieve Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan as Rei

Achievement - "Paradise Endured" - Remain loyal to Konoha in Story Mode

Achievement - "Paradise Lost" - Defect from Konoha in any fashion (either joining another Hidden Village or becoming a true Missing-nin)

Achievement - "My God Is Better Than Yours" - Take on the optional "Darkeater" mission 

Achievement - "People Live Here" - Reject the optional "Darkeater" mission

Achievement - "Any Port In A Storm" - Join Kirigakure no Sato as Rei

Achievement - "Smoke and Mirrors" - Join Kemurigakure no Sato as Rei

Achievement - "Desert Fox" - Join Sunagakure no Sato as Rei

Achievement - "Uncapped" - Raise Rei's RP cap from 20 to 25

Achievement - "Mistress of the Bell" - Defend Kana's Bell as Rei in Story Mode

Achievement - "In Another Life..." - Reset Rei's CP in Story Mode

Achievement - "All Nightmare Long" - Track and kill a Missing-nin as Rei

Achievement - "The Curse That Binds Us" - Kill an Uchiha in Story Mode as Rei

Achievement - "Inheritor" - Find and use the Totsuka Sword in Story Mode as Rei

Achievement - "Always Two, There Are" - Find an apprentice for the Darkeater

Achievement - "There Is Only Me" - Use Amenotejikara as Rei

Achievement - "Scatter All My Ashes" - Die due to the Eighth Gate drawback as Rei

Achievement - "Shatter Every Legend" - Defeat three owners of Restricted Techniques as Rei

Achievement - "My Old Dead Story" - Learn the truth of Rei's heritage

Achievement - "No Leaf Clover" - Use Chibaku Tensei as Rei

Achievement - "...And I'll Forget It, Too" - Use Dustless Bewildering Cover as Rei

Achievement - "That Familiar Feeling" - Use Shinra Tensei as Rei
Answer and explain your choices to us in the comments below! Anyone who does such may claim 50 Character Points for each character they answer for.

Hail and Well Met,


Strength: Ascendant
Constitution: Average
Stamina: Average
Reflex: Proficient
Coordination: Ascendant
Wisdom: Proficient

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Choose Your Fighter!
~Jūbei Hokabi~


Primary Attack: Seven Swordsman Kenjutsu

Secondary Attack: Kunai

Ultimate: Graceful Victory - Jūbei uses Hiding In Mist Technique, followed by Silent Killing. Rather than using his Kubikiribōchō, he opts for Yoshimitsu, stabbing a fatal wound into his opponent. As the mist dispels, he kneels, closing their eyes.

Team Ultimates:

Jūbei and Mizui - Beautiful Bromance: Jūbei and Mizui use their iconic technique, Jūbei-Mizui Style: Snake's Mouth.

Awakening: Jūbei falls to the ground, defeated, but is helped back up by Mizui and Shouko. With the encouragement of his friends, he goes into overdrive and attacks with impressive power.

Standard Voice Lines

Character Select:

"Let's make this a good fight!"


"This is the power of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist!"


"I can't believe I'm still not strong enough..."

Special Voice Lines

vs. Shouko:

Intro Dialogue:

"May I have this dance, Shouko?"


"I guess I've improved since our last match, huh?"


"You always look so cool when you win..."

vs. Mizui:

Intro Dialogue:

"Let's spar, Mizui-kun!"


"Oh... Oh! I won!"


"You're truly worthy of your rank, Mizui..."

vs. Kyo:

Intro Dialogue:

"Kyo-sensei! It would be an honor to spar with you!"


"I won! Your Crystal Release was no match for my, er... swords?"


"So this is the strength of Kyo Lyuun..."

vs. Number 11:

Intro Dialogue:

"11-sensei, could you teach me some new techniques?"


"It looks like I've been improving, huh?"


"I didn't cut it, huh..."

vs. Ryoka:

Intro Dialogue:

"Lady Ryoka! It is an honor to train with you."


"Does this mean you'll teach me Kirisame, now?"


"I guess this is why you were Mizukage..."

vs. Arid:

Intro Dialogue:

"Let's see who's stronger! I want a rematch, after the Chuunin Exams!"


"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue, this time?"


"Sunagakure must be full of some really strong fighters, I guess..."

Titles and Achievements

Title - "Jūbei, of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist" Become the owner of Kubikiribōchō, the Executioner's Blade.
Achievement - "Love, Not War" Complete the tutorial.
Achievement - "Finding Your Muse" Meet Shouko for the first time.
Achievement - "Going For Broke" Win in the spar against Shouko.
Achievement - "A Goal To Look Forward To" Lose in the spar against Shouko.
Achievement - "Mokusatsu Emerges" Form Team Mokusatsu.
Achievement - "Game On!" Complete Act 1.
Achievement - "Underdog" Win against Team 420 at the Chuunin Exams.
Achievement - "Good Sportsmanship" Lose against Team 420 at the Chuunin Exams.
Achievement - "Kubikiribōchō" Become the owner of Kubikiribōchō, the Executioner's Blade.
Achievement - "The Great Uchiha Disappointment" Defeat Seto Uchiha at the battle of Kemurigakure.
Achievement - "Holding On, For Her" Survive Ayano's terraforming attack.
Achievement - "Growing Up" Complete Act 2.
Achievement - "You Can't Beat Me Up If None Of Your Jutsu Work!" Learn Kirisame.
Achievement - "Cool, Like A Cucumber" Meet Shizuka Gensōkyō.
Achievement - "Of Ponchos & Capes" Meet Fuwari Takoyaiba.
Achievement - "Dream Come True" Romance Shouko.
Achievement - "If You Can't Have One.... Date The Other!" Romance Ryoka.
Achievement - "Opposites Attract" Romance Arid.

--Important Joobly Info--
Fighting Styles:
  • Kenjutsu Expert
  • Ninjutsu Expert (Chosen Element: Water)
  • Sensory Expert
  • Bukijutsu Adept (Master of One: Parasol/Umbrella)
  • Genjutsu Novice
  • Strength: Masterful (Maj. Adv. w/ Ken Expert)
  • Constitution: Proficient
  • Stamina: Proficient
  • Reflexes: Proficient (Maj. Adv. w/ Ken Expert)
  • Coordination: Proficient (Maj. Adv. w/ Ken Expert) (Maj. Adv. w/ Nin Expert)
  • Wisdom: Average
  • Tracking: Legendary
  • Water
Restricted Technique: Mind's Eye of the Kagura

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Choose Your Fighter!
~Arid Azahara~


Primary Attack: Trench Knife Combo Rush

Secondary Attack: Wind/Fire Bullets

Ultimate: Hot, Hot Mirage - Arid sucks her opponent into a Genjutsu that makes them believe they're walking aimlessly in the desert, slowly sinking into the dunes as if they were walking through quicksand. As they trudge on, the sun grows hotter and hotter. This goes on until the opponent is incapacitated from heat exhaustion.

Team Ultimates:

Nensho and Arid - Blazing Typhoon: Arid surrounds the opponent and Nensho in a wall of flame. Nensho then charges at the opponent with a rapid wave of slashes with two blades both encased with wind chakra. Nensho will then launch the enemy into the sky and spin furiously, turning the wall of fire into a flaming tornado that buffets the target. The attack ends with Arid and Nensho striking the most K-Pop esque poses they can muster.

Team 420 - Ultimate Gay Shit Barrage: Arid traps the target in a genjutsu that turns the entire vicinity into a desert. Kanbe and Nensho appear under the target and send them flying into the air with a combined uppercut. Kanbe then prepares a single arrow that is enhanced with Dust Release, while Nensho summons seven spheres made of scorch. They both release their projectiles towards the flying target and just as their techniques collide, Ty Lee appears above the target with Kanbe's bow (which she stole right after he sent his arrow) and bashes the target with it, resulting in a great explosion of flames. Just as this happens, Ty Lee screams "FOUR TWENTY BLAZE IT FAGGOTS!!!". As a result, the genjutsu breaks, leaving Ty Lee standing with Kanbe's now broken and severely burned bow and a very pissed Kanbe fussing at each other as Arid and Nensho simply watch.

Sand Five - Sunagakure's Finest: Arid drops to a crouch, allowing Kanbe to run and push off of her back, leaping into the air with a Dust Release arrow nocked, releasing it and striking the opponent. Nensho follows up with a sexy pose, stunning the opponent and allowing Arid and Ayane to close in. Arid activates Okiru, Ayane activates Kyuubi Cloak V2, and they barrage the opponent with Katon techniques. To finish it off, Ty Lee sacrifices them to Jashin.

Arid, Jūbei, Shizuka, and Nahyuta - Impossible Crossover: Arid rushes the opponent with a trench knife combo, taking their focus away from Shizuka, who surprises them with a puff of his Genjutsu smoke. The opponent is then sucked into a hazy, mirage-like desert. Jūbei throws his Kubikiribōchō with a mighty swing, clocking them in the head rather than actually slicing through them. Using this as an opportunity to detain without being violent, Nahyuta swoops in and uses Spirit Roar to stun them, placing them in handcuffs and taking them to jail.

Awakening: Arid activates Okiru. Her base attacks become fire-enhanced strikes, and her secondary attacks become Fire Release: Great Flame Annihilation.

Standard Voice Lines

Character Select:

"I guess this is what we're doing, now."


"Look, man, you gotta try harder next time."


"Defeated, already...?"

Special Voice Lines

vs. Shingen:

Intro Dialogue:

"S-Sensei....? Is it really you...?!"


"I guess I've gotten stronger since we last sparred."


"Thanks for the lesson, sensei..."

vs. Kanbe:

Intro Dialogue:

"Y'know, I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've fought each other."


"Don't you have like, Dust Release? Like, the one that can just erase me from existence?"


"I guess that's why they call you "Captain Hokori", huh?"

vs. Ty Lee:

Intro Dialogue:

"Before we get into this, exactly how many caltrops did you bring to this?"


"Does it count as a victory if you literally can't die?"


"I'm proud of you, Ty Lee. He would be, too."

vs. Nensho:

Intro Dialogue:

"Want to brush up on training?"


"I feel like you definitely should have beaten me, all things considered."


"For someone who's been out of the game for a while, you sure are strong..."

vs. Kyousuke:

Intro Dialogue:

"Lord Kyousuke, will you train with me today?"


"...I shouldn't have won this."


"Look, I know you're a walking delete button, but I still enjoy, y'know, uh.... existing."

vs. Murasakibara:

Intro Dialogue:

"Natural talent, versus hard-earned power!"


"Can we still hang out, after this?"


"Natural talent it is, I guess..."

vs. Jūbei:

Intro Dialogue:

"Round 2, I guess?"


"You still suck, man. Do better."


"These Seven Swordsmen of the Mist aren't anything to scoff at...!"

vs. Shizuka:

Intro Dialogue:

"Still smoking, eh?"


"It helps to have real combat strategy, not just silly Genjutsu techniques."


"I can't believe I was beaten by a slacker like you..."

vs. Fuwari:

Intro Dialogue:

"I'm pretty sure you don't exist anymore."


"Too easy."


"How did this toddler beat me...?"

vs. Nahyuta:

Intro Dialogue:

"Fighting a pacifist seems kind of counter-intuitive, don't you think?"


"Oh no, who could have possibly seen this coming?"


"What happened to non-violence...?"

vs. Mizui:

Intro Dialogue:

"Hey, man. Want a rematch?"


"Let's do this again, sometime. I'm down for a three-peat."


"When did you become a jinchuuriki?!"

vs. Chen:

Intro Dialogue:

"--Huh? Oh, shit. I kinda forgot you exist, to be honest.


"No cheap Rinnegan this time?"


"You shouldn't even be here right now!"

vs. Ayane:

Intro Dialogue:

"Ah, yes, the tale of two ponchos."


"Don't be upset, Ayane. That monster inside of you could probably eat me whole, no problem."


"Ouch! Jeez, sis, take it easy..."

vs. Tsume:

Intro Dialogue:

"I won't lose, this time!"


"Time to run along to your village, now."


"It looks like you've gotten stronger, too..."

vs. Shikaji:

Intro Dialogue:

"I don't know who you are, friend, but you certainly aren't the man you say you are."


"Don't you dare use my sensei's name in vain!"


"This power...! Could you be The Black Arrow?"

vs. Rei:

Intro Dialogue:

"You'll pay for what you did to him, in blood!"


"It's... finally over......"


"I'll see you soon, sensei..."

Titles and Achievements

Title - "Arid, of the Sand Four" Become a member of The Sand Four.
Achievement - "Loyalty To The Mission" During the run-in with Shikaji, refuse his offer to join the Abyss Walkers.
Achievement - "Loyalty To Your Mentor" During the run-in with Shikaji, accept his offer to join the Abyss Walkers.
Achievement - "Disco Release" Learn to utilize Earth Release, Wind Release, and Fire Release.
Achievement - "Family Matters" Allow Ty Lee to convert Arid to Jashinism.
Achievement - "False Prophet" Kill Shikaji before he can convince Arid of his true identity.
Achievement - "Camo Index" Obtain the Hiding With Camouflage technique.
Achievement - "Nanomachines, Son" Obtain Hashirama's Healing Ability.
Achievement - "Successor" Kill Reincarnated Shingen.
Achievement - "FOXDIE" Kill Rei Uchiha.
Achievement - "Fatman" Kill Chojiro Akimichi.
Achievement - "Illusionists In Tandem" Meet Shizuka Gensōkyō.
Achievement - "Sweet Cape" Meet Fuwari Takoyaiba.
Achievement - "Tastes Like Vanilla" Romance Kanbe.
Achievement - "Is This Like... Necrophilia?" Romance Shingen.
Achievement - "Kunoichis Gone Wild" Romance Ty Lee.
Achievement - "Pushing The Boundaries Of Social Interaction" Romance Nensho.
Achievement - "Poncho Power" Romance Ayane.
Achievement - "Teacher-Student Relations" Romance Kyousuke.
Achievement - "Sweeter Than Sweet" Romance Murasakibara.
Achievement - "Wet Hot Sunagakure Summer" Romance Mizui.
Achievement - "Beyond The Fourth Wall" Romance Chen.
Achievement - "Opposites Attract" Romance Jūbei.

"He sat a few seats down from what looked like a living poncho"
Fighting Styles:
  • Poncho Paragon - "Where's my poncho? I can't exist without my poncho!" ~Arid Azahara
  • Genjutsu Specialist
  • Ninjutsu Expert (Chosen Element: Fire)
  • Taijutsu Specialist
  • Sensory Expert
  • Strength: Average (+ Maj Adv., Tai Expert)
  • Constitution: Masterful
  • Stamina: Masterful
  • Reflexes: Masterful (+ Min Adv., Tai Expert)
  • Coordination: Epic (+ Maj Adv., Nin Expert)
  • Wisdom: Masterful
  • Earth Release
  • Wind Release
  • Fire Release
  • Disco Release

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Missing-nin S-rank
Missing-nin S-rank
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Renown: 6970
Kanari Osoi - Red Robed Monkey skin (in the style of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm)
Basic Attack: Based on the Return Visual Presentation, Kanari's basic attacks have him jumping off of thin air to strike through and arrive on the opposite side of the opponent before doing so again, each staff blow causing a palpable pause in gameplay from the power behind them.
Up Favor: The final strike is an upwards corkscrew with the opponent's gut on the end of his staff before being thrown in the air.
Down Favor: The final strike is a grounded leg sweep, kicking the opponent out from under themselves while three clones poof into existence and smash them into the ground.

Ninjutsu: Shadow Clones, sends out three copies of himself, 2 that are launched one after another from either side that strike with their staffs and disrupt the enemy before a third one dashes from the center with a rasengan.

Ultimate: Pay More, Secure: Creating 1,500 clones in a wide circle around the battle, the original Kanari bats the opponent into the distance, shielding his eyes from the sun as he observes. As they descend near one of the clones, it bats them to a clone opposite them and so forth again and again for a short time before the speed of their travel is increased to make it look as though their movement trail resembles a massive rasengan. The original will then rise up and slam the staff into them, shooting them directly into the ground. The camera shifts to a distant view of the rasengan with a suddenly appearing Kanari giving a smile and thumbs up as it explodes. He disappears, apparently running back to the battle where it kicks back up again.

Awakening: Kanari's eyes flash red as a Zero Tails hand rests on his shoulder. The invisible wall surrounding the battlefield is replaced with clones that, on coming into contact with the enemy, strike for a single neutral attack's worth of damage. The chakra cost for charging is halved and his movement speed is much increased. Left on the D pad initiates a heavy staff blow that deals immense damage. Even if it misses, the enemy is staggered slightly by the ground quaking a few seconds later. Right on the D pad sends Kanari straight upwards and lands him nigh immediately behind the opponent. The Ninjutsu is replaced with Beat the Garden, a long range attack involving batting a rasengan like a baseball towards the enemy. Even if blocked, it sends the enemy backwards.

Special Quirks: While every character can jump through the air to the side, Kanari can jump a second time, even changing his direction entirely.

Default Voicelines... oh boy, here we go...
Character Select: "Can't fail!"
Victory: "The leaves do not fall!"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "I know more than just a beautiful face!"
Defeat: "Can I... be wrong?"

vs Kazu
Character Select: "Oh, ahem..."
Victory: "Please understand..."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Did I ever tell you about back-down, did you do?"
Defeat: "Kazu... I'm sorry."

vs Rane and Rumi
Character Select: "Don't overdo this more than you need!"
Victory: "Your covenant is over."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Stay down at this time!"
Defeat: "Seto fucking..."

vs Kemuri/Kumo/Kiri nin
Character Select: "Hmph."
Victory: "Are you very surprised?"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "I must have stayed other than this."
Defeat: "Have mercy... on them..."

vs Rei
Character Select: "But the enemy is there!"
Victory: "Hopefully that is not the case."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "We were once brothers, do you remember?"
Defeat: "Rei... I'm sorry."

vs Abyss Watchers
Character Select: "Hey hey, you!"
Victory: "Maybe we didn't need you."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Did I really fail?"
Defeat: "I think... you have points."

I'd do more if I didn't have to keep translating these haha

"Like the Rest" - Defect Konoha
"Unlike Anyone Else" - Become Hokage after earning 'Like the Rest'
"Sweet Nostalgia" - Defeat an enemy without using Ninjutsu
"You Understood Me!?" - Talk to someone online with a microphone
"It Takes a Village" - Fight with every Konoha shinobi at least once
"It IS a Village" - Summon a total of 100,000 clones in your career as Kanari.

STR: Epic
CON: Masterful
STA: Godlike +1
REF: Godlike
COR: Legendary
WIS: Masterful

Bukijutsu (Master - MoO - Staffs)
Ninjutsu (Expert- Nonelemental)
Kuchiyose (Adept- Monkey)
Sensory (Adept)

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Rei in XTREME LEGENDS has a couple different skins, at start – her Mangekyo skin which involves her Darkeater black catsuit and a sand-colored cloak with the hood pulled back. Her other skin is a seafoam green, reflective bikini with gems adorning the ties and a silver choker.


Normal Attack: Straightforward Taijutsu, though Rei does still have an air throw

Ninjutsu: Raikiri

Secondary Ninjutsu: Bimyou, an AoE fireball that can be charged. When charged, it hits multiple times.

Ultimate: Kuninotokotachi – Rei takes a quick step forward and punches at the opponent. If she hits, there is a small cut scene of her striking the opponent in the chest, then kicking them down to the ground and jumping. She then focuses her Mangekyo Sharingan on the enemy and a bright blue energy beam engulfs them and creates a small crater.

Awakening: Eight Gates Mode, Ultimate changes to Kitsune's Wedding - initiated with a kick in the form of a backflip, the opponent is launched into the air. Rain falls, and thunder rumbles, but the sky is shown as clear until a lightning bolt hits the opponent. Rei is shown with her fist in the opponent's stomach, leaning over them as they lay on the ground. If this doesn't finish the opponent, she backflips away.

Standard Voicelines

Character Select:

“I can’t just do nothing.”


“Don’t get up.”

Ultimate Finisher Screen: “This was inevitable.”


“You’re… very strong…”

Vs Shingen

Character Select:

“Come to test yourself again?”


“You still need practice.”

Ultimate Finisher Screen:

“Shin-kun… you pressed me this far…”


“I should stop going easy on you…”

Vs Sajin

Character Select:

“Sure, I’ll train!”


“We need to work on your focus.”

Ultimate Finisher Screen:

“You’re getting stronger all the time!”


“I underestimated you…”

Vs Kage

“I can end this war.”


“Just stop fighting!”

Ultimate Finisher Screen:

“I won’t just end the war, I’ll end you!”


“Is there… no end… to your greed…?”

Vs Kanari

Character Select:

“I wish things were different.”


“I didn’t really want to fight you.”

Ultimate Finisher Screen:

“This is the power you forced me to awaken.”


“If it must be… then…”

Vs Kyousuke

Character Select:

“I’m going to enjoy this.”


“The world will know to stay away from you.”

Ultimate Finisher Screen:

“You are already dead.”


“Not… to you…”

Vs Sand Four

Character Select:

“I’m not as nice a teacher as Shin-kun.”


“What did this accomplish?”

Ultimate Finisher Screen:

“Sorry, Shin-kun.”


“I… was soft.”

Vs Rinnegan

Character Select:

“That power is familiar…”


“You’re undeserving of that legacy.”

Ultimate Finisher Screen:

“My Doujutsu is better than yours.”


“How do you have… that power…?”


“Two of a Kind” – Fight two Kage at once
“Two Pair” – Fight four Kage at once
“Full House” – Fight five Kage at once
“Straight Flush” – Fight more than five Kage at once (Hidden Achievement)
“Right Where It Belongs (Again)” – Infiltrate Konoha after defecting from it
“White Wedding” – Remain Shikaji/Shingen’s wife
“Broken Home” – Leave Shikaji/Shingen behind
“Humans Are Such Easy Prey” – Defeat Kyousuke and Etsu in Story Mode
“Under a Graveyard Sky” – Visit Tanzaku after its destruction
“Shadows Die Twice” – Confront Kurobi
“Mistress of the Bell” – Retrieve Kana from Konoha

When skeletons live inside your closets
They can make you fear
That no one will hear us sing our songs
The truth is relevant, but not for long
This love is our downfall

Str: Epic (Legendary with Taijutsu)
Con: Masterful
Sta: Legendary (Major Advantage with Taijutsu)
Coo: Legendary (Godlike, Minor Advantage with Taijutsu)
Ref: Ascendant
Wis: Legendary (Godlike with Fuuinjutsu)

Might: 6
Will: 2
Fate: 6

Taijutsu Paragon
Fuuinjutsu Grandmaster
Ninjutsu Master
Genjutsu Expert
Ijutsu Adept

I'm sorry
But the hurt's not going away
I'll bury all the past
Everything in its place

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Shouko Sumi - A Gentle Breeze skin
Basic Attack: Shouko is a zoner and a ranged fighter with her usual combo string starting with a Black Receiver arrow that moves into either a Wind, Water, or Lightning follow up depending on what buttons are pressed after. She has a melee rekka that knocks back the opponent to create space and most of her arrows are meaty or okis.

Ninjutsu: Ichimonji: Shouko produces a large paint brush and releases a fullscreen slash of ink that can be mid or high for anti-airs.

Ultimate: Souzoukaze: Harsh wind blows from Shouko and if it connects triggers a cutscene. Wind from all four directions engulfs her, swirling around her arms and back before she focuses it all into one massive arrow of wind that blows the opponent a comically far distance away.

Awakening: Assimilate All Creation: Dipping her hand into her ink, Shouko assimilates it and becomes a black ink version of herself with butterfly wings. During her awakening all of her basic attack strings turn into Super Beast Imitating Drawing: Calligraphy techniques.

Default Voicelines
Character Select: "Okay, let's do our best!"
Victory: "Are you okay?"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "It's only the breeze."
Defeat: "Gotta get better I guess."

vs Ryoka
Character Select: "A spar?"
Victory: "I'm going to protect you next time."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "I'm doing this for my pushy Kage!"
Defeat: "You're so cute when you win."

vs Jubei
Character Select: "Just like old times!"
Victory: "That was fun!"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "This is gonna 'blow' you away!"
Defeat: "The Swordsman have taught you a lot, huh?"

vs Taiyo
Character Select: "This is a first."
Victory: "Don't tell your clan!"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "I'll be Ryoka's greatest pupil!"
Defeat: "So that's what it means to be an heir..."

vs Ayano
Character Select: "Making up for the past!"
Victory: "That was for Kemuri."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Not a third time!"
Defeat: "Again..."

vs Sand Four
Character Select: "You're going down."
Victory: "Don't ever touch her again!"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Ryoka, watch me."
Defeat: "I couldn' it."

vs Kyo
Character Select: "Another lesson?"
Victory: "I'll remember what you taught me."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "How's my form?"
Defeat: "I've still got much to learn."

"History Lessons" - Defeat Konoha a second time in the war
"Paint Like the Wind" - Paint a character from every village
"Family Ties" - Meet Ritsuki Sumi
"Last Breath" - Land a fatal blow
"It's Mine Now" - Take someone's name while in Ichimonji
"A Storm, Not a Breeze" - Defeat each member of the Sand Four

Ninjutsu Expert
Kyujutsu Master
Fuuinjutsu Specialist
Sensory Expert

Strength: Proficient w/Minor (Epic w/Kyujutsu)
Constitution: Proficient
Stamina: Masterful
Reflexes: Masterful (Major Advantage w/Sensory)
Coordination: Epic (Major Advantage w/Kyujutsu, Major Advantage w/Ninjutsu, Major Advantage w/Sensory, Legendary w/Drawing)
Wisdom: Masterful (Epic w/Fuinjutsu)


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Kioko Yamanaka - Base skin
Basic Attack: Kioko awkwardly swings her bag for mid-range attacks but they only have 2 or 3 attacks in a string. If she has to attack in close-range it consists of a 50/50 mix up using Chakra Scalpel.

Ninjutsu: Clone Great Explosion: A clone of Kioko appears in front of her and dashes toward the opponent before exploding; has tracking.

Ultimate: Roar!!: Kioko throws a page of her book toward the opponent and if it lands triggers a cutscene. The page releases sealing formula that holds the opponent in place while Kioko winds up before throwing a small sphere at the enemy. It rapidly expands into the Sealing Technique: Lion Closing Roar that slams the opponent into a wall. For a moderate time after the opponent cannot charge chakra or use Ninjutsu, Ultimates, or Awakenings.

Awakening: Needle Jizo: Kioko's hair grows long and surrounds her, causing her to take reduced damage and an immunity to projectiles. She gains the ability to shoot out spears of hair in this form that leave behind trails on the ground where she can use the Chakra Hair Trap Technique.

Default Voicelines
Character Select: "Oh, you picked me, me."
Victory: "Unbelievable, did you go easy?"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "I have something to prove."
Defeat: "That is to be expected..."

vs Inahara
Character Select: "A fight among family, Inahara."
Victory: "We are both in bloom."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "You inspire me so much!"
Defeat: "I had fun, thank you."

vs Enkou
Character Select: "A second round please, Enkou."
Victory: "Maybe it wasn't a fluke?"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "A supporter can fight too."
Defeat: "Tricks didn't work this time."

vs Ritsuki
Character Select: "It is nice to see you again, let's have fun."
Victory: "Oh, I didn't expect that."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Here, I have a gift."
Defeat: "I'm going back to work."

vs Arid
Character Select: "Oh, it is you again."
Victory: "That was for being rude."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "I won't heal you after."
Defeat: "You are not all talk."

"Oh?" - Win a fight
"Storytelling" - Catch someone in Monogatari
"A Beautiful Mind" - Use Mind Body Switch Technique on five PCs
"So Many Choices" - Earn a Restricted Pick
"Medic!" - Save a PC using Ijutsu
"Breaking Free" - Speak a sentence without adhering to the rule of 5

Fighting Styles:
Fuuinjutsu Specialist
Genjutsu Expert
Ninjutsu Expert
Sensory Expert
Ijutsu Expert

Strength: Proficient
Constitution: Proficient
Stamina: Proficient
Reflexes: Proficient
Coordination: Proficient
Wisdom: Proficient

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Uchiha Kensho


Normal Attack: Jab with his trench knife if close, if distant throwing 3 kunai

Ninjutsu: Yokai Beast Ball

Secondary Ninjutsu: Shadow Clone

Ultimate: Assimilate All Creation

Awakening: Satori Transformation (still working on unlocking this)

With the Turtle Power skin:

His Focus shifts to summoning – initially with armored transformation (which coats him in a mystic power armor boosting strength and constitution) but also summoning aerial adolescent anthropomorphic shinobi terrapins to attack as well

Standard Voicelines

Character Select:

"You must first conquer yourself if you hope to conquer me"


"Truth is Victory"


"Ultimately there can be no victory or defeat, only the endless dance of wisdom and bliss"

Special Voicelines

vs Tekokura:

Character Select:

"Will you teach me Sensei?"


"Stop going easy on me"


"Let’s go again, I learned a lot"

vs Toboe:

Character Select:

"Here doggy doggy"


"Poor doggy"


"Your beast’s ferocity has proven my undoing"

vs Mutsuko

Character Select:

“I rather fancy a stroll in the forest.”


“Run away Forest Boy”


"Nature’s wrath has proven my undoing"

vs Kanari

Character Select:



"You are really committed to this act, aren’t you?"


"Much as I expected"

Titles and Achievements

Achievement – "Ground of the path" - Complete the tutorial with Kensho

Achievement – "Path of the Path" – Collect 1000 CP

Achievement – "Result of the Path" – Max out TCP

Achievement – "Team Up" – Complete a Mission with Team 0

Achievement – "Sparring Practic" – Complete a sparring topic with each member of Team 0

Achievement – "Subdued" – Gain Control of Satori

Achievement - "Black and White" - Finish the "Memories" mission with Rei

Achievement – "First Step" – Awaken 1 tomoe

Achievement – "Second Step" – Awaken 2 tomoe

Achievement – "Third Step" – Awaken 3 Tomoe

Achievement – "Tragic Transcendance" – Awaken Mangekyo Sharingan

Achievement – "Eternal Transcendance" – Obtain Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan

Achievement – "Failure is a Lesson” be defeated in a sparring match

Achievement – "Slash and Burn" - Destroy an enemy Hidden Village

Achievement – "Cut off the Head" - Kill a Kage from an enemy Hidden Village

Achievement – "Fight for your Home" – Fend off an invasion of your home village

Achievement - "Lead by Example" - Become a Kage

Achievement – "Around the world in 80 days" – Post 80 consecutive times without visiting a village

Achievement – "O la la" – Develop a romance

Achievement – "Science Experiment" – Receive a successful implant or graft

Achievement - "Spectator" - Attend the Chuunin Exams during Story Mode

Achievement – "Abuse of Power" - Trigger Mangekyo Blindness in Story Mode

Achievement - "Hunter" - Track and kill a Missing-nin

Achievement – "Bloodline Collector" – Seal the bodies of 3 different bloodlines

I'm pretty new here still but thought I would take a stab at this!

Strength: proficient
Constitution: proficient
Stamina: proficient
Reflex: proficient+minor
Coordination: proficient
Wisdom: masterful+minor

Taijutsu Specialist: Feng Mo Chuan
Ninjutsu Expert: Non-Elemental Specialization
Fuuinjutsu Novice
Bukijutsu Novice: JoaT
Kuchiyose Adept: Celestial Chelonii Conclave

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Ritsuki Sumi - Base Skin

Normal Short-Ranged Basic Attacks (Spear) - Ritsuki has two different base styles that compliment each other. While able to switch between using skills of each, her shorter ranged attacks are stronger compared to her longer ranged, quick Ink Stabs. The attacks are very directional with long arc slashes that can stun for a moment with Lightning Release or quick gabs that are weak but stronger than the quicker Ink Slash attacks. Both type chain into each other. Spear Attacks can Airthrow and Guard Break enemies compared to the Inkblood Manipulation Seal.

Normal Long-Range Basic Attacks (Inkblood Manipulation Seal) - Ritsuki's Second Style tends to do more chip damage in numerous directions. It's longer ranged than the spear and tends to zone the enemy and pokes and shifts the enemy around throwing them in random directions as it hit. While easily guardable from the front, the back slashes that appear can catch people off guard. Mostly does Chip Damage. But, with ceratin combos she can drop ink traps for people to step into, ink balls that slowly move towards the opponent, or ink spears and bombs.

Ninjutsu - Demonic Statue Chains - Ritsuki's Rinnegan Activates and she shoots out chains, stunning the enemy in place for a few seconds in order for her to start up a combo or end someone's combo on her and pull herself away. The distance is always set the same of where the opponent and Ritsuki end up after catching someone with Demonic Statue Chains.

Ultimate - Ink Blood Manipulation Seal: Avaritia - After shooting someone with an Inkblood Spear, the ground on the full battle field starts to fill up with ink as the opponent begins to sink into it with the ink wrapping around their body and drowing them within the ink before it disappears with them on the ground. It can be dodged if the enemy jumps out of it, but it's used normally after knocking someone down with Spear Attacks.

Awakening - Kokuo Tailed Beast Version 2 - Only at half health, Ritsuki can activate her Tailed Beast Mode. She loses all her abilities with her Inkblood Mnaipulation Seal while within this mode, but her spear attacks are boosted by almost double in strength and speed. A Boil Bubble manifests around her with it damaging anyone who comes within it. She can now dash almost across the field in a way that can break people out of combos on her.

Default Voicelines
Character Select: "Me? You shouldn't have. . ."
Victory: "Do you need healing?"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Please. . .Don't die yet."
Defeat: "Looks like. . .you shouldn't have."

vs Seigi
Character Select: "So, let's finally fight! Rinnegan on Rinnegan!"
Victory: "Seems mine was stronger, Seigi!"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Don't get up, it will hurt if you do."
Defeat: "To be expected of you. . ."

vs Enkou
Character Select: "Let's see what else you got up your sleeves."
Victory: "Seems I still have more up my sleeves."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Hold your breath."
Defeat: "You. . ."

vs Shizuka
Character Select: "Well, well, well, getting off your ass, Shizuka?"
Victory: "Come on, your strength is nothing but smoke and mirrors"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "No more illusions."
Defeat: "I. . .underestimated you."

vs Kioko
Character Select: "You sure about this? I don't want to hurt you."
Victory: "Here, take my hand!"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Please survive. . ."
Defeat: "H-Help me up."

vs Konohagakure Shinobi
Character Select: "Why are we fighting?"
Victory: "Please. . .Let me help you."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "I. . .am sorry."
Defeat: "I was supposed to protect you. . ."

"First Times The Charm" - Participate in a fight for the first time
"The Other Side of the Water" - Meet Shouko Sumi
"More than One Experiment" - Meet another experiment
"Only Death can bring Life" - Defeat someone with an Ijutsu Technique, Unlocks Masque of the Red Death Skin
"I'm Not Alone" - Meet Another Jinchuriki
"There's More Out There?" - Steal another Bijuu from the Wild or from another Jinchuriki
"Together" - Develop Control and Bond with Kokou
"Pfft, What am I? Human?" - Lose sense of humanity, Unlocks Corruption Skin
"Waves of the Ocean" - Unlock the Water Element
"Birds of the Sky" - Unlock the Wind Element

Specialist Fūinjutsu
Specialist MoO Bukijutsu [Spears]
Expert Ninjutsu
Expert Sensory
Expert Ijutsu
Master Craftsman Chemistry

Strength: Average (Major Adv. Buki)
Constitution: Average
Stamina: Masterful (60 Ijutsu pool, 60 Ninjutsu pool)
Reflexes: Masterful w/ Major Adv. (Major Adv. Evasion with Sensing Technique)
Coordination: Masterful (Tier while Drawing, Major Adv. aiming at vital organs, Major Adv. for aiming ninjutsu, Major Adv. Buki, Major Adv. Evasion with Sensing Technique)
Wisdom: Proficient (+1 Tier Buki, +1 Tier Fūinjutsu)


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Tekokura Senju - The Wooden Ock

Basic Combo: Tekokura rushes at the opponent with a string of Leaf Taijutsu punches. Two quick jabs followed by a backhand punch. He then jumps off of the opponent positioning himself for a Dynamic Entry kick.

Up Favor: Instead of finishing with the kick after jumping back, Tekokura will us Four Pillar House Technique to summon a one room building under the enemy to damage them and push them up.
Down Favor:Instead of finishing with the kick after jumping back, Tekokura will Jump up and send a Water Dragon down on the enemy.

Ranged Attack: Water Bullets

Grab Attack: Uses the Water Whip to pull the enemy in before striking them with his fist covered in spinning petals from his Lotus Petal Buzzsaw technique.

Ninjutsu: Exploding Shuriken Whirlpool - Tekokura throws a demon wind shuriken made of water at the opponent. Making contact rips into the character dealing small damage, before exploding with the main force of the attack.

Ultimate: A combo attack where Tekokura traps his oppenent in a Four Pillar Prison Technique. He then activates his Secret Technique: Kurage, summoning a wooden jellyfish from branches under him in a small cutscene. He then fires it at the prison, causing an explosion. Then the screen cuts back to Tekokura and he activates a sign causing the jellyfish to release the water it stores and creates a whirlpool to finish off the attack. Finishes with him smiling and saying “Oops, I got carried away”

Awakening: Tekokura activates his favorite signature move, Senju Tendrils. His four wooden limbs emerge from his back and the bottom two lift Tekokura above the ground several feet. Leaving his hands and two tendrils free to attack his basic combo string changes. Now instead his attacks consist of the Underground Roots Technique, using branches and roots from the ground to pummel and sweep at the enemy. His two free Tendrils will also slam down on any close enemy. His grab changes and has increased range. The Tendrils will grab the opponent, bringing them to Tekokura”s free hands to feel a Rasengan right to the gut.

Character Select: “Time to train?”
Victory: “Sorry about that….”
Ultimate Finisher: “Don’t underestimate the Senju! And don’t underestimate me!”
Defeat: “I….I couldn’t stop them.”

Vs Kanari
Character Select: “I’ve grown, let me show you Lord Hokage.”
Victory: “Did you go easy on me?”
Ultimate Finisher: “Ooph, that one may hurt Sensei….”
Defeat: “I did all I could, your just too fast.”

Vs Toboe
Character Select: “Still letting Ao call the shots?”
Victory: “I know you two can do better than that!”
Ultimate Finisher: “ this may be a bit much.”
Defeat: “Too...many...claws….”

Vs Mutsuko
Character Select: “Wanna learn a new Wood Style?”
Victory: “It's about thinking on your feet Mutsuko.”
Ultimate Finisher: “Learn anything?”
Defeat: “I’m proud of your progress.”

Vs Kensho
Character Select: Young Uchiha, What’s the plan today?
Victory: “Sorry but you’re not experienced enough yet.”
Ultimate Finisher: “My woodstyle is able to handle your beast!”
Defeat: “So...much...power. Control it Kensho.:”

Vs Satomi
Character Select: “It’s been a while Black Mamba, do we have to fight?”
Victory: “I can’t believe I defeated Lady Satomi!”
Ultimate Finisher: “You’re Sage Mode Wasn’t fast enough.”
Defeat: “So this is the power of a Sage?”

Vs Anbu
Character Select: “Who is behind the mask?”
Victory: “For my Hokage.”
Ultimate Finisher: “I hate taking a life.”
Defeat: “Forgive me Hokage.”

Vs Ayano:
Character Select: “Are you our clan heir?”
Victory: “You know the power of Wood Style”
Ultimate Finisher: “Didn’t see this coming, did you?!”
Defeat: “Her power...exceeds mine.”

“Harsh Teachings” - Steal the pizza in training
“Lessons from Defeat” - Lose to Kanari
“I Finally Feel It” - Awaken Senjutsu
“A New Level” - Awaken Incomplete Sage Mode
“True Power” - Awaken Complete Sage Mode
“Gotcha” - Catch five people in a Wood Prison Technique
“Fatal Drowning” - Use Water Prison Shark Dance
“Proud Sensei” - Complete a Mission With Team 0
“Abandonment” - Reconnect With a Missing Kanari
“Too Rough” - Defeat One of Team 0 Genin
“Despite My Safety” - Protect a Comrade

Character Stats
-Ninjutsu(Expert) (Chosen Element Boost - Water)

Str: Proficient (Masterful w/ Taijutsu)
Con: Masterful
Sta: Epic
Ref: Epic
Cor: Proficient (Masterful w/Taijutsu)
Wis: Proficient

Taijutsu Style - Style of the Strong Fist

Elements: Wood, Water

Chakra Pool - 200
Ninjutsu Pool - 60
Taijutsu Pool - 60

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Kyo Lyuun - Kyo's default skin is a blue kimono with white waves printed on it, lazily applied so that much of his chest is showing. At the beginning of a match, while the ready timer is counting down, he unseals Hiramekarei and holds it casually over one shoulder in his main stance. His alternate skin is Kikori, his ANBU uniform, which is a navy blue BDU with steel chestplate and his Kikori mask. In this skin, he holds Hiramekarei in both hands with a low, formal guard.


Basic Attack: Strikes with Hiramekarei. His melee attacks have a very good range that seem deceptive at first because their hitbox ends at the blue chakra flow around the sword and not the sword itself.

Ranged Attack: Kyo fires crystal arrows from his bow, leaping up and away from the opponent and gaining hang time to fire up to three. He can also charge a single projectile that makes it larger and deal more damage - this can be done in the air or on the ground. If charged in the air, he gains hang time while it charges.

Ninjutsu: Tearing Crystal Falling Dragon - A dragon made of crystal is sent at the opponent, which knocks them back and damages them. The dragon has tracking.

Secondary Ninjutsu: Crystal Lance - This is a fast Ninjutsu that covers Kyo's left arm in a large crystal lance, which he then dashes forward with, the lance extended. This may be used in the air.

Ultimate: Crystal Imprisonment Wave - Also known as "such bullshit" and "I fucking DODGED that", the Crystal Imprisonment Wave is initiated by Kyo tossing his left hand from right to left in the direction he is facing. This initiates a large AoE hemispherical hitbox in front of and a very small AoE hemispherical hitbox behind him (meaning that mistimed Replacements may still be hit). Once hit, a small cut scene plays where the opponent is crystallized. Kyo then waves his left hand from left to right, and the crystal shatters along with the opponent, dealing massive damage. If the opponent survives, they fall to the ground, and combatant positions are reset.

Awakening: Hiramekarei: Niten Ichi-ryu - Kyo wields Hiramekarei as two swords, increasing his speed and the damage on his attacks. His Ninjutsu is replaced with a sweeping horizontal slash that vastly increases the range on his next combo. His Secondary Ninjutsu becomes a vertical slash that does the same. His Ultimate becomes Dustless Bewildering Cover, which he initiates with one of the long-range slashes that, if it hits, initiates a cut scene. The opponent is knocked to the ground, as Kyo disappears. The opponent stands up, and looks around. Kyo reappears as he is descending upon the opponent with both swords, which he stabs into them. If the opponent survives, they are left on the ground, and Kyo dashes away.


Character Select: "Huh? Oh. Hey."
Victory: "Yeah, I know, I don't look like a genius."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "This is what it looks like when I'm serious!"
Defeat: "Owww..."

Vs Ryoka

Character Select: "Loser goes on a date with the winner! What? No, I didn't say anything."
Victory: "You had to let me win... wait, does that mean you *want* a date?!"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Beach date, here I come! Bikiniiiiiii!"
Defeat: "So... about that date..."

Vs Shouko

Character Select: "Don't hold back!"
Victory: "Oh, are you hurt?"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Hey! Let me correct your stance!"
Defeat: "Perfect... form..."

Vs Seto

Character Select: "Pffthahah, they put YOU in charge?!"
Victory: "You needed this."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "The only remedy for arrogance - take your medicine!"
Defeat: "No way..."

Vs Kanari

Character Select: "So embarrassed that you left the Leaf?"
Victory: "Wow. *Very* cool."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "So do you do, like, anything? Just fly? Okay."
Defeat: "What- I didn't even know he *had* a staff."

Vs Konoha-nin

Character Select: "Well, you know what you're getting into."
Victory: "Cut down."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "I'll cut your ambition down to the root!"
Defeat: "Couldn't see the forest... for the trees..."

Vs Seven Swordsmen

Character Select: "Oh, am I really the *veteran* now?"
Victory: "Hey, keep practicing!"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Let's protect the Mist... together!"
Defeat: "Nice! Though you could've made me look better..."

Vs Suna-nin

Character Select: "Oh, yeah! We *are* at war with you. I forgot."
Victory: "Don't show up next time. Like the first time. Hahah."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "You should probably stay home."
Defeat: "I don't want to talk about it."


"Pervert" - Feel up Shouko during training
"Husbando" - Bring any romance to its maximum potential
"Two-timing" - Bring any two romances to their maximum potential
"... of the Mist" - Be promoted to ANBU
"Seven Swordsman" - Wield Hiramekarei in battle


"The Remedy" - Finish Seto with your Ultimate in Story Mode
"Your Profile Said Bi" - Romance Shouko
"First Gentleman" - Romance Ryoka
"Siscon" - Romance Niko
"Childhood Friends" - Romance Umeno
"Allied Shinobi Waifus" - Romance Tane or Rumi
"Twiiiiiiiiins~" - Romance Tane *and* Rumi
"Make Love, Not War" - Romance Satomi
"Pen Pals" - Romance Saya
"Desert Rose" - Romance Yui
"Have We Met?" - Romance Ritsuki
"Sumi Scion" - Romance Ritsuki and Shouko
"All Adorable and Deadly and Stuff" - Romance Ty Lee
"But Under That Pancho..." - Romance Arid
"Foxy Lady" - Romance Ayane
"Poncho Pair" - Romance Arid and Ayane
"Hat Trick" - Romance Ty Lee, Arid, and Ayane
"Cheater" - Romance any two options
"Master Baiter" - Romance any three options
"Girl Crazy" - Romance any four options
"Harem" - Romance any five options
"Lucky" - Romance any seven options
"Ten-Tails" - Romance any ten options
"Baker's Dozen" - Romance all thirteen options

You speak like someone
Who has never been
Smacked in the fucking mouth

Strength: Proficient
Constitution: Average
Stamina: Legendary
Reflex: Legendary
Coordination: Ascendant
Wisdom: Masterful
Kyujutsu (Specialist)
Kenjutsu (Specialist)
Ninjutsu (Expert)
Sensory (Expert)
Fuuinjutsu (Novice)
That's okay
We have the remedy

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Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin
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~Mutsuko - The Feral Child~


Basic Attack - Short Range: (Fists) A slow but strong taijutsu combo, finishing with a chakra enhanced strength blow to the chest.

Basic Attack - Long Range: (Recurve Bow) A deliberate, powerful, and slow shot to a vital point. Mutsuko is able to release the arrow earlier, lowering damage and accuracy in favor of speed and multitude.

Ninjutsu: Mokuton - Great Forest Technique

Secondary Ninjutsu: Mokuton - Wood Clone Technique

Ultimate: Hidden Fist - Mutsuko Mayflies from his current position, leaping out from nearby vegetation unto his unsuspecting prey. Striking the enemy with a fully charged chakra enhanced fist, Mutsuko aims for the head. If able, Mutsuko will mayfly again, striking once more from another blindspot.

Awakening: Shadow Clone Strike! - Mutsuko Creates a number of wood clones within moments scattering them through the nearby terrain. The clones each find a vantage point and prepare their bows for a devastating shot. Mutsuko himself charges the target, preparing a basic melee combo while his clones fire their arrows one after the other in quick succession. With the precise communication between his wood clones, Mutsuko is able to hit the opponent in between each arrow strike, weaving around the arrowheads. Finishing with a chakra enhanced punch to the gut, The opponent is thrown quite a distance.

Standard Voicelines

Character Select:

"Oh? Am I supposed to talk here?"


"Did you have as much fun as me?.. Hello?"


"I don’t feel so good...?"

Special Voicelines

vs Kanari:

Character Select:

"Who’re you again?"


"That was.. A miracle..."


"The odds were.. Full of math..."

vs Toboe:

Character Select:

"Please don’t make me hurt you.."


"Maybe next time you’ll do better?"


"That was.. So cool..."

vs Tekokura

Character Select:

“I’m gonna give it my all!”


"Sensei? Did I really do it?"


"You owe me a pizza.."

vs Kensho

Character Select:

"Show me what an Uchiha is capable of"


"I thought you’d do better.."



Titles and Achievements

Title - "Forest Boy" - Unlocked by ultimating or awakening for the first time.

Title - “Sensei” - Unlock achievement: "The Student Surpasses The Teacher"

Title - "Chyuunin" - Unlock achievement: “Pass The Chyuunin Exams”

Achievement - "Some Training Session..." - Meet your squad and survive the surprise encounters.

Achievement - "The Student Surpasses The Teacher" - Defeat Tekokura Sensei in 1v1 combat.

Achievement - "Pass The Chyuunin Exams" - Pass the Chyuunin exams.

Achievement - “Finally, The Pizza Is Here..” - Eat a slice of pizza

Achievement - “Top Of The Class!” - Pass the Chyuunin exams without losing in combat.

[Character Information]
Skills: Kyujutsu Adept, Taijutsu Novice, Ijutsu Adept, Ninjutsu Expert
Signature Fighting Style: Chakra-Enhanced Strength
Strength: Average
Constitution: Average
Stamina: Masterful
Reflex: Proficient
Coordination: Masterful
Wisdom: Average
Stamina Pool: 150
Ninjutsu Pool: 60
Ijutsu Pool: 30
Signature Taijutsu Pool: 15
Elements: Wood
[Attribute Bonuses]
Using Chakra-Enhanced Strength: Grants a full tier and +1 advantage to Strength
Using Kyuujutsu: +1 to Coordination and Strength
Using Ninjutsu: +2 to Coordination for the purposes of aiming

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Kumo Jonin
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Mayuri Granz - Pharaoh skin
Basic Attack: Mayuri's hands glow purple and he uses a variety of short, probing jabs as hit confirms for longer strings. He uses chakra scalpel techniques when using normal attacks. As a disengage tool he spits up a cloud of poison.

Ninjutsu: Fission - Body Absorption: Mayuri splits himself in two copies before quickly stabbing the second with the long nail on his hand. The second clone falls to the ground and Mayuri heals for 25% of his max HP.

Ultimate: Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō: Matai Fukuin Shōtai: Mayuri shoots his hand forward with the Chain attack and if it lands triggers a cutscene. The area becomes shrouded in a poison mist that blocks out sight before it pulls back to reveal Mayuri's Boss Summon. The giant's stomach splits releasing a swarm of Ashisogi Jizō that bombard the opponent before exploding with the Nikubakudan seals.

Awakening: Level 4: Mayuri transforms into his full Nature form as an abnormally thin man. His attacks and movements become much faster and hit harder than usual, with most of his strings implementing Chakra Cannons and Jet Booster Jumps. Has an infinite that requires frame perfect buttons.

Default Voicelines
Character Select: "Let us begin."
Victory: "What a waste of a good specimen."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "I'll find use for your corpse."
Defeat: "Un-unbelievable-"

vs Samurai
Character Select: "If I teach you a lesson, would you even learn from it?"
Victory: "Monkeys swinging swords, pathetic."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Not even worthy of my experiments!"
Defeat: "I refuse to accept this."

vs Hayate
Character Select: "Ah, in for a check-up?"
Victory: "Fascinating."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "This will only hurt for a second."
Defeat: "A specimen outgrowing the scientist, what a proud day."

"Impeccable" - Get a 100% modifier on both Implants and Curse Seals
"Immaculate" - Get a flawless implementation of an Implant and Curse Seal
"Genocide" - Kill all samurai PCs
"Bountiful Harvest" - Gain material for implants from each Bloodline
"Sleeper Cell" - Use a Curse Seal patient to murder for you
"Coup" - Take over a village and place seals on all of it's inhabitants

Strength: Average
Constitution: Proficient
Stamina: Proficient
Reflexes: Average
Coordination: Proficient (Major Advantage w/Ijutsu)
Wisdom: Godlike

Fuuinjutsu Specialist
Ijutsu Expert
Chemistry Master
Kuchiyose Expert

Stamina Pool:

Ijutsu: 60

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Konoha Jonin
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Saya Aburame - Jounin skin
Basic Attack: Saya has both projectile and melee combo strings. Ranged attacks consist of throwing Kikaichu in small swarms that do chip damage on block. Her melee attacks consist of dagger attacks that have a higher chance of guard break than usual and have the same plus on hit that they do on block.

Ninjutsu: Water Dragon: A large torrent of water shaped like a dragon erupts from Saya's feet and darts toward the enemy. Has half-tracking.

Ultimate: Master Summoner: Insects attack the opponent from the ground below their feet, if it hits triggers a cutscene. The opponent is covered in Kikaichu and begins to freak out as two poofs of smoke appear on each side of Saya. Chiisai pops up from her scarf while Kishu uses Hiding Like a Mole to dive underground. Kishu pops up from below the opponent, launching them into the air. Chiisai hops out of Saya's scarf and launches Wind Bullets while Kishu uses False Darkness. Neeko jumps from behind the airborne opponent while Saya jumps from the front. Saya uses Rasengan sending the opponent flying into Neeko who axe kicks them back to the ground.

Awakening: Ten'no: Saya's character stands straighter than it's usual stance and the opponent's button inputs are shown on screen .25 seconds before the input goes off, allowing her to counter effectively during.

Default Voicelines
Character Select: "..."
Victory: "Okay."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "I don't like doing this."
Defeat: "I...see."

vs Seto
Character Select: "Another round, sensei?"
Victory: "Five to Zero."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Stop pretending."
Defeat: "You're catching up."

vs Maia
Character Select: "Nice to see you."
Victory: "Ice cream?"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Holding back would be disrespectful."
Defeat: "I'm glad to see you've grown."

vs Shingen
Character Select: "Come to show off again?"
Victory: "All that talk."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "I don't need to showboat."
Defeat: "Do you feel better now?"

vs Kyo
Character Select: "I forgot to write."
Victory: "Don't mistake me for my sensei."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "A taste of your own remedy."
Defeat: "Unfortunate."

"All in Your Head" - Come to terms with the voices you hear from others
"Like a Boss" - Get Boss Wisdom
"Like Two Bosses" - Get Boss in more than one Stat
"That's More Like It" - Become an ANBU
"Round-up" - Capture all of the Konohagakure defectors
"This Time for Sure" - Use La Lune or Le Soleil effectively in any fight ever

Strength: Proficient (Major Advantage w/Buki)
Constitution: Proficient
Stamina: Epic
Reflexes: Masterful
Coordination: Masterful (Major Advantage w/Buki and Ninjutsu)
Wisdom: Epic (Legendary Precog w/Buki)
Tracking: Epic

Kuchiyose Master
Bukijutsu Master-of-One (Daggers) Specialist
Ninjutsu Expert


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Oto Genin
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Yume and Yumi - Default skin
Basic Attack: Yumi is by default the main body. The twins are a mainly melee combo character with heavy strikes thrown between grabs, chain-grabs, air-grabs, and command grabs. A lot of their combos start with feints of high while the attack comes from Yume as a low or vice versa.

Ninjutsu: Great Fireball: Yume appears from Yumi's chest or back and unleashes a large fireball that travels in a line.

Ultimate: Pummel! Pummel!!: Yume dashes forward out of Yumi and tackles the opponent, if it hits triggers a cutscene. Yume tackles the opponent to the ground before rolling and kicking the enemy into the air. Yumi is already there waiting and grabs the opponent by the back of the head before slamming them face first into the ground, cratering it. The twins then stand above the body and stomp it into the crater repeatedly until an explosion of force sends them flipping backward and Yume goes back into Yumi.

Awakening: Twin Demon Assault: Yume exits from Yumi and the controller settings change. The right stick controls Yumi's movements while the left controls Yume's. The D-Pad becomes Yume's attack buttons while the trigger buttons work for both of the twins. Effectively lets the player control both twins individually.

Default Voicelines
Character Select: "Out of the way, stupid!"
Victory: "Big head for such a dummy."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Take this, and this, and then some more of this!"
Defeat: "This is stupid, you're stupid."

vs Masamune
Character Select: "Sup?" *blows a bubblegum bubble*
Victory: "So that's why you hide behind a mask?"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "I bet you wish you had claws now!"
Defeat: "Yume, it's your fault!"

vs Tane and Rumi
Character Select: "Two v two, nice."
Victory: "Guess we're the real dynamic duo here, huh?"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "That's right, use them slugs after this!"
Defeat: "No fair, we just graduated."

"Follow Your Dreams" - Reach the rank of ANBU on Yumi and become a teacher on Yume
"Don't Let Your Memes" - Get Dual KKG Kidomaru clan for the twelve arms flex
"Seeing Double" - Get Fission, create two sets of twins
"Brutality" - Break someone's Durability in a single hit
"Cousins" - Meet the Kumo twins
"Do It, You Won't" - Pinch a Kage on the rear on a dare

Strength: Proficient (Masterful w/Taijutsu)
Constitution: Average
Stamina: Proficient
Reflex: Proficient
Coordination: Proficient (Major Advantage w/Ninjutsu)
Wisdom: Proficient (Masterful w/Taijutsu)

Taijutsu Specialist
Ninjutsu Expert


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Satomi Hyuuga - Hokage Skin

((OOC: You get a small look of what I'm working on with her techniques woo, be excited!))
Normal Short-Ranged Basic Attacks (Pankration) - Satomi's Signature Taijutsu style which is a mix of wrestling and boxing. She makes quick use of grappling enemies closer in order to keep pulling them into her range and then kicking them away and meeting back up to them. She heavily combos people into walls and doesn't let people escape. She will choke you and slam you into the ground. . .a lot.

Normal Long-Ranged Basic Attacks (Gentle Fist: 64 Arrows) - Wow, Satomi can use Hyuuga stuff! I would have never guessed. Her long range attacks actually shoot off pretty fast compared to her longer more damaging Pankration attacks. They actually stop people from building up using Ninjutsu and Ultimate attacks when hit and pause their gains depending on how much they get hit by her long ranged attacks, they don't do much damage but are spammable.

Ninjutsu - Rasengan: Revolving Heaven - A cross stage Full-Body Rasengan that hits everyone in the way.

Ninjutsu 2 - Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists - Satomi activates Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists and empowers her Short-Ranged Basic Attacks

Ultimate - Lightning Release: Rasenshuriken - Satomi imbudes her Rasenshuriken with Raiton Chakra, making the Rasenshuriken hard to look at directly. It's almost blinding with it's light as it soars through and hits the target. The nerves within the body are shocked to extremes, deactivating them and requiring almost immediate medical attention after.

Awakening - Complete Snake Sage Mode - Satomi activates her Complete Snake Sage mode, when activated she gets much quicker, there are blurry lines behind her movements. She then can activate Snake Contract Abilities instead of Gentle Fist: 64 Arrows instead, long range snake binds.

Default Voicelines
Character Select: "This is a mistake."
Victory: "There is no antidote for me."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Don't even try to get up."
Defeat: "What power. . ."

vs Seigi
Character Select: "Has your form improved?"
Victory: "You have a lot more to learn."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Your fate is sealed."
Defeat: "Looks like you surpassed me."

vs Kazu
Character Select: "How do you like the curves? I was talking about the bow."
Victory: "Oh. . .That's sad."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Stay on the ground."
Defeat: "I. . .need to get stronger."

vs Tekokura
Character Select: "Please. . .Don't call me that!"
Victory: "So. . .you haven't improved, have you?"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Don't even try."
Defeat: "Have I not improved since becoming Hokage?"

vs Kanari
Character Select: "Do you plan on coming back, or do I have to force you?"
Victory: "Let's go back home."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Please, I'm not trying to hurt you."
Defeat: "I. . .failed."

vs Konohagakure Shinobi
Character Select: "Oh? I can't kill them. Can we do something else?"
Victory: "Do not confuse mercy for weakness."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Don't get hit next time."
Defeat: "Looks like. . .I'm too weak."

vs Kemurigakure Shinobi from Amegakure
Character Select: "Oh, I must have missed you last time I was there."
Victory: "One more down, the rest to go."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "You're not strong enough."
Defeat: "No. . .I can't stop here."

"Hokage? Nah, That's not my style." - Be demoted back to ANBU.
"Me? Nah, I'm supposed to be alone." - Be romanced.
"Not just snakes." - Get a Second Summoning Contract.
"Breezes" - Unlock the Wind Element.
"Just like the rest of them" - Become Hokage and go Rogue.
"Maybe I'm not supposed to be alone?" - Romance someone instead.

Taijutsu Specialist
Kyūjutsu Specialist
Kuchiyose Adept
Ninjutsu Adept

Strength: Proficient (Major Advantage w/ Kyūjutsu)
Constitution: Proficient with Minor Advantage
Stamina: Epic (60 Taijutsu, 30 Ninjutsu)
Reflex: Masterful (+1 Tier w/ Taijutsu)
Coordination: Masterful (+1 Tier w/ Taijutsu, Major Advantage w/ Kyūjutsu, Minor Advantage w/ Aiming Ninjutsu)
Wisdom: Masterful (+1 Tier Byakugan, +1 Tier Kyūjutsu)
Tracking: Masterful (Epic w/ Major Advantage w/ Byakugan, +1 Tier Taijutsu, +1 Tier and Major Advantage w/ Kyujutsu)


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Suna Jonin
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Kisora Sunba - Sexy Ronin Skin (Ooooo)

Basic Attacks - Kisora's moves are flashy and hard to read, they are hard to react to due to the unpredicablity that a non-ranged attack moveset gives. She will bend backwards and stab the crap out of people or almost trip and stab someone. Yet, that is only through one button where it becomes this slow unpredictable starter to her combos. After starting with that, she will activate her speedy Sunba attacks. She also pulls people closer or throws them farther away to use Ninjutsu after. She can also air dash and dash across the stage at extreme speeds into kicks or slashes.

Ninjutsu - Swift Release: Nomad Dash - I swear it's not Nomad Dash, don't hate me.

Ninjutsu 2 - Swift Release: Nomad Dash Cancel - I swear it's not Nomad Dash Cancel! Don't @ me.

Ultimate - Swift Release: Drunken God Slashing Dance - Kisora uses her Nomad Dash and knocks someone to the ground and as they get up she starts to slash the opponent a lot at extreme speeds. She ends up knocking them to the ground again and stomps and does a small dance ontop of them with a smile on her face, then leaves her straw hat on their face.

Ultimate - Party of the Ninneko - Kisora summons many cats from the Cat Contract and they all attack the opponenet scratching and vomiting hairballs on the opponent, then she Nomad Dashes and throws them very far away. After a screen flashes of her and the cats drinking Sake together, until the opponent shows back up and the screen ends back into the fight or they all come together for cheers as the match ends.

Awakening - Drunken God Mode - Kisora drinks a lot of Sake and starts to stagger around, but her moves aren't just a bit slower but they actually beat out blocks much easier. Staggering and Knocking down much more for juggling bounce combos.

Default Voicelines
Character Select: "Huh? This isn't a bar. . ."
Victory: "Time to celebrate!"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Well, that was easy!"
Defeat: "God. . .I wish this was a bar."

vs Hanshō
Character Select: "P-Please can we do something else?"
Victory: "I-I'm sorry!"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Let's meet again. . .by the river."
Defeat: "I. . .didn't want this to happen"

vs Masaru
Character Select: "Ooo, Let's see how fast you are, Masaru!"
Victory: "So does this mean I have to pay for dinner?"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Haha! I'm faster than you!!"
Defeat: "I. . .wasn't fast enough."

vs Any others with a Beauty SA/Flaw
Character Select: "Let's see how beautifully you preform."
Victory: "Hey! At least I didn't ruin your face!"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Taste my blade!"
Defeat: "You're even more elegant than me. . ."

vs Kemuri/Kiri/Kumo
Character Select: "Come on, I don't wanna fight in this war. . ."
Victory: "I didn't. . .want this."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Please end this for us."
Defeat: "I'm just a death statistic now. . ."

"Ka Balling!" - Perform Both Ultimates.
"Pretty Stone?" - Get a Amber-Colored Round Stone.
"Figuring it out." - Figure out what the stone does.
"In Peace." - Be able to Romance Hanshō.
"Forbidden Romance?" - Romance Someone from Kumo/Kiri/Kemuri.
"Opposites Attract." - Romance Masaru.
"Staying in the Sands" - Romance Someone from Sunagakure.

Kenjutsu Specialist
Ninjutsu Expert
Kuchiyose Expert
Taijutsu Adept
Sensory Adept
Ijutsu Adept
Fuuinjutsu Novice

Strength: Proficient (Major Advantage w/ Kenjutsu, Minor Advantage w/ Taijutsu)
Constitution: Proficient
Stamina: Epic (30 Taijutsu, 60 Ninjutsu)
Reflex: Proficient with Major Advantage (1 Tier w/ Kenjutsu, Minor Advantage w/ Taijutsu, Minor Advantage w/ Sensory Technique)
Coordination: Epic (Major advantages w/ Kenjutsu, Major Advantage w/ Ninjutsu Aiming, Minor Advantage w/ Sensory Technique)
Wisdom: Proficient
Tracking: Masterful (Epic w/ Major Advantage w/ Kenjutsu)


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Kumo Tokubetsu Jonin
Kumo Tokubetsu Jonin
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Infamy: 0
Flay and Anna -

Storyline: the twins are characters that toe the line between anti hero and villain characters, and their story line would be one with a core dilemna like that of the soulcalibur games in which you could either see them turn evil or stay neutral to goodish.


Normal Attack: Flay uses swift cunning strikes relying on fast attacks and a balance between light and heavy move styles. He is relatively short range, but at the end of his combo's he performs long range power attacks.

Anna is a heavy brawler with slow powerful attacks aimed at breaking bones. She has very weak dodges and is instead expected to abuse the block mechanic and tank hits, but she utilizes strong grapples and mid range combo's.
Ninjutsu: Body revival techinque for a slow heal tick and a damage up.

Secondary Ninjutsu: Attack of the twin demons (character swap)

Ultimate: Havoc Party - Grab - Anna grab's the target while Flay seals them all in a dome of earth blocking out light. The two cats then jump out of Flay's arms and it focuses on the bright glow of Sulphur's Eyes before the sound of gore plays and blood sprays across the screen. The dome then collapses and the target is laying on the floor.

Awakening: Initial Chakra mode for Anna and Assimilate adamantine for Flay.

skin: Only has a Halloween skin where flay is wearing a side kick style eyes mask and Anna is in a nurse uniform.

Standard Voicelines

Character Select:
"I uh, i mean we will do our best"
"You were not so weak after all."
"That was fun, let fight again!. I mean uh if you don't ah mind"
Flawless Victory:
"are you uh okay... I mean that was my bad"
"Am I ...weak?"
"That was awesome, we should fight again some time. I uh mean if you want!"
Special Voicelines

vs Hayate:

Character Select:
*sighs* "Fine"
"any place... uh any time"
"Thank you for entertaining my brother"
"That was close, I can't wait tell next time."

"A curse seal, huh"
"Let's uh take five and go again"
vs Slyther:

Character Select:
"Are you strong now?"
"uh sorry about the uh flower"
"I uh, I will help you clean this up"
"Your not weak after all"
"H-how?", before she falls over dead
"Wait.. stop you win" His suddenly falls to the ground.
vs Shang

Character Select:
"Let's get this over with"
"I've heard a Kage is supposed to be really strong"
"Done" Shang gets impaled through the chest.
"I... I won? does that make me Raikage now?"
"I need to train more"
"The rumor's are true, you really are strong"
vs Recette

Character Select:
"No... what did he do to you?"
"how did this happen?"

Anna falls next to Recette's body Isobu then laughs, "If you had let go we could have saved her."
stares at the camera the light dulling from his eyes before blinking and returning to normal.


Flay/Anna's bodies being torn open by Recette's claw arm.

Titles and Achievements

Title - "Monster" - Unlocked via "Monster" Achievement - Drop Tutorial Recette's replenishing hp bar to zero via sustained combo damage.

Title - "Sulphur's Favorite" - Unlocked via "The lazy cat" Achievement - Collect hidden fish from each battle field and complete the fight without dropping them.

Title - "Rose's Choice" - Unlocked via the Twin's Guardian" Achievement. complete each story mission without taking damage.

Title - "Isobu's Choice" - Unlocked via "Anna's suffering" Achievement. Complete each story mission with magic pixel health.

Achievement - "Brighter Horizon's" - Complete the twins story siding with Rose and Sulphur.

Achievement - "The Road to Hell" - Complete the story missions siding with the twins.

Attributes for the two at base.
Strength proficient (proficient major using fighting style)

constitution proficient (proficient major advantage using fighting style)

Stamina legendary minor (godlike minor while using taijutsu)

Reflexes proficient (proficient major fighting style, masterful evasion)

Coordination proficient (proficient major fighting style, masterful evasion, masterful minor when attacking vitals or performing ninjutsu)

Wisdom proficient minor (masterful minor taijutsu. masterful major major fighting style)
Tracking Godlike major advantage
Character update page viewtopic.php?f=305&t=14750
Chat Legend/Key
Flay This is flay's "dialog"
Anna This is Anna's "dialog"
Isobul This is Isobul's "dialog
Sulpher This is Sulpher's "dialog"
Rose This is Rose's "dialog"

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Infamy: 0
Haruko Fujiko - ANBU skin
Basic Attack: While in her ANBU skin, Haruko mainly fights with Nozarashi for her melee attacks and her manriki for mid to long range attacks. Her basic string is an overhead smash into a mid stab and finishes with a low uppercut with the blunt end of her sword. Mid and long range strings consist of her manriki acting as a kind of whip, can be used for a mid-ranged command grab. Her projectiles are arrows shot from her daikyu.

Ninjutsu: Jinsoku Iai: Rashomon: In a blurred motion, Haruko sweeps Nozarashi in front of her, sending a wide shockwave of force in a straight line.

Ultimate: Summer Wisteria: Haruko sends out her manriki toward the enemy, if it hits a cutscene is triggered. The manriki wraps around the opponent's neck before the end makes it back to Haruko, who speeds past the opponent. The chain then yanks them backward by the neck into the ANBU who uses Lariat to intercept the body, sending it away from her. She pulls on the chains again, pulling the opponent back to her before she finishes with a horizontal chop of Nozarashi.

Awakening: Kenpachi: Ink-black tendrils whip around Haruko as her eyes glow red behind her mask. Her attacks grow much more powerful while gaining armor to punch through opposing combos.

Haruko Fujiko - Jinchuuriki skin
Basic Attack: While in her Jinchuuriki skin, Haruko wears her usual attire, donned with her various swords. Her usual string consists of her unsheathing new blades with each attack before culminating in a final blow using Acrobat. Her long range attacks are smashes with a manifested Gyuki tentacle.

Ninjutsu: Tailed Beast Lariat: The skull and spine of Gyuuki manifests over Haruko's right arm before she charges the opponent, delivering a powerful clothesline; has tracking.

Ultimate: Acrobat Eight: The Sword of Kusanagi shoots forward from Haruko's location and if it hits will trigger a cutscene. Haruko unsheathes all of her swords, throwing them high into the air. Eight tentacles sprout from her back as she jumps into the air. Catching all of the blades in either the usual Acrobat position or with her tentacles, she begins to unleash a flurry of blows on the opponent that grows faster and faster until it looks as though she's standing still before finally Kusanagi pierces them and shoots them off into the distance.

Awakening: Mark of Bushido: Haruko's Curse Seal activates, coating her body in samurai armor as war flags erupt from her back. She hovers while in this mode and fights using Roukanken and Harurouken. Her ninjutsu changes into Dancing Blade Risk, a full-screen dash.

Default Voicelines
Character Select: "Ehe!"
Victory: "Just doing my duty."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "I'll use these gifts for my village."
Defeat: "An honorable defeat."

vs Tetsujin
Character Select: "Just like old times."
Victory: "Time has not been kind to you, sensei."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "I will show you how much I've grown."
Defeat: "I will learn from this."

vs Shang
Character Select: "Let us stretch our legs."
Victory: "Ehe, I learned from many Raikage."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "This is the protection I offer Kumogakure."
Defeat: "This won't happen on the battlefield."

vs Shikaji/Shingen
Character Select: "Back for another scar?"
Victory: "You died once, learn your lesson."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "You dishonor yourself!"
Defeat: "Where was this power last time?"

vs Seven Swordsman
Character Select: "Thank you for honoring me with this fight."
Victory: "Take that as my application."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "My swords are just as sharp as yours."
Defeat: "What skill..."

vs Sunagakure Shinobi
Character Select: "I only did what I was ordered to."
Victory: "I won't spare you again."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "This is for the fear you struck at our walls."
Defeat: "I...was too lenient."

vs Jinchuuriki
Character Select: "How close have you become?"
Victory: "We fight as a team."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Gyuuki, let's show off."
Defeat: "What are we missing?"

"Honorable" - Die without a single scar on your back or gained from retreat
"In the Books" - Gain Kenjutsu Paragon
"Handican" - Abandon being pure Samurai and learn Ninjutsu
"Closeness" - Gain Bond
"Let the Hate Flow Through You" - Give in to the negative pull of your Curse Seal
"Pity" - Always allow enemies to flee rather than finishing them off


Kenjutsu Master
Taijutsu Expert

Strength: Masterful w/Minor (Tier w/Kenjutsu)
Constitution: Masterful (Epic w/Taijutsu)
Stamina: Masterful
Reflexes: Legendary (Godlike w/Kenjutsu)
Coordination: Godlike (Major Advantage w/Kenjutsu)
Wisdom: Masterful

PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2019 6:26 am 
Oto Chunin
Oto Chunin
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Tsume Yuki - Craftswoman skin
Basic Attack: In her Craftswoman skin, Tsume is wearing most of her crafted weapons and armor, such as Flash Blade Armor, the bands and arc for Tekken Tachikaze, Hoguro Tonbo, and Senmaioroshi. The strings in this skin involve summoning various weapons with each attack, producing tonfa, nunchaku, staves, and an assortment of other weapons with each swing. Her projectiles change between kunai, shuriken, senbon, and chakram dictated by RNG. She can double jump in this skin.

Ninjutsu: Ryumon Hozukimaru: The massive weapon appears in Tsume's hands as she spins the center section rapidly, causing the guan dao and the spade to knock away opponents and deal considerable damage.

Ultimate: Consecutive Blows: Tsume produces wire and snaps it forward, if it hits a cutscene triggers. The wire wraps around the opponent before she pulls them into her and slams her fist into their chest. Tekken Tachikaze continuously blasts the opponent with force until the wire finally breaks and they're sent flying through a random boulder.

Awakening: Tools of the Sage: Tsume summons Bashosen and Shichiseiken, dual-wielding the fan and sword. Her combos turn into elemental waves of Wind, Water, and Lightning followed by attacks with the Shichiseiken. The left D-Pad button produces a massive jet of flame in front of her while the right produces a wall of Earth to act as defense.

Default Voicelines
Character Select: "Alright, let's get fired up!"
Victory: "Ninja tools really can't be beaten!"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Bet you wouldn't guess I made this!"
Defeat: "Tch, whatever."

vs Urunobi
Character Select: "Been awhile."
Victory: "Phew, that was too close."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Watch this, I came up with it yesterday!"
Defeat: "Great job, Uru!"

vs Tane and Rumi
Character Select: "Rematch, right now, let's go."
Victory: "Not so tough without an ambush."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Don't look over me!"
Defeat: "I've gotten better though, huh?"

vs Arid
Character Select: "No sneak attack this time?"
Victory: "Right, some things never change."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "This is for what your Kage did to me!"
Defeat: "Even score, next time decides who wins."

vs Shingen
Character Select: "Finally."
Victory: "So uh, want that title back?"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "You proud yet?"
Defeat: "Next time, or the time after, I won't stop until I win!"

vs Kyousuke
Character Select: "You...I'll make you pay for this Seal!"
Victory: "I did this without your power."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "This is my own strength, not yours!"
Defeat: "Damn it..."

vs Natsu
Character Select: "Did your scorpion friend ever forgive me?"
Victory: "You've been practicing, that was way closer."
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "I can make you something just like this!"
Defeat: "Who have you been training with?!"

"Miracle" - Become a Bukijutsu Paragon
"Nothing Special" - Become Legendary with no bloodline or elements
"The Mettle in Metal" - Defeat someone using only ninja tools
"Got Your Tongue" - Catch someone with Shichiseiken and their soul word
"Just a Prank" - Get Dual KKG from the Restricted List
"The Avatar" - Purchase all five elements

Buki JoAT Master
Metallurgy Master
Kenjutsu Specialist
Kuchiyose Adept
Fuinjutsu Novice
Kyujutsu Novice

Strength: Masterful (Epic w/Buki and Ken)
Constitution: Proficient
Stamina: Masterful
Reflexes: Epic (Min Adv w/Ken)
Coordination: Masterful (Epic w/Buki and Ken)
Wisdom: Average
Weapons List:
Ken no Ma
Wooden Bo Staff
100 Sling Stones
Military Ration Pill
Coagulation Pill
5 Steel Katana
Steel Kama
Leather Gunbai
10m Rope
Steel Three-Section Staff
2 Iron Trench Knife
Iron-tipped Spear
Iron Kanabo
Steel Kusarigama
Leather Whip
Iron Steel Chain Wind Staff
Iron Scythe
6 Iron Kusari-Fundo
Large Steel Flail
Steel War Hammer
Steel Double-Headed Meteor Hammer
Rope Johyo
Cloth Tessen
Wooden Recurve Bow
20 Arrow
4 Tsume's Miracle Scroll
2 Hook Sword
6 Chakram
Ryumon Hozukimaru
Tekken Tachikaze
Kohaku no Johei

Buki Pool:
45m Metal Wire
2 Tsume's Miracle Scrolls
6 Smoke Bomb
4 Flash Bomb
2 Fuuma Shuriken
80 Kunai
40 Shuriken
25 Senbon
20 Explosive Tag
5 Military Ration Pills
2 Wood Tonfa
2 Wood and Iron Nunchaku

PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2019 8:39 pm 
Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin

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Enkou Aiyoku -


Normal Attack: Blade Strikes

Ninjutsu: Katon: Zukokku (Fire Release: Searing Migraine)

Secondary Ninjutsu: Fuuton: Atsugai (Wind Release: Pressure Damage)

Ultimate: Bladed Dance – Close Range - Two clones appear to the right and left of Enkou. All three dash at the target before splitting off and running a circle around the opponent. Lunging in from different angles to slash up the opponent. Eventually leaving them with dozens upon dozens of a cuts all over their body.

Awakening: Rinnegan – Activating his Rinnegan, Enkou gains the ability to absorb all incoming ninjutsu and chakra based attacks outside of ultimates. While active, with each attack that hits he gains health back equal to half the damage it would have done.

Standard Voicelines

Character Select:

"Show me what you’ve got"


"Huh. I was hoping for a bit more..."


"God... Damn it...”

Special Voicelines
VS Ran
Select: “Why did you leave?”
Victory: “Are you going to tell me now?”
Ultimate Finisher: “Who’s the pup now?”
Defeat: “Still getting burned by you”

VS Seigi
Select: “Seigi! You got some ‘splaining to do!”
Victory: “Alright! Tell me what that shit was!”
Ultimate Victory: “Now you have got to teach me your secrets”
Defeat: “Still short of learning...”

VS Seto
Select: “God Damn it you again”
Victory: “Shouldn’t have threatened me”
Ultimate Victory: “Your mistake was threatening me”
Defeat: “All...for a stinking pendant”


“Can’t touch me” – Unleash Enkou’s Ultimate
“No longer a pup” – Beat Ran after losing half your health first
“FINALLY!!!” – Get promoted to Chuunin
“Master of the Mystic” – Get Paragon in fuuinjutsu
“Master of Steel” – Get Paragon in kenjutsu
“Everyone needs a friend” – Sign a summoning contract

Strength: Proficient (Masterful w/ Kenjutsu)
Constitution: Masterful
Stamina: Masterful
Reflex: Masterful (Major Advantage w/ Kenjutsu)
Coordination: Masterful (Major Advantage w/ Kenjutsu) (Major Advantage to Aiming w/ Ninjutsu)
Wisdom: Proficient (Masterful w/ Fuuinjutsu)

Hand Seals: Masterful w/ Major Advantage (Ninjutsu Expert)

PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2019 9:45 am 
Oto Genin
Oto Genin
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Asuka - Default Skin

Basic Attacks - A Mixture of both Taekwondo and CES. Really strong ass kicks.

Ninjutsu - Full Bloom: Cherry Blossom Impact

Ultimate - Full Blown Monster - Asuka activates Nature Clan Level 4 and turns into a full blown monster and smacks the living shit out of someone then drains their life force and heals off it.

Awakening - Nature Clan Version 2 - Asuka's arm and left eye change colors to the normal yellow eye and grey skin. Her attacks get stronger

Default Voicelines
Character Select: "This is gonna be fun!"
Victory: "WOOOO! That was exciting!"
Ultimate Finisher Screen: "Die for me!"
Defeat: "Noooooo. . ."

"Becoming a Monster" - Kill Someone with Ultimate
"Pacifist Life" - Become a Monk

Taijutsu Expert [Style: Strong Fist]
Ijutsu Adept
Ninjutsu Adept

Strength: Proficient (Minor Advantage with Strong Fist)
Constitution: Proficient
Stamina: Proficient (45 w/ Taijutsu, 30 w/ Ijutsu)
Reflexes: Proficient (Major Advantage w/ Taijutsu, Minor Advantage with Strong Fist)
Coordination: Proficient (Minor Advantage w/ Taijutsu, Minor Advantage with Strong Fist)
Wisdom: Proficient

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