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 Post subject: Strolling through.
PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:54 pm 
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It had felt like weeks, months even, ever since Ran had decided to leave the village for a 'mission.' one that would take longer to complete as of yet. Of course, she hadn't traveled that long but she sure had traveled far! A thick coat assisted the half beast girl to stay warm whilst her furry little friend seemingly wasn't fazed by the sudden change of climate. Of course not, Ichimaru was used to a lot worse. She knew that, but that was the unfortunate part. She had wished to have found him under better circumstances. Would they have bonded as well as they had done so far though?

With her keen eyes, she spotted a lonely boulder, "Hey, let's rest on top of that for a while!" Ichimaru followed suit as Ran hopped onto the inanimate object. She leaned backward as she stared into the white cloudy sky. "Do you think they'll do well?" referring to the three kids she had been training previously. Ichimaru looked up towards his partner. A single bark causing the young woman to smile. "You're right, no need to worry!" with a grin still implanted onto her face she opened her backpack, going through its contents in search for something to eat. The first thing she managed to find were some dog appetizers, she threw them into the air for the furry little pup to catch.

She stuck her arm into her bag once more, conjuring a metal/clothlike object. Her headband. A sturdy line drawn through the leaf's symbol. The village hidden in the leaves. A place she no longer could call home. There were many things she was skeptical about, most of them related to the fox, but others related to the village leader himself. That kinda still bothered the young Inuzuka. She knew many secrets, many things that had gone wrong behind the scenes and many things that should have never been a thing, she knew all the village secret techniques and knew of all the secret experiments the village had practiced upon certain prisoners. All those things were either erased by the fox, or herself. Yet, the kage still held many secrets of his own and left Ran with more questions than answers.

What was the big deal between the Hokage and that foul dark aura? What was his relationship with that jinchuuriki prisoner and why was he so dead set on leaving him alive? Where had he taken him? Why did the fox really blow up the intelligence office and why did she then just decide to defect in the middle of a war? "We'll find out, in time." she stored the headband away before taking out the fox's mask. Gazed into it briefly. "What were your reasons...?" she asked herself aloud.



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